Beach Entrance

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 3-31-2020
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Morning started with a light blast.


After computer and breakfast the Teams hit the “go find something good to photograph” trail. Sierra was raring to go also. We naturally hit up a few places on the lake shore. No decent luck but the OFM did get in a LOT of walking/scrambling on loose rock and small cliffs.  He wore out and we headed back to the Castle and it was already 1142. 

Nothing special was happening so the OFM took a nice short nap to combat some of the rock scrambling.  Then while he was culling some photographs there was one of the beach entrance from the road on (we think) Mustang Island somewhere.  Any way the OFM had been wanting to try out oil pastels again and this seemed like a great opportunity.

We dug the oil pastels out from under a few things. For those that do not know about oil pastels, they are sort of like soft Crayolas. Got a few items we figured we would need and went to work. Good grief oil pastels are a lot more physical labor and difficult to work with than he remembered. Any way the painting is a simple on and was sort of fun. The OFM is glad he tried out oil pastels again but they will not be a mainstay of his efforts FOR SURE.  Here is the dirty wasted paper for your enjoyment.

On looking back on the effort, at least the OFM did a pretty good job of trying to have tooooo much fun with the oil pastels.

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