Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-29-2020
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This morning the weather was great but the OFM body joints were  not interested in a major walk so we just did the in park up the hill and back trail. For some reason the OFM’s balance was off and he wobbled his way around the whole mile and a half ok, but it was a slower more careful trip for sure. We are hoping  the balance trouble was the allergies keeping his sinuses messed up including his ear canals. At least he is still breathing and being ornery.

While messing around on the computer we found three pictures taken about two weeks ago at Rough Canyon boat ramp area. The long finger you see here is covered with about 30 feet of water at full lake. The ridge goes out to where the stairs to the old Devils River Dam is located.

IF the water in the lake keeps on dropping we soon will be able to see evidence of the dam.  It was not removed when the lake was ready to fill, so it is still waiting for a boat prop when the lake is low.

The OFM in his more capable days explored all over this area in great detail. Now he has to be content with the easier parts he can get to. 
When he was at the top of the ridge looking out and deciding if he would try it one more time, a movement caught his eye.  There was a brown goat down on the ridge on guard. The OFM grabbed a quick telephoto shot and caught the brown goat looking our way. Then we zoomed back some for a  scene type of shot.  When we got home and started editing the photos we saw a white goat also in the zoomed out  picture. We never saw that white goat while standing there looking around.

Then we noticed the herd of goats farther out on the ridge. So we got a zoom shot of them. They look very relaxed don’t they.  If you look carefully at the right side of the first picture you will be able to see some dark objects that are this herd of goats.

The walking in this area is very awkward with lots of ankle twister rocks. But it is still a nice scenic area for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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