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Cliffs and Grock

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-16-2020
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A Grock Adventure

Grock rolls over and hollers Hey OFM lets go see some boulders and cliffs if there are any around here.

Sure thing the OFM says. I know just the place for a first timer like you to see some nice cliffs and big boulders.

So we grabbed our stuff and jumped into Sierra.  Vroom we head to the High Cliffs over at Diablo East part of the Amistad NRA.  Sierra carefully and safely got us parked. The OFM and Grock got their stuff in order and off they went.  The desert brush was having lots of fun scratching on them but the kept on going along the deer trail.

Grock said Hold it, I want to climb that prickly pear  cactus.  OFM said Watch out you will get scratched and stuck.  I will be ok said Grock.  Away he rolled and on up the cactus he went. Look at me he said.

Yep you made it the OFM said. but not try to get down safely. We don’t want you to get busted into little pebbles.
Grock was careful and we were on our way to the next special spot. The desert thorns were getting thicker and sharper but we were careful and soon made it to a “secret” overlook the OFM knew of. Grock quickly rolled up a nearby stalk to get a good view.  WOW that is a nice view he said. Yep it sure is the OFM replied.

From here on we have to be especially careful of things that could hurt us OK? OK said Grock.

As we traveled over to the Jumping Off Cliffs Grock noticed a nice boulder.  Could you help me up onto that boulder so I can feel what it is like to be a BIG boulder. Sure the OFM replied and picked Grock up and placed him on the boulder. Grock was excited and nearly fell off but quickly calmed down.

Grock said I can’t wait until I am this big!  The OFM did not have the heart  to tell Grock that he would never get any bigger.

On down the trail the Team went until we got to the big cliffs.  The OFM stopped to have Grock read the important sign and make sure Grock understands the safety rules.

Grock even read the sign instructions our loud for the OFM to make sure the OFM understood the rules.

Then we got a lot more careful as we approached the actual cliffs.  The OFM held Grock out so he could see over the cliff to see what there was to see.  When Grock could see past the edge of the cliff he squealed out BE CAREFUL AND DON’T DROP ME.  The OFM said I am being carefull even if I wiggle. If I dropped you I would have to get Gavin to paint another rock to replace you.  NO NO NO I do not want to be replaced.

So Grock was placed on the rock surface so he could roll as close as he wanted.  

Grock decided that tall cliffs we interesting and we moved along the cliff and looked over the edge many more places. Grock was impressed at the height of the cliffs and the size of the grown up boulders.

After a long time of rock scrambling around and seeing all sort of new stuff, Grock told the OFM he was ready to head back to Sierra. The OFM said I will take us back a different route and maybe we will see something different. But stick close because I do not want you to get lost.
OK said Grock and up another deer trail we went.  When we got to a wet spot in the trail, Grock asked to halt so he could look at the tracks in the wet spot in the trail.

 What made these tracks asked Grock?
Desert deer made those tracks said the OFM.
There are lots of deer that live here in this desert.  Some day we might even see some of them.  That would be great said Grock.

Then we moved on. About a mile later Sierra came into sight and it was a welcome sight.  Grock had already climbed into the OFM’s pocket because he was all tuckered out from all the climb, rolling and bouncing along. When the OFM got Sierra opened, Grock jumped right out onto the seat.  Hopped up onto the folded rag he rides on and went to sleep, all in about ten seconds.

The OFM put the gear into Sierra and quietly got in and headed the Teams quietly back to the Castle. You could tell that Grock had had a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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