Long Steep Hills

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-21-2020
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The OFM was a perky fool this morning, but it did get him out for a long walk early before it got hot. We hit up Diablo East because it has the longest steepest walking surfaces  readily available to the Teams. 
Sierra got us parked in the sorta level parking lot. Then the OFM started walking and walking and walking and finally we were at the bottom of the boat ramp. When he got turned around and looked up the hill, he got a crick in his neck from having to look so far up.

Well nothing to do but get after it. Only a little ways passed his feet before his heart beat said SLOW DOWN. He minded and we took a much better pace for an old fat man of 73.5. The OFM later thought about it and agreed he had started back up way to fast. Even the buzzards could not keep up with that pace.

Anyway we made it back to the top and the OFM leaned against the waste receptacle for a couple of minutes and gulps of water.  Then he announced “Now for the marina hill and back”.  The Marina is not as steep but is longer. So he led the way and did a lot better job of minding his body’s signals. It turned out to be a good walk at lower aerobic breathing rate.
When we hit the top of the hill again, he stopped in the shade of a tall bush and gulped a chunk more water, looked over the area and announced we are going back to Sierra by way of a loop around the back parking lot and be assured when Sierra got close it was a welcome sight.

This turned out to be a very good leg muscle building trek around the area.  Back at the Castle we spent the rest of the day just staying cool and messing around.

Then later in the day the Val Verde County authority posted new lock down rules. The lockdown has been extended to May 5. It will be a wonderful day when these folks get through getting in the way of having tooooo much fun.

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