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West Texas



Adventure Location: Rockport, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/15/18
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The cold front was due in Rockport at 0900 this morning. The OFM wanted to get in a bit of fishing before the front hit so we left the Castle about 0815 for the Beach fishing pier.

On the way to the pier we saw a shrimp boat on the way back to the harbor.

Apparently it was a very successful morning of dragging a shrimp trawl. All those birds indicate a lot of catch is being culled and that usually means shrimp on board.

After grabbing that picture Sierra got us down to the pier and parked. A bit of rod rigging and away we went with the OFM in his standard fishing clothing, shorts and a tee shirt. We made it about twenty feet out onto the pier when one of the Team mentioned the black cloud to our south.

YIKES. The OFM made a cast and just as the lure hit the water, the wind shifted to northerly, the temperature dropped about 20 degrees from the 83 it had been and a lite freezing cold rain began. That OFM can move fast when he needs to. He got the lure reeled in and the Fishing Team back to Sierra in about 2 seconds. Thirty seconds later we were all safe in Sierra and the outside temperature was showing 58 on Sierra’s dash.

We took a bit of a ride to check out the park and saw these seagulls hunkered down weathering the first few blasts of the cold air arriving.

They did not seem to be having tooooo much fun.



Location: Rockport, Texas

With Seafair clogging all the area up with EXCESSIVE tourists and the tides flooding parts of the area, the Teams have been doing a little clothing shopping and other minor maintenance things. No adventures or other special good times has happened. So we are calling it long term relaxing and resting up for when we can get back to trying to have tooooo much fun,


An Easy Day

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/12/18
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We managed to get fully set up today. We MAY be here until after Christmas, so a full setup is proper. Jacks are down and all utilities hooked up. Mail that did not get here before we went west, arrived today. Basically everything is ready to go.

We took bit of a ride down to Light House Lakes today to see some of the flooding due to all the rains in central Texas. The shrimp boat channel is somewhat out of its banks but the weather made it all look inviting anyway.

Light House Lakes Park

After the mail was processed and things put in order the OFM took the trash over to the waste bin. Next to the waste bin is a brilliantly blooming shrub. It took a couple of tries but we did get a decent picture of a bloom.

Trash Bin Blooms

A few old friends were visited and a generally easy day was taken. An easy day now and then is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Who's The Fool?

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/11/18
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We made our way back into Rockport Texas today. Our site was waiting quietly for us. The Castle pulled us into the site and we were all set up by noon. Then it was off to get some lunch.

It turns out this weekend is something called Seafair or close to that. The main square of land at the harbor is closed off with fencing. Then you are supposed to by a ticket to let you in so you can wander around all the sales booths and let vendors try to sell you their stuff. The OFM has never understood the sense of paying someone to let them try to sell you overpriced stuff. As far as he is concerned the vendors should pay the Teams to put up with their sales pitches.

When  some folks have asked if we are going to Seafair, the OFM asks how much are they paying the Teams to attend. We get all sorts of strange looks and sometimes nasty comments. To the OFM that would be like paying Walmart, Sears etc to let us come in to shop for products. NOPE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO HAPPENING.

We know of much better ways for trying to have tooooo much fun.


This and That

Adventure Location: GOVERNOR’S LANDING, Amistad NRA 
Adventure Date: 10/09/18
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It was a great boondocking night and the OFM slept very well. So well that he blasted wide awake at 0920 this morning. Consultations with the weather guessers gave us the decision to go ahead and leave for Rockport. So things were put in order and away we went for the long tow.

We had a few pictures left to talk about so tonight we are taking care of reporting those small adventures.

Their is a wide trail that goes to the water under the highway 90 bridge over Amistad. The OFM started down it just doing a great job of meandering when along comes Mom and two kids having fun. They hurried down to the water to get in some play time. 

The OFM noticed the black stain where the full lake water line would be. It is a good ways up there isn’t it.

Along the trail was hordes of flutterbys. We do not know if it is a butterfly or a moth but it is pretty coloring.

At another spot the OFM noticed that a tall grass stem had caught on a spider web. The wind was blowing pretty good but that spider web strand was standing up to the wind just fine. That was a very interesting picture to get while the wind was blowing strongly.

And last but far from least is this nice close up of a patch of thorns swaying in the breeze. 

Those are on a blackbrush plant and they are every bit as mean as they look. The Teams know first hand that playing in the blackbrush is not a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


A Long Tow

Adventure Location: 277N Campground, Amistad NRA 
Adventure Date: 10/09/18
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We knew it would be a long tow so we got an early start of 1115. As we wound our way out of Broke Mill RV Park, the sun was beaming down on us welcoming the Teams to the road. Twenty three minutes later we were backing the Castle into our new home in 277N campground in Amistad NRA north of Del Rio, Texas. We loved this “long” tow.

An old road runs straight through the campground with some sites right along the road and a gravel loop with more sites along it. The crowd is a motorhome from Connecticut and a large tent with three fishermen in it at night. And now the OFM Teams have site 1 at the top of the hill. It is BOONDOCKING TIME again. Eat your heart out Mr. Boondork.

The OFM stepped onto the street right in front of our nest and took this picture looking down to the lake about a mile away. It makes a great walk.

Then he walked to the back of our campsite to show you how crowded the back yard is.

The loop campground is too big to get into one picture so he took this picture of the first part of the loop. There is about 30 sites total in 277N. These are typical sites for this campground and several can be used as a pull through. 

Actually there was a crowd over at one of the campsites. The small pool of moisture had attracted a crowd of yellow critters. And a noisy lot they were.

The OFM is thinking he may need to get another nap in before bedtime. He hates to go to bed all tired out you know.

It is about 8 miles to Walmart and Whataburger from here, so you know where we will be in a little bit. Having tooooo much fun eating a big Whataburger.



Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 10/7/2018 
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Last evening was a real corker as the old saying goes. We had two totally different evening skies to admire. One was a wild burst of color and shapes of unbelievable styles. This one was to our westerly direction (Mexico).

Then at the same time over to our southish direction was a myriad of cloud banks, thunder heads and lightning battles. That battle went on for a couple of hours and the light show was great.

The OFM added another day to our stay so we will leave tomorrow. At this moment we plan to boondock close by for the next little while.  The rain forecasts keep changing every four hours or so. To the Teams that means we need to sit still and out of the way until the bad weather is gone.

In the meantime you can count on the OFM Teams being out searching for having tooooo much fun.


Wonderful Beginnings

Adventure Starts: Richland, Washington
Adventure Date: 10/7/2007 to 10/7/2018
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 An fat old man backed his white truck up to the Arctic Fox 22H trailer and coupled up. A check and double check and the rig pulled out of the campground that had been the mans home for almost 3 years. The rig was headed for Alabama. There was no turning back because when the rig cleared Deadmans Pass in Oregon the highway department truck was sitting there and closed the pass due to snow.

The fat old man put the pedal to the metal and down the other side of the pass they flew, gradually becoming a team of unstoppable adventurers.

Six weeks later in the fat old man sat in his son and daughter in law’s living room  talking of the fat old man’s plans for his retired way of life. One thing led to another and The Old Fat Man Adventures blog was born and the OFM Teams came to have a name.

Yesterday was the anniversary of another team of well respected adventure seekers. Jim and Gayle of Lifes Little Adventures started on their on RV lifestyle adventure and are still going very strong. They are young folks that get to do things the OFM can only dream of these days. We recommend you visit their blog. They do a really good job of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Super Relaxation Updated

Adventure Location: Indian Lodge, Davis Mountains State Park, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/1/2018
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 A couple of nights decent rest put the OFM back in shape for having fun again. So it is time to do some catch up on the past adventures.

Indian Lodge is a motel inside of Davis Mountains State Park in Fort Davis, Texas. It is a beautiful building set in a beautiful location. The interior is just plain fantastic with all the natural surfaces of different types of local rocks and wood. The building is a nice attraction itself.

The entry from the front parking lot looks like this.

There are two other parking lots carved from the side of the mountain with their own beauty. The OFM failed to get a picture to show them to his readers.

As you walk up into the entry area there is a large planter that normally has flowers in bloom to ease your mind.

The flowers this time were on the downside of the bloom but the multitude of fragrances were in full power. Check this set of blooms.

For the OFM the main courtyard is a great attraction. It is really peaceful and beautiful. To the left in this picture is a covered raised patio with a garden swing and a few tables and chairs. It is a great place to sit to enjoy a refreshing drink, use your computer for internet, or even (as the OFM has done in the past) kick back a little and take a wonderfully relaxing nap.

If you finally get relaxed enough to want some exercise, all that is needed is walk about fifty feet out the back door and you have several miles of trails running around the area with great views. It is a very nice place for trying to have tooooo much fun.......relaxing.

About 1600 the OFM decided to throw together some Pork Chop Stoup to finish off a great day.

Saturday Night Sunset in Del Rio, TX.

Good night.


Doubly Tired

Adventure Location: Broke Mill RV Park, Del Rio, TX.
Adventure Date: 10/4/2018
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 It was a  rough night at Spur 406. The temps stayed high, 79,  for the whole night so the OFM sweated puddles on the bed with two fans blowing on him. On top of that hordes of very small flying insects came through the screens to harass the sleep deprived OFM. The campsite was fine but the great green vegetation produced lots of insects when the wind died to zero. It was overall a very bad choice due to the weather mis-guess on the part of the OFM.

So we rolled about 0845 and checked into Broke Mill RV Park about 0910. The setup was quick. The AC was very welcome as well as the ability to shut the windows to more bug entry. Since then it has been a wonderful day except the OFM is still beat to a pulp tonight.  

We had a friendly visitor when we were getting ready to roll yesterday in the Davis Mountains SP.

This little critter came by as the OFM was putting the electric cord into the Castle. It stopped a moment to get a drink from the puddle at the water faucet. Gave us a wave and wished us great travels. Then it was off to find some breakfast.

We bet it was even planning on trying to have tooooo much fun.


Canceled Plans

Adventure Location: Spur 406 Campground, Lake Amistad, TX
Adventure Date: 10/3/2018
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Adventures are piling up so we cleaned out a few and saved a few for later. Today we rolled from Davis Mountains SP toward Del Rio. We are in no hurry but we have accomplished the “Task of the Trip”. It was to establish the OFM’s altitude limit again. We did it and it was not as good as in the past. So the planned “higher elevation” things had to be canceled. The decision last night was to head back to Del Rio  and get reliable internet to gather info to make a decision.

Thus we rolled at 0830 this morning doing a blinding 56 mph. When lunch time rolled around we pulled into a picnic area and had a great lunch. The view was not too bad either.


Then it was back on the road with the spot for tonight not chosen yet. As we rolled along many spots were considered. The OFM wanted to boondock since the high temp was within his limit of 85.   So when Spur 406 campground turn off came into sight we went to check out that as a possible nights rest. It turned out to be decent, so we pulled in and set up.

As you can see it is another really crowded campground. We are in site 2 and back up the road way over in the mesquite is hidden site 1 with a tent camper in it.

We got the Castle set up so the nice breeze blows right through the cabin. It should be some great sleeping tonight. This camping spot has the only Dispersed Camping on the lake. It is also free but it is rough. It is on a peninsula that is under water when the lake is full. Since it has been years since the lake was full you will see it is grown up quite nicely.

Spur 406 runs through the campground and on down into the lake. The dispersed camping entrance goes from Spur 406 off and running around on the peninsula. Before it grew up so much the OFM ran around on it to check it out. There must be room for thirty rigs in there.

A couple of hundred yards up the dirt road is the only toilet facility out there. You can camp right next to it if you want. There are no designated spots to camp.

A little past the toilet starts the main part of the camping area.  This dirt road winds all over the place and over several layers of rocks here and there. It is a just pick a spot and set up type of place.

The road is drive able with most vehicles until it rains then no vehicle has any business on it. There are some old ruts in there that a bulldozer would disappear if it got in them.

It was another great driving day. We will go back to finish the remaining adventures soon. Meanwhile we are having a wonderful time trying to have tooooo much while boondocking again.


Stillwell Evening

Adventure Location: Stillwell Ranch, TX
Adventure Date: 9/30/2018
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It was the evening before we headed out to the Davis Mountains. The OFM was still antsy so we meandered the campground and took lots of silly pictures, but here are four that were saved.

There were several catapillers having a convention. This one was standing away from the crowd so we would take its picture. They were a colorful lot. However we did not feel like petting one on that occasion.

As we meandered around the camping area we reached the fence that separated us from the other square miles of ranch. When looking back at the crowded campground it just seemed natural to shoot another picture from the back of the campground area. It was getting into late evening but the sunlight was still pretty good.

When we turned around the line of far away mountains was catching some late sun rays to make them glow. Our guess from looking at a map they were more than thirty miles away. That means they must be pretty good size dirt piles.

We heard a funny voice talking sort of like Buggs Bunny. It was saying something like I think I would like some rattlesnake for supper. Here snaky. Here snaky.

By then it was time for the Teams to hibernate for the night. The OFM was a bit tired after all the adventures this day. He even turned down an invite to head back out to try to have tooooo much fun again!


Trail Meander

Adventure Location: Chisos Mtns, TX
Adventure Date: 9/30/2018
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 Now we get to show you a few highlites of the paved loop in the Basin for folks who are not goig to do the multi-mile hike to go stand on the edge of the window where it goes straight down hundreds of feet to the desert floor below.

As you meander along please take time to look both up at the cliffs all around you and at the neat flowers and rocks near you. Here is one of the rocks we noticed this trip. We call it critter rock since it looks like a critter coming out of the ground to get you.

Here is the trail view of the slot in the caldera wall that is called The Window. The desert floor way below is part of BIBE. If you know where to look from below and have good binoculars The Window is supposedly viewable. We have never been able to spot it from below.

And along came a 3 inch grasshopper to give us a greeting. It was a friendly critter and we had a short friendly chat.

Then we took our first picture of Ward Peak. It is the first peak to the left of The Window. It is a mighty fine peak if we do say so ourselves.

When we finished the loop it was time to head back to Sierra. Along the walk back we passed a famous part of the sidewalks.

 This sidewalk leads up to the restaurant. This is what we can recall from the news stories. It is famous because a family of four, Dad,Mom, little daughter and 5 or 6 year old son were coming from the restaurant along this sidewalk. Suddenly out of the plants came a mountain lion and grabbed the boy by his face. Dad unlimbered his small folding knife, jumped on the lion and stabbed it a few times. The lion let the boy go and went away. The boy got medical treatment and will have some scars the rest of his life. We bet he will be the only kid in school that has a story like that.

The park folks tracked the lion down and killed it. It was an old female lion in bad health who likely was unable to hunt anymore and was desperate for food.

This shows that in the wild places you still need to be careful or you might have tooooo much fun of the wrong kind.