Rockport Tx Beach Park Evening


The Migraine Story


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-24-2022

It was not a nice night last night. The migraine was still in full roar and sleep came in short stretches between active nightmares. We have had those kinds of nights before in the last fifty years but only a few times. The morning sun was really welcome. Most times the symptoms are much less severe.

It was about fifty years ago when the OFM went to a psychologist to find out what was happening. He was a really nice fellow and listened to the OFM tell all the things scaring the OFM. When he started explaining it the OFM was really relieved it was nothing dangerous like the chemical war weapons the OFM was exposed to in Viet Nam. At least we know what the OFM has when these things happen. We wanted to let our readers to know a bit about this affliction so they could get professional treatment if they get the symptoms. Treatment does help.

Any way we continued to have lessor and lessor troubles as the day progressed. As you can imagine little worth while happened than the four nice naps during the day.

As of tonight the symptoms have settled down A HUGE AMOUNT so we have hope of being in much better shape tomorrow for trying to have tooooo much fun again.


Migraine Madness


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-23-2022

It was not a mundane day today. We sort of rolled out of bed while it was barely dimly any light showing outside. Then we quickly noticed the really bad migraine in progress. The day has passed well with little work on anything happening. However this evening we can tell that lots of improvement is happening. So hopefully tomorrow will be a good day of vision and no head pain so we can get some traveling planned for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Piling Critters


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-22-2022

It was not a mundane day today. We rolled out of bed while it was barely dimly any light showing outside. Breakfast and miscellaneous were accomplished when the OFM grabbed the grocery list and away we went to Walmart to resupply the kitchen food locker.

While we were reading labels and learning things a big crash of thunder happened out side. We figured some rain must be near. After checking out we got to the door and it was gray but dry outside. We said our goodbye to the door guard and jumped into Sierra. A few drops hit us on the way to the Castle but when we stopped at the stop sign in front of the campground entry this is the photo we got.

The groceries were quickly put into the Castle just before the OFM jumped in. It was soon pouring down for about thirty minutes. It was a good rain for the grass here. But we found out later that this small part of town is the only part that more than a sprinkle of rain.

The rest of the day was spent in fishing, talking, staying dry and checking to make sure we had all the food parts for some meals during the next week.

Down at the harbor we saw these two critters climbing a piling that goes up into the secondary court room.

They seemed to be feeding on the algae on the piling. But no fish were biting so we moved on and found a fellow named Travis to talk fishing with for about an hour. That was fun.

What do you call a Country Fried Steak, potato salad, coleslaw and a mug of cheap root beer???

Why supper of course!

And that is a nice way to finish out a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Food On The Vine


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-21-2022

Wow. This was about as mundane of a day as we have had in several years. We did get an early start on the exercise walk. The big excitement during the walk was seeing the new grapes getting ready for harvesting in a few weeks,

So we moved smoothly along with no troubles at all. Somewhere along the day the OFM got fancy industrious and gave Sierra a power rinse that got all the salt residues off. It was a good time to do it since we have not had any rain for weeks to get rid of the salt slop naturally.

As we moved on along in the day the big excitement happened near the Castle. A new neighbor moved in. They will be coming on holidays and weekends from Austin Tx for fun and fishing.

Tomorrow we hope to start getting reservations set up for the Alabama trip. With a bit of luck that will turn out to be an exciting way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Very Windy Day


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-20-2022

Nothing real exciting today, thank goodness. We had another very nice walking morning and the OFM got in some puppy petting with a very nice sweet pup. The wind was high all day which means the marsh mosquitoes do not bother us mere mortals. And the mosquitoes in the marsh areas of the Texas coast can be incredible in the summer.

As the OFM was eating breakfast he noticed that the entrance to the campground had a nice look to it from the inside. It has normally been a good campground since we first stayed here in December of 2007.

After the morning walk Sierra took us on a nice ride to the Beach Park to check out things for the big weekend. The entrance construction seems to be moving right along. It will be a very welcome improvement when it is put into service.

Inside the park the OFM stopped to make a few casts from a very convenient spot near the bird viewing deck. As usual nothing bit the lure but the high winds allowed him to make1473 yard casts which can be fun.

A stop at Walmart resulted on the Art Team trying out some new to us art paper. It is the blue pad on the left.

The green paper on the right has been good stuff but Walmart stopped carrying it. So we gave the the new stuff on the left a try.

It is too rough and we have not had any luck getting the colored pencil scribbles to behave like we preferred. We are still on the search but in the meantime this new paper will suffice for rough sketching concerning ideas for a new painting. That alone should be a pretty good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Beautiful Day


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-19-2022

It seems like Google has finished the changes they were apparently doing. The OFM got an early start at the exercise walk and chose the Beach Park for the location. We rolled up to the entrance just at the time the construction was making a big paving pour of concrete. We were motioned over to the “out” side and on into the park. The day was turning into a beautiful day and the Teams were enjoying it. After parking Sierra in the shadow of a pavilion building we did a little limbering of the OFM legs before setting off on the walk.

We noticed the area where the Skimmers had been congregated for the last few weeks was empty of birds. Hmm what happened we wondered.

We did a nice speed meander around the loop road at the back of the park and there the skimmers were congregated in a new location.

This is the location that they nested in years past. We are glad that the folks taking care of the birds took the trouble to help the birds to nest by adding the new boundary lines. A few of the skimmers stayed at the old location. But by this afternoon the skimmers were once again all paired up and many of them hunkered next to the dirt like they do just before laying the eggs.

From there we finished the mile and a half and then the weather was so pretty we just had to go meander on the beach some and a few other spots also.

Today there was more than usual sea shell critters on the beach and the OFM spent a lot of time taking reference pictures of them for art. We now have a decent stock of sea shell pictures.

It was fun to be out and about this morning. As it turned out the whole day was gorgeous and wonderful day of meandering and thinking about places for trying to have tooooo much fun.


What A Mess?


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-18-2022

What a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Google is apparently working on their system and the rest of the world is suffering from it. We have readers not able to sign in, not able to post, not able to you name it. Sorry folks but google is treating the Teams the same as you. We have zero control or knowledge about the mess that is happening but hope it is finished soon.

In the mean time we need to clarify that the OFM Teams have many visits to both Palo Duro Canyon State Park on the north end and Caprock Canyons on the South end of Palo Duro Canyon. Both locations are great places to play. One thing different is that We have heard that Cap Rock Canyons no longer allows kayaking on there freshwater lake any more. We have no idea if that is correct or not. It was a nice small lake with good fishing in it. A place like Palo Duro Canyon certainly makes the OFM lonesome for bikes and kayaks again.

We were there several times during the first years of our full time travels. We have biked and hiked virtually every legal place to play in the canyon. And we started the travels on October 7, 2007. Palo Duro Canyon its self is a great place for lots of fun. We know there are other great spots up there. It is near the states of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado so you will have lots of places for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Finally Decisions Decided


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-17-2022

Finally some decisions were able to be made on travel plans for the near future. Tomorrow we will be attempting to make plans to be in north Alabama in early July. If this works out we have over thirty days to do things before we arrive up there. Another blog or three have been giving us the worst case of hitch itch we recall ever being struck with. One of them is

( )

We will see what happens. The little two month trip last January and February to the Rio Grande River certainly started the travel itch in the OFM Teams again.

Today we started the last legal requirement that could hold us back. Sierra got the Texas inspection and now the OFM can pay the fees for the windshield sticker to allow Sierra to roam the country side. So far we are looking at the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles for touring some new territory. I.E. The third largest canyon in the USA is in the Texas panhandle and it is a four day tow from north Alabama just like Rockport Tx.

Since both the grands will be in formal schooling this next year, all the style of the last ten years travel is out the window and a new pattern is coming up. It will be interesting how things work out.

Today was spent cleaning up little nuisance things getting ready for rolling  for the serious purpose of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Some Fun Anyway


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-16-2022

Waking up started a day of errors and feel bad. No walk was done although we did a lot of walking. We hit up the beach park for some gentle meandering since the body feeling was negative in general. While at the beach park we ended up being a beach park guide for about an hour to a new to the area visiting couple. It was a very enjoyable time showing and telling them about their brand new to them area.

The OFM was still not on top of things and just piddled around doing nothing but feeling not right. Finally we hit the Whataburger and had lunch. When we returned to the Castle it was time for the major event of the day. When we went inside and tried to wash our hands there was only a trickle of water. Good grief what now.

It turned out our old weathered water hose had died of old age and sun.

Fortunately the OFM had purchased a new hose last year and it was waiting to be put in service. So the event was shortly fixed and the teams back to near full function.

The OFM was still not doing just right so we went to the harbor area to piddle around and fish some. The OFM was having fits casting in the wind he thought. He kept on back lashing and getting wind knots in the line. Frustration was building when suddenly the blindness of another migraine hit. Apparent we had been in the throes of a nasty migraine building all day and it finally opened full blast. And we went back to the Castle to start the healing process. So here it is about 2215 at night and the OFM can finally function again to report a day of fun being a guide for the area. And that part was a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Wonderful Hot Weather


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-15-2022

We had a great brisk walk again this morning but there were no pictures waiting to be taken. A wander down by the beach park got us this picture of the wonderful hot weather.

The Teams meandered a bit here and there looking for adventures with no luck. Then back at the Castle we noticed a seam that needed a recaulk. Checking our maintenance locker sent us to Walmart to purchase some fresh caulk of the proper type. Back at the Castle the old caulk was removed and the seam washed. An hour nap turned out to be good for the area to dry out. The caulk job took about a half hour and is curing now. None of the other seams were needing repair at this time.

If you tow very much the seams need to be frequently checked for openings that can leak and do huge amounts of damage. The Castle was born in July of 2005 and has a huge number of miles on it. For several years we were getting about nine to ten months on a set of tires before they were worn and ready for a new set. Now days we don't move that often or travel near as far each month as we did for about ten years. We are now in our fourteenth year of full timing. We need to get busy rolling again so we have things to write about.

Talking about things to write about check out his nice fellow's blog. Lately he is posting some great pictures from New Mexico. .

Now we need to figure out what we can do about trying to have tooooo much fun.




Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-14-2022

We had a great brisk walk again this morning but there were no pictures waiting to be taken. The rest of the morning was a fuzzy blur of no memory. Then the usual Whataburger with Senior Drink for lunch.

The traffic coming into town was way too much so we went back to the Castle and had a wonderful afternoon cataloging photos from the stockpile on the memory card. The result of that bit of work is a file named “maybe paintings”. We decided on a part of one of the pictures to be the inspiration for a new painting. The OFM spent a bunch of the day just working out how we want the painting to look and what colors to be where. It was a great time coming up with so many different possibilities.

Our mail for the last month came in with the Income Tax refund check in it. Now we can afford to buy a half tank of gas for Sierra.

Nothing is planned for the next few days so the OFM could get into all sorts of trouble while trying to have tooooo much fun.


Goodby My Friend


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-13-2022

The day was easing along well and the OFM was taking it easy on some sensitive joints today. Lunch came and went and the OFM was sitting at the window chasing blog fodder for this blog tonight.

Too much activity outside for this very quiet campground got my attention. So on with the shoes and meander out to see what is going on.

At the top of the blog header it says


The last line of each blog entry advocates trying to have tooooo much fun.

We meandered into a couple of police cars and several folks standing around.

One of the nicest men in the world and only in his fifties had passed on to his rewards this day, He and the OFM had discussed both of the blog lines several times in the passing years and agreed that both lines were important to a good life. Mark was a leader at trying to have tooooo much fun, NOW.


Nice Day


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-12-2022

The morning walk went very well and brisk. And then we hit the Beach Park and did some fishing with no success.

Not much excitement today but we did get over to Portland Tx and Academy to look at some “walking “ shoes. We chose to keep on with the Merrells we have been wearing for years. We actually left Academy without buying anything. Next door to Academy is a nice Walmart that is normally better stocked than the Rockport one. We finally found a new rug to replace the worn out one at the do everything table in the Castle. Now we should be good for another ten years.

After supper we went to the Beach Park to see what needed a picture taken. We did find a couple. The Beach Park has a very nice bird sanctuary area. A nice bird watching shelter is placed just right to see most of the sanctuary area with the mounted viewing scope.

At the entrance ramp is a nice picture of several of the bird types we have here.

While up in the shelter this evening we got a couple of nice pictures. This first one is of the area back toward the boat ramp. This shows the wetlands part of the sanctuary.

This next picture is a very small part of the general nesting and romantic encounters area. The odd part to the OFM is that every now and then ALL the birds suddenly fly up into the air and mill around for a few minutes then settle back down and get paired up again. This picture shows about ten percent of the birds involved.

Even though we had nothing really exciting happen, it was a wonderful warm breezy day for trying to have tooooo much fun.


The OFM Way


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-11-2022

We rolled out of bed excited to put to use new information from the internet last night. We found several sites that set out the time per mile that a person should walk for exercise to be doing the most good for themselves. It was carefully set up per age groups. Since the OFM Teams do not have a watch in our ownerships we chose to use the phone for the timing device. We also got on google earth and mapped times for arrival at certain intersections or places along the trail at the Municipal Park.

We got to the park and parked at the parking lot near the starting point. Everything was checked so we would be able to check the elapsed time as required.

WHOOSH and away we went at our guesstimated needed walking speed for best results. We hit the first check point with a few seconds to spare. So we speeded up a bit. Our breathing was already aerobic at the first check point, so it got more aerobic quickly. About halfway to the second check point the breathing was about the same but the joints could tell we were going faster. Suddenly we speeded past a flower that needed its picture taken. But we pressed on without the picture. And ZOOM we passed a nice scene due to the sun rays hitting an area just right for a picture but no time for enjoyment of living was in the schedule. About that time we hit the second check point. EEERRRKKKK. The OFM took inventory of the situation. Hmmmm at least two nice pictures we ought to have taken, leg joints starting to feel not just right, stressed about hitting the time marks or better and NOT HAVING ANY FUN.

That put an end to the so called “what is best for me” from the internet ( or is that the Internot). We got in Sierra and headed home to think about this situation and consider our future life desires.

A couple of hours later we went back to the park to try the same loop at the OFM Teams style and aerobic pace.

Same parking space. Same starting point but at our pace as the OFM Teams. Here is the picture of the pretty flower we did not have time for the first go around.


Then when we got to the sun scene it was over and not worth a stop so we will likely never get that pretty scene into our files of nice scenes since the sun angles and the vegetation growth will never be the same again. So that is a wasted scene due to a SCHEDULE.

We completed the whole walk at an aerobic breathing pace with a slightly elevated pulse rate and enjoyed it peacefully without any stress or worry about schedule. It is our guess the elimination of the stress and worry far outweighed any good a high stress, do not pause for the pretty things walk could bring into our life. Perhaps our life motto since this blog started in the middle of November 2007, trying to have tooooo much fun, is very important to a life well lived


Catfish Catching Run


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-10-2022

As the OFM rolled out of bed this morning his knees mentioned gently that they were sore. Apparently the faster pace yesterday gave them some mild pain around the knee joints. So we made the decision to take it easy today and not hit up a path for a serious walk. We did make a lot of shorter walks in the stores and at the beach park a few times and on a fishing pier a couple of times. The soreness gradually went away by mid afternoon so we think we chose a good option.

The walking at Walmart coincided with our grocery trip for fresh vegetables for the Castle.

BUT a lot of the vegetables were definitely not fresh. For instance the bell peppers and radishes were a bit soft. The celery foliage was drooping but the stalks were nice and firm. A shopper had to be careful and choose everything carefully. We still spent about $26 on our purchases. The knee did not cause any trouble the rest of the day but we still took it easy.

Three different sessions of fishing at three different places produced no fish caught for the OFM Teams. However the folks at the wooden pier were filling ice chests with BIG FAT catfish to fill their freezers. A lot of fresh fish meat was headed to the home freezers this afternoon. The water was rough and discolored thanks to the roughness which kept the lures from working well but the dead bait was working very well. Here is the morning picture at the wooden pier, it was rougher in the afternoon,

When we did a short walk at the Little Bay side of the Beach Park we were finally able to get a long distance picture of the red shore birds. We found out they are roseate spoonbill birds. We also experienced the high speed they fly at
when changing feeding spots. They can cover a lot of distance RIGHT NOW when they choose to.

The high winds kept the day from being great but it still was a nice day of trying to have tooooo much fun at the coast of Texas.


Yellow Fishing Line For Old Eyes


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-09-2022

The morning started earlier than usual for a change. Breakfast was finished early and we were on our way to a walk. Memorial Park turned out to be the location and the weather was great again. On top of that the OFM set a vigorous pace and maintained it for the whole mile and a half.

From that start we managed to piddle away the rest of the day with a fishing try here and there and a lot of looking on the Internet for somewhere to go for a break in the ordinary here in Rockport.

A minor item but important to the OFM was finally finding some yellow monofilament fishing line. The OFM has trouble seeing the clear or light blue or green line against the water when we are fishing. He likes to use yellow line so he can see where his lure is in the area. Today we found Stren line in the strength we wanted and grabbed a spool. When we got it installed on the reel we headed back down to the harbor area to test if it was a good purchase. It was very good for visibility. The other surprise was we kept on getting hits on the lure but not hooking anything. It had been a good while since we had any fish hitting a lure. Finally the OFM took a look at the lure to see why no fish were getting hooked, The hook point was broken off, probably on one of the many rocks in the water in this area.

That was about it for the day, but it was a pleasant day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Wonderful Day


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-08-2022

We hit the Memorial Park trail earlier than usual this morning and the weather was excellent. The OFM got going well and after a little ways of warming up and testing his body we sped up to the fastest speed the OFM has gone in well over a year. Nope not running or jogging because we always had one foot on the ground so it was still walking. But his lungs could tell we were moving at a much greater pace. Nothing was hurting or felt stressed so we just kept on with the pace for about a mile and the OFM was getting tired so we slowed a bit so he could rest a little as we kept moving.

It turned out that for the rest of the half mile to the finish we had to go this was as fast as he could well handle it. He was into heavy breathing but still did not hurt. So it seems the ibuprofen treatment before the exercise is doing a good job.

When we got back to the starting location, the OFM sat for a bit on a bench and cooled down as we watched the morning moving along. It was a nice peaceful location and we enjoyed it for quite a while.

Then a drink of water and away we went to get busy on the rest of the day. It was a wonderfully glorious beginning of a new more vigorous life style we hope.

Back at the Castle the bad painting called for our attention and the OFM got busy with it while he cooled off some more. Along about 1600 we called the new version of the painting completed. A MAJOR lesson from this effort is that we found out the biggest trouble with the painting was that it was on the wrong paper. We had grabbed paper for colored pencil painting and not a wet medium like watercolor pencil. So now we will try watercolor pencil again but making sure it is on the correct paper for a wet medium the next time.

Here is Desert Moth done closer to right than the version posted yesterday.

Between the morning's great park walk and figuring out the main trouble with the painting we have had a fantastic day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Bad Painting and Mosquitoes


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-07-2022

The weather as decent this morning and warm but not hot. The OFM body was even cooperative with the slightly increased speed. In fact out of curiosity the OFM tried a few feet of jogging gently after he was warmed up. Yep the joints explained nearly immediately that jogging was not to be tried again the rest of his life. UNDERSTAND FOOL. Yes sir we replied and had a very good walk at Memorial Park and later some good walking at the Beach Park also.

By noon the Beach Park was so crowded that even the mosquitoes did not have room to fit into the park. A later ride there around 1930 showed that it was still too crowded for the OFM Teams.

So back to the Castle to work on a painting that was supposed to be the OFM's first all watercolor pencil painting. We got it finished and took a picture like usual to make it ready to be in the blog. When we brought it up on the computer it was horrible. After working with it with the computer manipulating program for photos we got it all the way up to YUK. Here it is after the computer work.

It is obvious that the OFM needs lots more training to do water color painting decently. So the painting is back on the art table being worked over heavily in colored pencil. The original painting is now acting as an under painting to a colored pencil effort. Hopefully we can salvage some of the previous effort and save the painting. It is not wasted effort because a lot of learning has happened. And it was still a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Pier Safety Lecture


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-06-2022

We got rained out of a walk today. Then mid morning something the OFM ate yesterday started a fight with his body that lasted most of the day. But we still managed to notice a safety trouble that lots of folks ignore.

But first, the sunken boat was gone from the beach by the time we got there around 0900.

Shortly after we parked the high winds were joined by light rains and we went back to the Castle.

Much later in the afternoon the winds had abated some and we went to the wooden pier just to get out and about and not far from a restroom. It was a pleasant time tossing a lure out at the end of the pier for a good while.

On the way out there the OFM tried to stand on the pier in the 20+ mph wind and handhold a telephoto shot of a couple of sea shells on the beach about ten feet below us. The wiggle factor was huge but the camera did a decent job of the challenge.

While we were going out on the wooden pier a group of four teens were coming off the pier. One lady in the group was having difficulty walking. The OFM checked to see if he could help them. It seems that they were all barefoot and she caught a nail head on the deck that was sticking up a good bit. The nail head went between her big toe and the toe next to it and ripped her “webbing” between the toes for a wound about an inch long but with decent bleeding helping flush the wound out. They went on their way down the beach to their vehicle.

The OFM has been fishing piers of all types all his life. By the time he was five years old he very well understood that any pier and especially wooden piers required shoes to be somewhat safe on them. All piers share some of the dangers of body damage but wooden piers in particular make nasty wounds.

ALWAYS wear shoes on a pier. Wooden piers have splinters, old fish hooks and other miscellaneous dropped items to give you nasty wounds on your feet. A splinter doesn't sound like a big deal until you remember all the bird droppings, fish pieces from cutting bait, general fish and other critters slime etc soaked into the wood waiting to give you something to infect your body quickly. We, nearly daily, see barefoot folks walking on the piers like nothing can hurt them.

Pier meandering can be a great way of trying to have tooooo much safe fun if you are a bit careful on the pier.


Beach Action


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-05-2022

As we rolled into the Beach Park this morning we hoped to get a decent walk done in spite of the ferocious winds again. After parking Sierra out of the wind and salt mist we headed for some foot work, but before we got it going very well the skies started to put on a big light and cloud show. The OFM JUST HAD to take some pictures of the clouds for reference for his art efforts. Here is one of them.

As we walked like a drunk drunk in the high winds, the OFM took several more shots that are now stored in the reference files on the computer.

We made a decent slow distance and when we got close to Sierra we called it quits. The wind and mist was just too miserable. As we pulled out, Sierra suggested we hit up Memorial Park with all its trees for some wind protection and some more walking.

When Sierra got us there the place was looking really good. The winds were down to a nice breeze at the ground level. The tops of the trees were blowing all over the place but at the walking level we were in good condition.

So the camera was grabbed and away we went. We made good time and distance. It was just plain old nice at this park. That was all the excitement until late in the afternoon.

We headed to the Beach Park to check on the wind and wave action. As we drove along the park road we noticed a nice size fishing boat broached in the beach waves. Then it became obvious it was too close to the beach and caught between two sandbars and out of control. Two folks were working on getting things out of the boat and to some folks standing on the beach. We could see the waves breaking over into the boat but the boat was sitting on the bottom between the sandbars.

We went on down to the end of the road. A few minutes later a Rockport Police car came through and the OFM flagged it down. The OFM told the officer about the boat in the surf and maybe they needed help. The Officer told me he was hunting for the boat since he had a call about a person needing help form getting hit by a running boat propeller. The OFM showed him where the boat was and the officer headed over to the scene. About the same time he got there and ambulance showed up. The medical crew went to the beach and did a little bit of looking around. Then they came back to the ambulance and got a wheeled table and went back to the scene at the beach. About five minutes later they took the table back to the ambulance and loaded it in. We could not tell if someone was strapped on the table or not, but they did leave the park with their lights flashing but no siren. So maybe there was a patient in the ambulance but it was not life threatening.

The police stayed a bit longer and then a Texas Game Warden showed up and the local police left. When we left the area the boat was swamped and getting bashed by the waves.

We just minded our business and kept on going and got clear of the area. Maybe tomorrow I can ask around at the beach park and see what the story is all about.

We do not recommend sinking your boat or getting cut up by the propeller as the proper type of excitement for trying to have tooooo much fun.