Here They Come

Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date:04-05-2020
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The Old Fat Man was having an easy but interesting day of art fun. He was doing more testing of different art mediums on different types of paper from ripped apart paper bags to whatever he could dig out of the campground dumpsters. It was definitely an entertaining day.

Suddenly a loud holler rang out in the Castle. “NOW! GO FOR IT.”  And the OFM had no idea which way to duck or dodge. He looked around just as some of the crazy images he had been putting on different papers lept from their scrap papers and headed screaming in a wild disorganized crowd for the latest paper the OFM had on the table. 

Crazy wrinkled images from the trash can fluttered to the dining table, other crazy images crawled over to the edge of the kitchen counter and jumped for the dining table with interesting aerobatics included. 

A few more crazy images that were still on the dining table came slip sliding across the table to clamber onto the fresh slice of paper.

When they all arrived the OFM thought a rebellion was about to happen!  A lot of scuffling and bounding around went on for a few minutes.  The OFM thought he might need Grock to come help him break up the disorganized mob.

Then as quickly as it started the images found their places on the fresh paper and here is what they became.


And that is how it is when the whole trailer is trying to have tooooo much fun.

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