Still Crowded

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-31-2020
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A short distance from the rattlesnake in yesterdays blog was an old fence post that caught the OFM’s attention of being something simple enough that maybe he could do a painting of it. So he did today.

It took about four hours total and is a small painting of about 5x7 inches.  It was done totally with watercolor pencils and a waterbrush. It was a wonderful afternoons work.

The day was great here in Del Rio. No A/C was needed, just a good fan was plenty since the air is very dry.  The watercolor paints only took about 3 minutes to completely dry.

And speaking of water, this picture is at the end of Spur 454 at the recreation area.  This was taken about 1730 this afternoon.  It was still crowded at this late on a Sunday. WOW.

It has been another nice day of trying to have tooooo much fun again.


Fun on the Trail

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-30-2020
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The bum leg seemed good enough for some flat ground walking.  As it quickly turned out the speed got on up to brisk to the OFM’s surprise.  The leg gave no trouble during or after the 2.3 miles of walking.  Most of the loop is flat or gently rolling but there is one steeper section. It happens after the first right turn.

So we made the turn easily and there it was right in front of us.

We do not normally encounter folks pets in this area so all we could guess is that it was a wild critter waiting on breakfast to come along. Our guess was about four feet long and 2.5 inches in diameter. If you need a closer view here is an enlargement of the tail.

Yes that is what a rattlesnake tail looks like.

Anyway the critter was very docile the whole time and just laid there flicking its tongue.  The OFM just quietly moved to the other side of the trail and passed the critter with about four feet clearance.  As we continued on our way the OFM checked back one time and the critter was still laying right in the same place.  So we went on around the loop and the campground with a more careful eye to the ground along our chosen pathway. 

Back at the Castle some water was ingested and it was time to relax and let the leg decide if it was ok or not.  After about fifteen minutes the agreement was the leg was fine and the OFM will be more careful in the future to stay off of severe slope walking.

Playing with large rattlesnakes is not our choice of a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Busy Productive Easy Day

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-29-2020
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One leg was too painful to hit the trails again today. So we spent the time split between trying to figure out if we could decently roll in ten days and deciding some art supply things in an effort to simplify that stuff.

The good news is that we decided that we still do not know what to do in ten days but we definitely do know several things that are now out of the question due to the flu restrictions in other locations.

The art stuff that was decided we did not like doing that type of art is now gone and a cabinet is empty again.  

The biggest excitement is that today is the OFM’s son and DIL’s 16th anniversary and they seem to be going along rather well. For that the OFM is ever grateful. 

And that is the sum total of an easy day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Steep Walkways

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-28-2020
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It was an early morning walk today.  We needed to get in a couple of miles before it got HOT.  The choice was to attack the Diablo East Boat Ramp and Marina area.  It has good surfaces and HILLS to help with the aerobic effort also.

Sierra got our usual spot near the Nature Trail at the corner of the huge parking lot for the boat ramp.  It was an excellent choice as it turned out. The walk turned out to be three loops based at Sierra for water resupply.

First effort was the marina loop of the facility. We marched on down the hill to the marina falling apart building.  Then we looked at the steep paved walkway down to the marina.  Yep the OFM legs need some steep hill work and today is it. Here is a picture of the marina from the top of the ridge.

The OFM was very careful going down so as to not slip. As round as he is, it is likely he would have rolled and bounced his way down to the water. That might have been a disaster. 

When we got to the bottom, the fellow bank fishing there caught a small largemouth bass. Good for him we thought. He shows up in the picture above to the right of the docks. And here he is getting ready to cast back out.

After enjoying the area for a few minutes the OFM started up the LOOOOOONG STEEP walkway.  He needed two rest a minute breaks on the way up. By the time he made the top he needed a rest a few minutes break.  That is a very steep walkway and the OFM legs will probably consume a hand full of Ibuprofen tonight to prevent the leg cramps from developing.

From here we went the short distance to the picnic area near the old marina building.  You walk out on the walkway and quickly you find yourself on a somewhat narrow ridge.  At the end of the ridge you can look down into the arroyo and see the water.  The tan streak coming from mid right side of the picture is another of those steep walkways. The OFM declined to try another one. We still have the up hill stretch to get back to Sierra.

We started back to the main parking lot and the OFM legs seemed to be doing well. So back at the parking lot, the OFM decided to meander over and take the short section of another trail that winds down in an arroyo and comes out by the boat ramp. It is short easy dips and hills so we made good time around to the ramp area. Then on across the parking lot to Sierra.

The OFM wanted more walking so we voted on the nature trail as it is only a half mile and is only lightly inclined uphill both ways.

It was a nice finish to the walking effort for the day. The OFM water bottle was about empty and we called it a day after the two hours of meandering on the hills of this area. The heat was building and it was time to head back to the Castle and call it a successful day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Gone Fishing

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-27-2020
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The OFM just has to go fishing he decided. So it was late afternoon and maybe the fishing area would not be as crowded as yesterday. Sierra was ready for a little romp around the lake anyway.  So we rolled gently down the road the seven miles to a parking place on top of a cliff. 

This cliff has a sort of trail diagonally across it from several years ago when the young OFM rolled a bunch of rocks out of the way to get down to the water to fish back then.  It was nice to see the trail was pretty much still there and very usable for the OLD OFM.

We made it down to the waters edge. The fishing went nicely and there were no fish harmed since we caught none of them. Some fish were working around in the water but not biting what we offered. 

From the spot at a bit of a point where the OFM chose to fish, here is the view to the left.

Then looking back to the right you had this nice view. 

The water was clear enough to see down into it about ten feet.  

After about an hour the OFM decided he was hot enough and wanted to go back to Sierra and the Castle.  He turned around and had to look up the cliff to see where Sierra was. The roof was barely visible.

Then he started up the trail and made good time up to the top without even a stumble for a change. At the top he did lean against Sierra for a minute to let his heart and lungs relax a bit before we headed for the Castle.

When we got on the road back, the OFM noticed the thermometer on the dash and took this picture.

That is enough excuse for the OFM to head for the A/C in his advanced age and decrepitness. We were happy we had made a successful effort at trying to have tooooo much fun.


Decisions to make

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-26-2020
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Another full day of activities we did not count on. On the way to Walmart for forgotten groceries this morning early we stopped in at the newly opened Spur 454 area. It was nice and quiet so the OFM planned to come back fishing later. The two huge main shore recreation areas have re-opened and this is one of them.  Now it is possible to get to the water for fishing without needing a boat. Only a very small part shows in the picture.

Then we came back about 1600 and the place looked like huge fire ants were crawling all over everywhere and saturating the water.  Wow these folks have a lot of pent up water fun to release now that the shore front parks are open again. We did not even stop driving this afternoon with the mob in sight. Yep no picture either.

A new toy arrived by Fedex this morning late. The OFM was so excited he danced his way over to the group room where deliveries are placed.  Everything was in good order. Then he danced his way back to the Castle. Examining the new toys took a little while.  They are some new HIGH grade watercolor pencils to have fun with.

Lunch got in the way before he could try them out but IMMEDIATELY after lunch he got busy testing the feel and performance of the pencils. About two hours later this little flower was finished and the new pencils were declared WONDERFUL.

We have almost two weeks left to decide what to do with ourselves. Right now it looks like New Mexico is a lost cause to get over into there during June for what we like to do.  We do not want to do boondocking in 90+ heat.  So we expect to be doing a lot of considering of things to decide where our next place(s) will be for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Wind Storm

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-25-2020
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It was after 2130 when we got back home to the Castle. So we are putting out a very short version of a little of today’s adventures.

This adventure started during the trip for some groceries we had forgot yesterday.  As the OFM passed by the art supplies he noticed the last box of Soft Pastels was marked for clearance and really cheap like $4.  So he grabbed them to play with for fun.  It would be a new experience for him at a really good price.

When we got back and things put away he pulled out the pastels to see what they were about.  They looked like fun and easy to smear on some paper.  So he grabbed the cheapest art paper in the Castle and tore off a sheet to play with.

It turned out to be a fun experiment. Here is the result named Wind Storm.  That tree is having a bad day it seems to us.

This was enough fun we plan to use the soft pastels again when we are trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-24-2020
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The OFM Fishing Team got busy early this morning and headed on down to the Spur 454 freshly opened playground.  As we drove in we noticed about a dozen vehicles scattered around the area. But our hoped for location was not being used. Sierra found a good spot in the grass to rest and the OFM grabbed rod and lures etc and started for the preferred fishing location.

The preferred fishing location has a nice underwater cliff starting right out from the current shore about six feet. We know this from when the lake was a lot more empty a few years ago.

Here is a picture of the location. It is on the left side shore about forty feet along the rocks.

We got in some good scrambling to get there and check out a couple of other spots as well. Fish were in there since we saw them swirling and jumping while we were there. However we did not get but one bump in the half hour or so we were there.

Not to long after we arrived a steady stream of vehicles were pouring into the area. It must have been forty vehicles arrived just one right after another, so it was time for the Teams to get out of there. And we did.

Back at the Castle the OFM got busy working on a painting. We had one great thing today, it was cool enough we had the windows open all day and it was wonderful.

The OFM was apparently really interested in the new painting. He worked steadily at it for hours. And finally about 1745 he finished Sweet Singer and was pleased at how it worked out.

That painting is totally watercolor pencil.  Usually the OFM has to use a colored pencil or a standard watercolor paint to help.  Maybe he is finally learning a little bit.

It has definitely been a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Spur 454 Opens

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-23-2020
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It was an easy going day today until about 1700 when a severe rain and lightning storm hit for about an hour. It was hard rain and heavy duty lightning.  But the clear sky was pretty when it was over.

The excitement for the day is the NRA is supposed to have opened the Spur 454 gates to the ramp and fishing area. That means that the OFM and Sierra have a date with the water at the end of Spur 454 tomorrow to check out if any hungry fish are around there.

Please everyone have safe fun this weekend. We will be doing our best to have tooooo much fun.


Good Food

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-22-2020
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The day started with a trip to Walmart for some food items. The trip was completely successful for a change. Back at the Castle, the OFM got busy and put the food away. Then he hit up the freshly re-opened Exercise Room in the campground.

This allowed him to resume the re-hab of his damaged left shoulder.  That effort went really well to his surprise. There is hope that the shoulder may gain back most of its abilities again. A hint for you folks....when you get old do not splatter on concrete.  It is not good for your well being. 

Things were going so good the laundry was tackled next. And BAM it went well also. In about an hour and a half from start to finish the dirty laundry did not exist any more. That is a clean and wholesome feeling.

For the afternoon we spent a lot of time trying to figure out if and/or where to roam before we have to be in north Alabama on August 1.  Our rent runs out June 9.  After all that effort this afternoon we still do not know what we will do.

As he was sitting there in frustration later, the OFM realized it was getting to be supper time. We had several choices but the OFM got a great idea to make a pot of choice items and freeze the left overs for another day. So a can of corn, pork and beans, a chopped carrot, the last of a bottle of BBQ sauce, a large dollop of pancake syrup and a double handful of Lil Smokies sausages were dumped together in a 3 quart pot and brought to boiling and them simmered for 15 minutes.  After cooling for a few minutes the OFM inhaled a bowl full of delicious. We now have three more wonderful meals in the refrigerator/freezer waiting for our enjoyment.

One thing we have that is very good right here is the campground is very nice and convenient to shopping in town and running and playing at the Amistad NRA.  Del Rio Tx has for over thirty years been an excellent place to enjoy in the OFM’s experience. That all means we do not have to go far to find a place for having tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-21-2020
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Another day of desert heat but some cloud cover helped a big bunch. It hit the upper 90s is all. The OFM got out for a decent morning walk inside the campground.  Then for most of the day he spent time organizing some cabinets contents to make access a lot better when an item was needed. 

So over all it was just a calm but productive desert day. The evening sun was breaking out of the cloud cover so we might have a bright starry night.

It was a nice day of gently trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure: 5-20-2020
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It wasn’t as bad heat wise as yesterday but it was still plenty of heat. The OFM did get an early 2+ mile walk in at the campground. But by the time he finished the cloud cover was gone and the sun was taking dead aim at him.  But he showed the sun who was boss, because in the later evening as a rain storm was coming to the area, he went for another 1.5 mile walk and got back in the Castle before the sun came out again.

Along the way we got to see the awesome display some of the oleanders were putting out. The campground has lots of oleanders of different colors. These dark red ones put on the largest by far display of all of them.

Then while down by the old cattle pasture the OFM noticed these pretty wild weed flowers.  They are about the size of a quarter.

And there you have the excitement for the day. Starting on another painting was the way today for having tooooo much fun.


Way Too Hot

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
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WOW it got hot today.  The Castle’s AC was working just fine cycling now and then.  Then a little after lunch just before the OFM went shopping, the AC came on and it has not stopped running since and it is 1915 now.  Of course it has held the Castle down to 80F during that time. When we came out of Walmart, Sierra said that the temperature was 105F and that the OFM better park him in the shade of a tree when we get back to the campground.  And the OFM did.

Supper tonight was a wonderful salad.The basis was from a Walmart bag of mixed leafy items, black olives, fresh cut onion, sliced radishes topped with honey mustard dressing.  Root beer was the beverage. Good grief that was good.

Some of the afternoon was spent working on a new painting.  The still life type of painting is a new style for the OFM and is already proving a challenge just getting it outlined and planned. This art stuff is an everlasting effort at learning.

The last painting is ready to show for your amusement. Please do not laugh so hard you hurt yourself.

That painting started out as a watercolor pencil painting but it was not working out well.  So we switched to regular watercolor painting and it went another bad direction. After lots of consideration we brought out the colored pencils and finished it off.  Now it is finished.

It has been a busy day including some serious house cleaning, but it has also been a nice peaceful day inside the Castle trying to have tooooo much fun while staying coooool.


Too Hot

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
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The OFM hates to try to sleep peacefully with a vehicle not in good shape. So this morning he was at it on the computer finding out about “engine” lights on vehicles. In all his time of having a vehicle with that feature this is the first time he has had the trouble.

Any way with very hot temps forecast for the afternoon, he got Sierra fixed up and running just at lunch time.  So it was lunch fixing time and then it was HOT time outside.  After a short rest the OFM Teams went to find some desert to photograph to show how miserable it can be here for the next few months.  The extreme dry air and near or over a 100 degree heat takes moisture from you faster than you can assimilate it back into your body.

For some stupid reason the OFM decided to get some short distance walking in and take a picture of the low lake and desert drought. We went to the short nature trail since it ran along a ridge that sticks out into what is supposed to be Lake Amistad.  

Here are two pictures looking roughly north and northeast from the nature trail. All the white rock cliffs and “beaches” would be covered with water at full lake level. The lake is over 45 feet low today. 


After walking the ridge and getting rather warm the OFM did not feel just right as we headed home. Here is the temp shown by Sierra on the way home.


 We feel that the nice strong EXCESSIVELY DRY breeze caused some of the misery the OFM felt. It was interesting that the normal 40--50 boat trailers at the parking lot was down to 2 and one of them was a Rangers patrol boat trailer.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be over 100F out there and we plan to be inside the Castle scribbling on paper in the AC. Now that sounds like a good thing to be doing for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Check Engine Light

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-17-2020
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Definitely a day of events so to speak. Sierra got the OFM Shopping Team to Walmart in good shape. We went in and picked up a load of fresh vegetables for next week. When we got into Sierra and started the engine, the “Check Engine” light was on. It was not on when we got there.  Now What?

Back at the Castle we put the food away and checked the Internet and Sierra’s manual for clues as to what was wrong.  We checked the log book for maintenance we might have missed and noticed the air filter was way overdue. So a new filter was purchased and installed. The surprise was that the old filter looked brand new with no dirt showing in the filter fabric. We changed it out anyway. 

 The manual also said that the gas tank cap may be worn and leaking.  So the OFM cleaned the cap surfaces off very carefully. They had a little coat of dust on them so a cleaning was due. The manual said to drive Sierra for a tankful of gas and see if the engine light turns off.  If it doesn’t, then take Sierra to a shop for testing and repair.

Two rigs left here today. One headed for who knows where and the next door neighbor headed for Alabama by way of the Natchez Trace. I wished them good luck.

Tomorrow we hope to have a chance to put in some good effort toward completion (or quitting) on a painting that is in progress. It is a simple painting but has been a pain to get the technique correct. Is that really fun???

2020 is a year to remember for a long time in the OFM world.  However tomorrow we are heading to some walking trails on the lake for a strong effort at trying to have tooooo much fun exercising and looking around.


Knuckle Head

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-16-2020
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The OFM had one of his very intelligent episodes a couple of days ago.  It was a bit of a stormy day and he had just risen from the napping position in the Castle and sat down at the table by the big window.  He looked out the window to see the weather situation. His head was still groggy.  He exclaimed “ I don’t remember having a mountain back that direction.”  So he grabbed the camera and took a picture of it.  Then he hurried to get his socks and shoes on his feet in the correct order and on the correct feet.

Zoom out the door he went with the camera to get another picture of the mountain. The trouble was the mountain was not there. He stumbled around in silly circles for a bit looking for the mountain he had seen from inside the Castle. If the campground wasn’t so empty someone probably would have called the Sheriff to check on the poor fool running around in circles calling out Where are you Mr. Mountain.

Anyway he eventually calmed down enough to go inside again and check the picture on the camera.

Yep it was a big dark cloud he saw.  He felt so foolish that he tucked his tale between his legs and behaved for nearly ten minutes.  He never would tell the rest of the Teams what he told the folks that he did see during this episode. 

Maybe he told them he just liked running around in circles hollering as a way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Thunder Storms

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-15-2020
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Today was take it easy day again. Then along about evening a strong set of thunder storms rolled through us. The 120 volt power went out for an hour or so. And that is the sum total of this day of trying to have tooooo much fun doing nothing.


Easy Day

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 5-14-2020
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Today was take it easy day. The Teams barely left the Castle for a couple of minutes a couple of times.  The rest of the day was spent just piddling around inside recuperating physically. Several small nuisance pains were given a day of rest and it seems to have been a good idea. We are pretty sure it was mostly the age of the paper his birth certificate is printed upon that caused the pains.

Anyway that led to virus going away research.  It looks like it will be well into June before we get on the downhill side of this virus mess. So for now we are hoping to get on over to Grandkid land about August 1.

At least over there we can get mixed up in a lot of trying to have tooooo much fun. 


New Painting

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-13-2020
Click the pic to enlarge it.

The OFM decided to call it finished after way more hours of working on it than seemed best.  So here we have a painting with rocks, grass, lizards and clouds. Boy that sounds exciting doesn’t it.

Now the Team needs to get busy on other ideas to occupy the time here.  From what the OFM is reading on the Internet, this slowdown of living is going to get over into June before we turned loose to go play.  As least we are in a pretty good local playground for trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-12-2020
Click the pic to enlarge it.

The OFM grabbed the camera and headed out to the walking trail in the campground to take some pictures of trees for reference.  His knee is acting up so he kept it a short walk. That does not mean he stayed out of trouble.

First off he was wandering with the camera to his eye looking for just the right view. OOPS,OW, OOOOH, GOOD GRIEF THAT HURTS.  The fool had wandered into an old dead Stab You plant. After he got the thorns out of his leg and arms we took a picture to remind him what to look out for.

Check out them strong sharp 3“+ long thorns. It is definitely not the right place to play around not paying attention to where you are going.  

Shortly after the thorn incident, he was pushing branches etc around for a good focus on whatever it was he wanted a picture of. We hollered at him LOOK OUT FOOL. So he paused and looked around and went GASP.  He was just about to grab this caterpillar. That is one mean looking bug isn’t it.

We tried to find out what kind it was by researching on the Internet.  A picture of the critter was found but the photographer was asking for info on what kind of bug it was. So we still do not know what kind of caterpillar it was.  At least the OFM was more careful after that.

In fact he just walked on back to the Castle and had a big drink of Root Beer.

Well we now have a couple of more things to add to the list of DO NOT MESS WITH THESE items for the list of items to stay away from for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Trail Visitor

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-11-2020
Click the pic to enlarge it.

Decent morning weather led to a two hour walk this morning. But the walk was only three miles and no spot on the walk was level.  We hit up Diablo East boat ramp and marina area. That ramp is so steep that many folks have to wait until a friend or relative can come along just to walk to the parking lot WAY UP THERE to bring the vehicle and trailer back down to the water when they come in.

We hit up the boat ramp first and when the OFM got back to the top we headed to the Nature Trail. It is not as heavily sloped. All the nice blooming was over and the drought has a lot of vegetation in dire straits. 

From there it was down the marina loop and back UP to the main parking lot. But that Old Fool Man was wanting more. So we cut across the sloping parking lot an onto the main loop trail. 

A few feet after we made the turn at the dump/water station we turned a sharp curve and there she was. Just standing there ready to visit and the OFM talked to her for several minutes before he took this picture.

After a couple more minutes she decided to move on and gently walked away.  It was an unusual visit but fun nonetheless.

Then it on along the undulation heavy trail until we made the loop and got back to Sierra. From there it was only a few minutes back to the Castle for the day.  And that was how the OFM Teams tried to have tooooo much fun today. 


Hairy Legs

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-10-2020
Click the pic to enlarge it.

The cool morning had the OFM moving early. A quick trip to Walmart for a few groceries was the first chore. The cool weather sure feels good.

The next excitement was to take a 2.5 mile walk based from in the campground.  The desert trail was the main part of the walk.  We were only a little way into the walk when a friendly critter came out of the brush to walk with us. It was a little slower than the OFM so we slowed down to appreciate the company. But after we got a picture it was time to move on. So we wished our new friend a good day and picked up the pace.


We spent the rest of the day after the walk learning about or making art. It was a wonderful day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Exciting Day

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-09-2020
Click the pic to enlarge it.

WOW what an exciting morning. The OFM got up raring to go. He cooked his eggs and potatoes and layered the BBQ sauce on them and chowed down. Soon the dishes were washed and drying on the stove.

The wonderful cool morning got him out the door for 2.5 miles of walking here in the park and on the desert trail up the nearby hill.  When he came back into the park and near the office he settled up the bill due today. We signed up for another month since things are not really settled well yet.

The Teams are really enjoying this windows and door open all day and night weather we are mostly having for the last two months. We could stand this full time ya know.  Then when the  park invoice got emailed to us a few minutes after we returned to the Castle, we noticed the electric bill had gone up this month a small amount to $35 for the month. That feels good in the check book.

The best we can remember the OFM lazed around all day and Sierra lounged under the peach tree in the shade like a worn out old buffalo.

That was such an exciting day we think we will try that again for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Pecos River Overlook

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-08-2020
Click the pic to enlarge it.

The Amistad Reservoir is 41 feet low as of today.  Just to get Sierra in a short road trip to play on the highway, we went to the Pecos River Overlook at the Hwy. 90 high bridge. Sure enough the water did not even get up to the boat ramp.

Most likely from the looks of it, the water was ankle deep and the desert dust (silt) was waste deep. That would be most undesirable to play in.

Naturally we had to look upstream and see the bridge and what looks like lots of water. The upstream is a good bit deeper than the down stream due to the mouth of the river filling with the silt.

We piddled around at the overlook for a little bit then headed back to the Castle for another exciting day of lock down.  However tonight the OFM was able to “dine in” at the Burger King. It seemed odd to dine in after nearly two months of take out only. 

Tomorrow is rent day and it will be paid.  It looks like Texas and New Mexico will be doing some more opening of the states starting May 15 range. We are ready for a new area for trying to have tooooo much fun.


For The Birds

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-07-2020
Click the pic to enlarge it.

If you are wanting to see lots of great pictures of wild birds, it is recommended that you head on over to    for hundreds of excellent pictures of many things in nature. Al has high level equipment and high level abilities for taking photographs. It is his way of trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-06-2020
Click the pic to enlarge it.

It was another outstanding day here in the west Texas desert. A few little things were taken care of but mostly it was a laid back day of relaxing enjoyment.

What did you do for enjoyment asked the reader.  We watched our favorite art teacher give lessons on the Internet. He talks in a language even the OFM can understand. His name is Steve Mitchell and his site is The Mind of Watercolor. His goofy humor creeps in now and then but it is good for a giggle or two. 

We also went through Sierra considering what to get rid of and what to keep and if something needs to be added to the things carried in Sierra.  There are a few small changes we will be doing, but the big surprise is the Emergency Medical Kit we thought was in the back seat is not to be found in the whole truck.  So tomorrow will be a day of putting together another kit to leave in Sierra full time.  We do wonder what rock and where it was that got the previous kit as a present from the absent minded OFM.

Two more paintings were started today along with a bit of addition to The Rock painting. Did you ever notice that painting begins with PAIN?  In the mean time everyone keep busy trying to have tooooo much fun.


A Rock

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-05-2020
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The day was wonderful. The OFM body was not happy with all of yesterday’s exercise. Joints hurt all night and most of today so after grocery shopping this morning the OFM Art Team took over the day. A 2000 tablet bottle of ibuprofen and two gallons of water were placed nearby and the Team went to work.

This art stuff is a real challenge for the OFM, he says. He watches a lot of online teaching for this watercolor and colored pencil painting.  A technique he has read/ heard about was finally given a try with a little success.

Choose a simple subject and draw/ paint it over and over again so that each time you can correct/change things that do not fit your wants AND LEARN IMMEDIATELY FROM YOUR ERRORS/CHANGES.

So today the goal was to paint a decent rock.  Sounds simple enough. For the artist folks, the paper is Strathmore 400 mixed media.  The color medium is Derwent Watercolor Pencils. It turned into a four hour + effort to get to the final (for now) painting of a rock.  We do not know how many iterations were done but it was a few.
The paper is a better quality paper but not top of the line. The pencils are top of the line for professional folks. There are about 4-5 top of the line watercolor pencils brands on the market. Derwent is one of them.    So any less than wonderful aspects to the paintings is definitely due to the OFM.

Here is the rock.

Hard to believe that that simple rock took the OFM over 4 hours to get it to this stage.  It did make for a good afternoon of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Rock Monkey

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-04-2020
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It was another nice morning for a long walk. So Sierra took us to the closed picnic area at Diablo East and the OFM Walking Team had a great walk. However we only had two decent pictures. 

The area is a low brush thorny type of vegetation so the The OFM stays out of it and just walks the gravel roads.  We took a rest break at the skin diving place. This is where we got the two pictures.

Here is the only boat we saw on the lake today.  It was running nice and cleanly and FAST on that pretty water.

While standing near  the rock edge to take the above picture, the OFM noticed some flowers down on the side of the cliff to the left of us. Naturally since that was the only flowers in the area we had to get a picture of them. This is a 20X photo that had been cropped and enlarged to get the photo.  Hand held at 20X is difficult.

Our guess is that it is an oleander bush growing from the crack in the cliff. There is no way the OFM was going to play rock monkey and try to get closer for a better shot.

The virus situation is like somebody running a red light in New York so the whole country is not allowed to drive.  But it is what it is.  While getting a fistful of quarters this morning to do laundry, the OFM signed us up for another month here in Del Rio.  Maybe by the rent running out on June 9, we will get a chance to roll around a bit before the July turn toward Alabama.

Please be patient as we are basically slap dab out of things to write about for the blog and with the HOT weather here stories may be difficult to come by. The OFM is not stopping blogging or photos or anything else but don’t be surprised if a few days now and then don’t have a new blog post.  You can be assured the Teams will be doing our best to try to have tooooo much fun.


An Experienced Skillet

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:5-05-2020
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Another great day in Del Rio.  We are definitely not tired of the great but warm weather. It was good enough that the OFM got in three nice walks to help him keep losing weight. He has gone down 10 pounds since we got here. Gentle but aerobic exercise is productive.

While on one of the walks today this horrible looking critter was spotted. We call them Horny Toad and they eat lots of bad bugs. They can be gentle to handle but normally the Teams just let them carry on getting rid of ugly bugs.

During one walk inside the campground we passed the outdoor covered deck and realized that that item on the wall is a skillet.  Apparently the skillet is there in case a rattlesnake slithers through and some one fillets it and want to eat it for supper. The skillet shows years of use so it must be fine equipment.

New toys are due in tomorrow.  The OFM has lately been spending a good bit of time photographing trees that might be good examples to use for learning how to paint decent trees. The OFM has been having a fit getting a tree to look right in his painting efforts. So now we have a few good examples of trees for him to have for  drawing and painting. We all know it is just a waste of paper but it is a great way of keeping him occupied while trying to have tooooo much fun.


Nice Neighbors

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:05-02-2020
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Another really nice neighbor left the campground this morning bound for near Little Rock Arkansas. At least they are planning on taking a couple of weeks for the trip with stops to visit friends on the way.

There is more to yesterdays story but it is not about scenery.  It is about local critters.

The bird population around here is crazy. Birder types are out in abundance and in great frenzies because the purple double wing fly by night was in the area for them to see. They do not think it is funny when the OFM tells them the only bird he is interested in is table birds. You know, the ones that get cooked for human food.

On the trail yesterday was some friendly neighbors.

They stood there and watched until the Teams were past and headed up the road. Then they walked on into the trees and disappears. Maybe they were disappointed we did not have treats for them.

Then on the way back this little critter came out on the road a good ways from the OFM meandering along the road. The small fox went right to the opposite side of the road near this pile of rocks.  Then it stood there. In a minute or so it jumped into the grass and came out with a mouse.

In the meantime the Teams had gotten within about 50 feet. Then the fox suddenly realized we were there and darted off into the taller brush with lunch in its mouth. We thought that was a nice event to cherish.

On down the road a few hundred meters and a much larger fox came out of the grass and crossed the road and rummaged around in the grass and rocks for a bit. The Teams got to about 25 feet before the fox realized we were there. It leapt high into the air  and came down with its legs in high gear going away. Down the bank, across the dry lake bed and up the other side into the brush and trees in about a half a second. The OFM was having trouble standing since he was laughing so hard. Nope no picture of that one.

So we headed on toward Sierra. There was a late blooming patch of cactus near and  long time reader, Susan R, likes cactus flowers so we stopped to get a decent picture of the blossom. As the OFM was messing around trying to get the camera set properly, a honey bee flew into the blossom and posed for its picture also. We got lucky on the neighbors on this day.

We are very lucky to have such nice neighbors as the deer, foxes and honey bees to visit with while out trying to have tooooo much fun.


Spur 454 Scenery

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:05-01-2020
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It seemed like a good time to take a longer walk since the air was nice and cool. Sierra got us to the start of the walking only part of spur 454 road to a boat ramp. As we were getting ready for the walk, the thought of the OFM was that this would be a blog of just the desert scenery along the 2.4 miles to the boat ramp. This is a ridge that sticks out into Lake Amistad with old highway 90 (now Spur 454) as the access.

Sierra picked a nice spot to park and wait for us.

As you pass through the opening for walkers at the closed roadway gate, on your left is a small hill with the Sunset Trail headed to the west.

We did a nice meander speed for most of today so it took us an hour to get to the boat ramp and about the same time to get back to Sierra.  

This next scene is a small arroyo headed out to the east from the road.

Then it was up a hill.  The road had been cut into the hill along here so we can see the layers under the grasses. 

Then it was down and around to the left to the second and much larger arroyo.

The lake is 42 feet low so most of what you see here in the bottom of the arroyo is covered with lake water at full.

Then it is up another hill and another cut through the hill top and then down the hill to this view of the lake to the northish.

From here the road goes pretty straight and westerly for a short piece and ends at the boat ramp and a very nice lake view.

And after a bit of a rest the OFM started the Teams on the trip back to Sierra. The Teams hope you enjoyed this scenic trip through the Del Rio area desert as a way of trying to have tooooo much fun.