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Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-30-2020
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Not an active day at all.  About $40 spent at Walmart this morning. The line to get in took about seven minutes and moved smoothly. A few groceries jumped into the basket. Then a couple other items for the Castle like a new bath tub rug jumped into the basket.  Soon we got checked out and on our way back to the Castle.

The Castle’s bath tub was really excited to get a new rug in it so the OFM will be safe from slipping.  The new food items fit into the cabinets easily and snuggled right into place. 

The OFM Teams budget starts and ends on the 28th of the month. We got a nice surprise when this months expenses were added up. This time of “Stay at Home” has been pretty economical. We ended spending less than the SSA income for the month. Maybe some day we will get the “virus” check to add to the food account.

In the meantime we are still waiting on New Mexico, National Parks and Texas to decide what they are going to do in the State Parks and National Parks starting May 1.  That decision will make a big difference on what the Teams do when our rent runs out on May 9.

The only thing we know for sure is we will be somewhere trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-29-2020
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This morning the weather was great but the OFM body joints were  not interested in a major walk so we just did the in park up the hill and back trail. For some reason the OFM’s balance was off and he wobbled his way around the whole mile and a half ok, but it was a slower more careful trip for sure. We are hoping  the balance trouble was the allergies keeping his sinuses messed up including his ear canals. At least he is still breathing and being ornery.

While messing around on the computer we found three pictures taken about two weeks ago at Rough Canyon boat ramp area. The long finger you see here is covered with about 30 feet of water at full lake. The ridge goes out to where the stairs to the old Devils River Dam is located.

IF the water in the lake keeps on dropping we soon will be able to see evidence of the dam.  It was not removed when the lake was ready to fill, so it is still waiting for a boat prop when the lake is low.

The OFM in his more capable days explored all over this area in great detail. Now he has to be content with the easier parts he can get to. 
When he was at the top of the ridge looking out and deciding if he would try it one more time, a movement caught his eye.  There was a brown goat down on the ridge on guard. The OFM grabbed a quick telephoto shot and caught the brown goat looking our way. Then we zoomed back some for a  scene type of shot.  When we got home and started editing the photos we saw a white goat also in the zoomed out  picture. We never saw that white goat while standing there looking around.

Then we noticed the herd of goats farther out on the ridge. So we got a zoom shot of them. They look very relaxed don’t they.  If you look carefully at the right side of the first picture you will be able to see some dark objects that are this herd of goats.

The walking in this area is very awkward with lots of ankle twister rocks. But it is still a nice scenic area for trying to have tooooo much fun.


A Wonderful Walk

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-27-2020
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Hitting the desert in the mornings with bright sunshine and a cool breeze sure starts the day out right.  We got in about 2 miles on the Diablo East walking path. It has been covered in the blog so often we did not take pictures of the path. 

The blossom explosion we had hoped for this year did not happen and the vegetation in on the down hill side. But there was two nice cactus blossoms along the way and a special guest.

The bright yellow blossom was very wide open AND the OFM  managed to use the  close up feature of the camera on it.

Then the golden blossoms were taken with the regular settings.

And a bit more along the way the special guest came running out of the shrubbery across the trail and posed for a couple of pictures like the professional it is.

Then we finished the walk and found Sierra waiting for us. This was an uncommonly nice walk with the great weather. It made trying to have tooooo much fun easy.


San Pedro Campground Walk

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-26-2020
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The OFM was in great need of a good walk that could be finished before lunch time since the morning air was nicely cool. A consultation with Sierra helped and a place was chosen. the closed road to San Pedro campground would do very well. Only one short steeper grade in the whole trip would be encountered.

Sierra got us to the gate safely. Now it was up to the OFM to do the walking safely. It is about a 2.5 mile round trip. And away we went.

It is easy walking with raw desert on all sides. It was interesting that etched in the sand was the squiggles of snakes crossing now and then. But we saw no slither critters.

To our surprise we found the first golden prickly pear blooms we have seen in the area. The OFM crept up close carefully avoiding any sleeping snakes. Several pictures were taken but the Teams liked this one best.

OFM’s walking stick was performing well. We had taken the rubber tip off and let the metal spike do the ground contact work. There are several different types of grips used on a walking stick. We prefer this type that takes all the load off your grip and passes it down the strap straight to the fat part of your hand pad. You never have to grip the stick tightly so your hand does not get tired.

On down the road we came to the yucca plant that was pictured in this blog a few weeks ago when it was in it blooming glory.  Now we have it as it is maturing seeds for the next crop of show off plants.

Here is a close up of the seed pods. With a little luck we will make it back to show the seeds hatching.

We meandered on back to Sierra with no troubles of any sort. As we finished the walk and started to climb into Sierra we noticed the temps were getting a bit warm and it was 1145.  Perfect timing on the walk. This was definitely a pleasant  place for trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-25-2020
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It has been a warm but pleasant day.  The morning started with a brisk walk in the cool air on the desert walking path here in the park. The OFM body did very well and no oopsies happened. That was a great mile and a half.

Sierra is bored today because we have not gone any place on wheels. The OFM has been trying to make decisions about travel when the chains are released by the so called authorities. No decisions were made but lots of information was gathered.  We have a neighbor planning on leaving on the first of May for Arkansas. We plan to be here until the rent runs out on May 9 as a minimum. It could be a madhouse on the roads if the chains come off and all the pent up energy explodes onto the roads at the same instant.

A nice painting/drawing was completed this afternoon. Friends is its name. 

It is part colored pencil and part watercolor pencil. It looks like the two different types of pencils got along decently to us. That painting was a nice way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Some Like It Hot

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-24-2020
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We have been experimenting for the last week or so with how hot it can get and still be acceptable inside the Castle with just fans running in the desert. This is for boondocking information for us.

We can run everything we need except the AC from the batteries and LPG tanks.  So we needed to find out the current upper limit for desert camping with out 120v power for the AC.

Today we found out for sure. The OFM upper comfort temp lately in the desert has been around 92F with fans running. Later in the afternoon it was 98F inside the Castle and that was too much.

The Del Rio weather forecast was for 102F and sure enough we made it to 102F inside the Castle with the fans running. Tonight it is supposed to be in the 60‘s and then hot again tomorrow.

So now we will experiment with finding the highest COMFORTABLE temperature the OFM can enjoy and set the AC on that setting and save money over setting it at 74F.  The Boondork had a nice blog entry tonight about the same issues of hot weather while boondocking.

The OFM had noticed last summer that he was running the AC controller at a higher temperature than in the previous years.  As he gets older the OFM likes the temps to be warmer than in the past. So now we will be finding out the proper settings for hot weather.

Being comfortable temperature wise is important when you are trying to have tooooo much fun.


A Great Meander

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-23-2020
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A nice cool morning for a walk was putting “get going” into the OFM’s life.  The new back pack was retrieved and loaded with water for a good long moderate trail experience today.

Sierra got us over to 277 North campground for a nice walking event we were sure.  Sierra parked at the locked gate to all but exercisers and away we went.  

The road to the old bridge was the first area of walking. It was a great walk down the hill to the bridge.  Along the way some adjusting to the new back pack had to be done.  After a few adjustments to the straps it became a very comfortable rig.  It is mainly for carrying plenty of water and an emergency medical kit that is soon to be purchased. We want to be ready for daylight desert walking adventures. Backpacking is NOT part of the plan. This is a small dayhiker pack.

A bit of looking around and a couple gulps of water and back up the hill we went. When we neared the top of the hill, the road out through the desert to the main day use area appeared. The OFM checked his body parts and decided we could go ahead  on that nice walk also.

As we meandered along in the cool air and enjoyed the great scenery the OFM got into a joyous walking and l mind wandering state of behavior. It was feeling really good.

For some reason his feet suddenly stopped. AS IN EEERRRKKKK.  It took him a few seconds to see what the trouble was. About one more step away was this nice visitor on the trail.  In his day dreaming the OFM had not seen the visitor until his feet stopped him.

The visitor just lay there watching the OFM and the OFM just stood there watching the visitor.  They stared at each other for it seemed ten minutes with the visitor lickiing its lips it seemed. The visitor was about 2 1/2 inches in diameter and over  three feet long.

Naturally the first thought in the OFM was rattlesnake.  But the OFM quickly noticed the tail was not of a rattlesnake.

The snake did not seem worried but it was watching the Teams very carefully.

 After a short while the OFM walked on by the snake and we went on our way. Walking upon an unnoticed snake that large right next to you is a great way of curing constipation.
For the rest of the walk the OFM had no trouble keeping his mind on the trail. The OFM had lots of experience with rattlesnakes when he worked in Washington State so he knows the drill and has lots of respect for them.

As we neared the end of the walk, the OFM notice the track of another snake in the loose sand and rock of the road.  Apparently the low water of the lake is sending the snakes on hunting adventures.

From the track to Sierra was only a few more hundred feet and was uneventful, thank goodness.  But when it was all over we rated today’s walk as a good try at trying to have tooooo much fun.


Not Much

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-22-2020
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A couple of light calf cramps entertained the OFM as he tried to sleep last night. Then this morning the calf was pretty sore and the knee above it was tender.  There fore a day of leg exercise was called off. So we spent the day faking like the OFM is an artist instead of a paper waster deluxe.

The most exciting thing was this evening the Teams insisted that the OFM go out and get a hamburger for supper. He did. It was wonderful even if it was not Whataburger.

Tomorrow is scheduled to be a walking day as a way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Long Steep Hills

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-21-2020
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The OFM was a perky fool this morning, but it did get him out for a long walk early before it got hot. We hit up Diablo East because it has the longest steepest walking surfaces  readily available to the Teams. 
Sierra got us parked in the sorta level parking lot. Then the OFM started walking and walking and walking and finally we were at the bottom of the boat ramp. When he got turned around and looked up the hill, he got a crick in his neck from having to look so far up.

Well nothing to do but get after it. Only a little ways passed his feet before his heart beat said SLOW DOWN. He minded and we took a much better pace for an old fat man of 73.5. The OFM later thought about it and agreed he had started back up way to fast. Even the buzzards could not keep up with that pace.

Anyway we made it back to the top and the OFM leaned against the waste receptacle for a couple of minutes and gulps of water.  Then he announced “Now for the marina hill and back”.  The Marina is not as steep but is longer. So he led the way and did a lot better job of minding his body’s signals. It turned out to be a good walk at lower aerobic breathing rate.
When we hit the top of the hill again, he stopped in the shade of a tall bush and gulped a chunk more water, looked over the area and announced we are going back to Sierra by way of a loop around the back parking lot and be assured when Sierra got close it was a welcome sight.

This turned out to be a very good leg muscle building trek around the area.  Back at the Castle we spent the rest of the day just staying cool and messing around.

Then later in the day the Val Verde County authority posted new lock down rules. The lockdown has been extended to May 5. It will be a wonderful day when these folks get through getting in the way of having tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-19-2020
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Summer slammed into Del Rio, Tx about noon today and we went up to 96F.   Not much was done after grocery shopping this morning in the cool air.  The line into Walmart took about 10 minutes. The shelves were well stocked again for most everything we needed. Yep we will continue to eat very well.

The rest of the day was spent in frustration over a painting gone wrong. Finally about 1830 the OFM gave up and sent it to the happy hunting grounds by way of the dumpster.

Yesterday one of the neighbors packed up and headed for home in mid Montana.  It is only 1400 miles so they thought they would only need 3 nights on the road. That’s a long tow each day for the OFM Teams.

In the meantime we have to go find something for trying to have tooooo much fun. 


Nice Short Walk

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-18-2020
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A nasty morning of wet foggy turned into a beautiful cool sunshine day in the afternoon. The OFM’s shoes complained they needed to get out for some good walking.. The OFM thought that sounded good so the water bottle was grabbed and away we went. 

After parking at the Spur 454 locked gate Sierra relaxed for a little nap while waiting for our return.

The OFM grabbed a picture of the first part of the route up the gentle (are there really any gentle) hills.  We knew we could make the top of the hill in view. As it worked out we made it to the top of the next hill before turning back.

There was one type of flower that was cute to see but difficult to photograph. Here is the best shot of the bunch of pictures taken.

The walk was very pleasant and a nice breeze comforted us for the whole time. When we got back to the Castle the distance was plotted on Google and turned out to be 3.4 miles round trip. It was definitely a worthwhile walk for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Broke Mill Walking Trail

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-17-2020
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The campground we are at has a very nice exercise walking trail as part of the location. It is outside the regular part of the campground. It heads away from the campground and makes a P shaped loop up the side of the hill next door. The OFM used to run it in his earlier years but that running stuff is long gone now. The distance from the Castle is 1.5 miles round trip.

Now lets see what it looks like and the scenery along it. You start your walk at your RV and head over to this gate.

As you can already see this is a desert trail not a fancy paved flat city trail.  The trail does undulate with the terrain and at the far end it is a good bit above where we start here.

You head north along the gravel/dirt road until you get to the first right turn.  At this point you go up the hill and watch for the wild sheep on the sides of the hills. They are not shy and walkers see them often but the OFM has not seen them yet.

When you get to the high spot the trail goes right and then right again and then left and moseys back to the beginning. The OFM forgot to take pictures of the rest of the trail. Once up to the peak of the trail it heads southish along the lower slope of the hills. The hills are native desert vegetation as is the vegetation on both sides of the trail.

The blood thirsty vegetation will help you to remember to stay more in the middle of the wide trail.

At many places along the trail folks are constructing cairns for decoration. The eight foot wide trail does not need them for navigation. We guess there is at this time about ten of the cairns along the trail.

Today the OFM noticed these seeds (maybe) and they were interesting. But while messing around trying to get this picture he kept on getting stuck so he did not look at them very long.

The walk back into the campground can be longer because a loop around the whole camping facility will add another mile if you want more exercise. And if you want more exercise the swimming pool invites folks with extra energy to burn.

All in all the trail is a pretty nice location to enjoy while trying to have tooooo much fun.


Cliffs and Grock

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-16-2020
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A Grock Adventure

Grock rolls over and hollers Hey OFM lets go see some boulders and cliffs if there are any around here.

Sure thing the OFM says. I know just the place for a first timer like you to see some nice cliffs and big boulders.

So we grabbed our stuff and jumped into Sierra.  Vroom we head to the High Cliffs over at Diablo East part of the Amistad NRA.  Sierra carefully and safely got us parked. The OFM and Grock got their stuff in order and off they went.  The desert brush was having lots of fun scratching on them but the kept on going along the deer trail.

Grock said Hold it, I want to climb that prickly pear  cactus.  OFM said Watch out you will get scratched and stuck.  I will be ok said Grock.  Away he rolled and on up the cactus he went. Look at me he said.

Yep you made it the OFM said. but not try to get down safely. We don’t want you to get busted into little pebbles.
Grock was careful and we were on our way to the next special spot. The desert thorns were getting thicker and sharper but we were careful and soon made it to a “secret” overlook the OFM knew of. Grock quickly rolled up a nearby stalk to get a good view.  WOW that is a nice view he said. Yep it sure is the OFM replied.

From here on we have to be especially careful of things that could hurt us OK? OK said Grock.

As we traveled over to the Jumping Off Cliffs Grock noticed a nice boulder.  Could you help me up onto that boulder so I can feel what it is like to be a BIG boulder. Sure the OFM replied and picked Grock up and placed him on the boulder. Grock was excited and nearly fell off but quickly calmed down.

Grock said I can’t wait until I am this big!  The OFM did not have the heart  to tell Grock that he would never get any bigger.

On down the trail the Team went until we got to the big cliffs.  The OFM stopped to have Grock read the important sign and make sure Grock understands the safety rules.

Grock even read the sign instructions our loud for the OFM to make sure the OFM understood the rules.

Then we got a lot more careful as we approached the actual cliffs.  The OFM held Grock out so he could see over the cliff to see what there was to see.  When Grock could see past the edge of the cliff he squealed out BE CAREFUL AND DON’T DROP ME.  The OFM said I am being carefull even if I wiggle. If I dropped you I would have to get Gavin to paint another rock to replace you.  NO NO NO I do not want to be replaced.

So Grock was placed on the rock surface so he could roll as close as he wanted.  

Grock decided that tall cliffs we interesting and we moved along the cliff and looked over the edge many more places. Grock was impressed at the height of the cliffs and the size of the grown up boulders.

After a long time of rock scrambling around and seeing all sort of new stuff, Grock told the OFM he was ready to head back to Sierra. The OFM said I will take us back a different route and maybe we will see something different. But stick close because I do not want you to get lost.
OK said Grock and up another deer trail we went.  When we got to a wet spot in the trail, Grock asked to halt so he could look at the tracks in the wet spot in the trail.

 What made these tracks asked Grock?
Desert deer made those tracks said the OFM.
There are lots of deer that live here in this desert.  Some day we might even see some of them.  That would be great said Grock.

Then we moved on. About a mile later Sierra came into sight and it was a welcome sight.  Grock had already climbed into the OFM’s pocket because he was all tuckered out from all the climb, rolling and bouncing along. When the OFM got Sierra opened, Grock jumped right out onto the seat.  Hopped up onto the folded rag he rides on and went to sleep, all in about ten seconds.

The OFM put the gear into Sierra and quietly got in and headed the Teams quietly back to the Castle. You could tell that Grock had had a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Bottom Muck

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-14-2020
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It was a nice afternoon yesterday so the Teams decided a nice walk down to the lake bottom would be good. The Team piled into Sierra and headed for 277 North Campground road. The campground is closed and the road into it and on past to the old bridge is legitimate for walking in the Recreation Area.  It will give us a mile and a half walk down to the old bridge and back to Sierra.

We parked right at the locked gate. Water and the walking stick were gathered and away we went. It was a nice down hill walk to the bridge. This road used to be US Hwy 277 before Lake Amistad came into being. The walk down the hill was very nice and we eventually arrived at the bridge and looked back up the hill.

Looking west at the newer stretch of 277 and the high bridge reminds the OFM that the lake is down about 41 feet from full. The old bridge has about 30 feet of water over it at full lake level.

The lake bottom is not ready for meandering yet. The crust on top is dry but when it breaks through it will be a mess probably  knee deep. We will wait for another time.

You can see where the critters have been sinking into the muck.  

We had a nice look around and tested the crust on the mud at a few locations. Nope.  So we grabbed our stuff and started the nice long walk up the hill to Sierra. About half way back the OFM noticed a tree covered in pink blossoms.  We guess it is mesquite but do not really know.

When we reached Sierra the OFM knees were only whimpering instead of screaming, so maybe they are healing a little bit. That would be really nice.

Today is running to a mite too chilly for our preference.  It feels really nice inside as a place for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Lucky Day

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-12-2020
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The two boneless pork chops were ready to cook. The pot was readied  and heating for pan seared pork chops.  The chops were coated on both sides with McCormicks Italian Seasoning. Ok, pot is hot and in they went for 4 minutes a side.

The Knorr package of Fettuccine in Savory Chicken Flavored Sauce was readied for cooking. The chops got done and moved to a plate for cooling. The pasta was started in the pot with the left over chop droppings.  That ought to be good we thought.

Fast Forward

The chop was great and that leaves one for tomorrow’s meal. Second thought ended up with the second chop cut into bite size chunks and put into the left over pasta and put into storage for tomorrow.  Good grief that is going to be good.

Later this evening about an hour before Walmart closed the OFM decided to see if the line outside was down any.  Yep it was. Took about three minutes to get inside. Guess what! It was our lucky day. 

They had some toilet paper in septic safe style that we can use in the Castle. We grabbed our allowed purchase amount.  Some cereal was added to the basket.  When we got to the vegetables and fruit section it was well stocked.  $30 later we got out of there.  

We noticed that the lake had dropped a good bit since a couple of days ago.  Maybe it is down enough for some lake bottom treasure hunting. When the lake was down like this several years ago the OFM had loads of fun walking the lake bed and finding all sort of dropped overboard things where there used to be water. There are LOTS of miles of lake bed to cover.

There is always more to do it seems.  Anyway the OFM Art Team has three paintings started and sketches for two more to be done next. Mainly we are trying to learn how to handle the Neocolor II crayons.  They are different than anything we have ever tried before.  Here is one that got to this point and stymied the OFM on how to continue.


It looks like we will need to put in some time on the Internet learning more about these crayons. You can be sure we have plenty to do for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Ratzzz Hail

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-11-2020
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Late this evening we had a storm event.  The predictions were right on the money.  Here is the front edge as it moved across us.

A little rain and then the hail started and lasted about 20 minutes. The size we could see ranged from marble size to golf ball size.  It was an impressive but undesirable experience. These white dots in the grass are the hail stones that did not disappear into the long grass.

Then after the hail stopped a short lived strong rain hit us and moved on. Here is the back end of the storm headed south into Del Rio. We are a couple of miles outside of Del Rio to the north.

That is enough excitement for today. Hopefully the glass solar panels made it through the hail storm in good shape.

This is another of those events we do not recommend for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Electric Bill

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-10-2020
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It started cool and stayed there for most of the day. Slightly overcast skies made it seem cooler than it was but we had a great time enjoying it. It reminded the OFM that he paid for his spot for another month. His electric bill for last month was $29.77.

Someone around here paints rocks to fit the spot they place them.  Here is one that was put on the side shelf of the huge BBQ pit by the swimming pool.

Over at a small gathering spot with a roof is a small replica of the Broke Mill windmill. Someone had placed this rock on the replica.  What it means we have not a clue.

Then on the window ledge was another rock that looks carved. Check out this little bird.

Now on down the road to a place to walk on the wild side. We hit up the spur 454 road for a walk this afternoon.  It is a nice highway that used to be US90 before Lake Amistad came into being and caused a reroute to new US90.  We were just meandering along the road enjoying the cool weather when a voice called out “Hey  Old Fat Man, how ya doing? The OFM  answered “Pretty good.” as he looked around to see where the hailing came from. Then he spotted her and grabbed a picture.

We had a friendly little chat and finally she said she had to run and get some things done. The OFM responded with a Have a safe time. And she was gone.

When we got back to the Castle, we were pulling in the parking spot near the Castle, when Sierra said “LOOK AT THAT” and quick stopped.  The OFM got out to see what to look at and sure enough it was good news. Check out the upcoming fresh peaches on the fruit tree. Oh Boy the OFM loves fresh peaches. That is why he grew peaches when he lived in a house back in the Houston, Tx area.

With a little luck we will get a few for enjoying before we leave next month. Having fresh peach juice dripping down your chin is an excellent way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Free Camping

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-09-2020
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There is only one location the OFM knows of in the Amistad NRA that has free camping with road access. They have a good bit more for boat campers.  This Dispersed Camp Area is an off shoot of the Spur 406 designated campsites campground.  We have had a few nice stays in that campground and one ugly hot, buggy one.  It is fine in the winter temps.

Basically you go to the spur 406 Camping area and keep on going until the vault toilet on the left. The boat ramp is a little bit ahead. Here is the sign at the campground entrance.

A road to the left just before you get to the boat ramp road is your destination. At this point you leave pavement for semi-improved travel surface. Sometimes it gets rough but on this day it was easy traveling.

The road goes into the DCA and makes a loop. When the lake is full all of the currently used sites are water front.  There is no designated place to set up. Just what you like and have at it. Be self contained and carry EVERYTHING you might want.  It is about 35 miles back to the Del Rio Walmart and that is the close store.

We took pictures of several of the spots that have been being used in the past. It is very common for a camper to be the only camper in the whole facility.  Yes, the  Border Patrol and the Park Rangers will likely be seen at least once a day during your stay. Say Howdy and visit with them they are nice folks. Every time I ask them about safety, they all have said essentially the same thing. Nothing happens out here, it is too far from every where.  

Please remember to clik the pic to enlarge it.

In no particular order is pictures of six different spots on the loop that have been used for camping in the past. By no means is this all the available area. Do not be surprised if a local goat, sheep or cow stop by for a treat. Yes this is wild country and it has wild country desert type critters. It is their home you realize we hope.

It is definitely a great location for the adventuresome type of person who is trying to have tooooo much fun.