Arrived San Pedro Campground


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-28-2023

We got on the road about 0830 and arrived at San Pedro Campground about 1400. There was no trouble during the trip but the traffic the first hour was heavy and disorganized but after Laredo things went very smoothly.

We got the same campsite as we had when the header picture was taken a few years ago. Compare it with today's picture from the same area.

We caught an accidental picture of this cloud with a face in it. Does anyone else see the face like the OFM does?

Amistad NRA is on a new payment system for your camping fee. This little easy to use machine bills your credit card and prints your ticket right in front of you. AND it was so simple the OFM did it in only three tries. It was amazing how he could get it all messed up at first.

Naturally the OFM had to go check out the lake and grab a picture. So here is a nice picture of a part of the huge lake to let you see where we may be tomorrow while trying to have tooooo much fun.


Finally Travel Time


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-27-2023

There were short walks today due to the right knee being much better but definitely not ready for regular action.

Rick is the fellow we will be camping in Del Rio Tx near to. We will be assisting in a sewer line repair on his Airstream travel trailer. He has been waiting for some mail that was running late and it finally came this afternoon. So we are scheduled to leave tomorrow morning. He will leave when his rig is ready. Cell phones have made it unnecessary for us to travel as a unit. However we have plans to reconnect at San Pedro Campground just north of Del Rio tomorrow afternoon. It is about a six hour (273 mile ) easy tow for the OFM Teams.

On with the blog. Last night we awoke and looked out the bedroom window at the illuminated water tower in the government facility across the fence from us in the free campground. The OFM decided to attempt a night time handheld picture of the scary monster the water tower looked like in the night. We got it done ==== sort of. Here is the monster next door.

Sure enough the OFM was well asleep when the refrigerator alarm went to trying to wake up the fence posts holding the barbed wire up outside. So out of bed the OFM rolled. Checked the alarm reason and found the LPG tank had run empty so the frige turned off and alarmed like it is supposed to. The OFM slipped on his shoes and some pants and went out and swapped over to the second bottle of LPG. The frige reignited and we all went back to sleep

The morning light came a bit early this morning but it was beautiful. The camera did not really capture all the delicate pastel colors that the sunrise was exhibiting. Here is the picture we did get.

During the morning we spent some time in Roma getting the flat tire for the trailer repaired. We had been advised to take it to Solis tires for the puncture repair. The hole villain was a finishing nail. The tire place was fast, friendly and clean. Cost $10 for an internal patch type of repair. We were very happy. Then it was off to Tractor Supply to get the LPG tank refilled and they were very friendly, fast and cheap. Wow we kind of like all this great service.

And to top off the evening we had some more great stoup.

When we look back on it the day was pretty full of activity wasn't it. But we did get to have a lot of fun during all the activities.


Small Hole Trouble


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-26-2023

There was no walk today due to a right knee being very unfriendly to the rest of the OFM body. We hope it calms down and behaves better tomorrow.

Among the small group of us ready to leave the heat zone we are in, everyone was getting ready to leave or gathering data to choose when to leave in the near future. Wednesday is supposed to be 100+F.

The OFM was one of them that started a slow get ready effort today and he got a big surprise.

While checking tire pressures the left rear tire on the Castle was flat. So the handicapped by his right knee OFM got busy and changed to the spare tire. It took a good bit more time than normal to do the change one legged but it was accomplished.

Now tomorrow we will be going to a tire repair location in Roma to get the tire repaired. We found a finishing nail stuck vertically into the tire right between the treads. It should be a simple plug or patch repair and the tire will be put onto the spare tire rack. So far that is the only trouble we found with the Castle before we could roll for San Pedro Campground at Lake Amistad near Del Rio Texas. There will be three of us from here congregating there for a few days. Keep in mind we are not traveling together so we will not arrive in a wad at one time. Too much independent spirit in this gob of folks for that to happen. The rolling distance for the OFM is about 275 miles taking about seven hours.

Not much exciting to talk about during get ready time but maybe that is good when getting ready to roll over the road trying to have tooooo much fun.


Ankle Trouble


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-25-2023

Yesterday the OFM had an attack of bugs around his ankles. Most of the bites were like mosquito bites in appearance and misery. We never did see the critters to identify them. The no itch creme worked fairly well on them. However this morning on awakening, the OFM was immediately aware that the right ankle backside needed special attention.

Sure enough there it was a blister slightly larger than a quarter surrounding and covering a single puncture mark like a mosquito bite. We checked the internet for treating this happening and chose to just gently rub 3-1 antibiotic ointment on it for treatment and be careful to keep the skin covering it intact. Tonight the pain is gone and the skin inside the blister is looking good. These desert bugs are tough and mean.

On our gentle walk this morning we ran across this succulent patch with unknown spikes like flower spikes sticking up with just green “flowers” on them. We do not yet know what they are or anything else but we will be finding out what we can as we research them on the internet.

Then when we left Whataburger in Roma Texas after lunch we noticed this orange tree in a yard across the street. Looks like those folks have a good crop of oranges this year. The OFM had forgotten this is zone 9 agriculturally speaking and citrus can be grown in this area.

A nice visit with our friend, we are going to Del Rio Tx with to help repair his sewer, resulted with the plan of leaving here on Tuesday of next week to head to San Patricio campground at Amistad NRA to stay a while. We will see how well that works out.

In the mean time we will be out beating the bushes for some way of trying to have tooooo much fun in this area.


Purple Primrose


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-24-2023

WOW This month is evaporating quickly right out from under us. The best event for the OFM was his joints felt decent and we got in over two laps of the whole campground for something over two miles. It was wonderful to get well enough to do that much walking again. We have no idea why the OFM felt so low but we are all happy to see him prancing around the dirt roads again.

We got a new neighbor into the front yard this afternoon with a small motor home. They have been very quiet since they finished setup and we have not met them yet.

Over on the other side of the camping area some light purple primroses popped up and are mightily blooming in the HEAT. Here is one of them so you can see how cute they are.


A few conversations with some of the folks in the campground occupied most of the day and evening. Quite a few are in the last week or two of their stay in the area for the winter. Most will be rolling soon following the cooler temps north until they get “home” wherever that is.

Everyone be sure to try to have tooooo much fun tomorrow. We definitely will.


Frisky Sleep


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-23-2023

A lot of folks leaving the area now. Our front yard cleared out totally today. From the front door of the Castle this is our porch view so to speak.

The OFM walked around the area to see what folks had left behind and found one old door mat. We will leave it there for a day in case they come back for it, then it goes into the trash dumpsters up by the rest room and showers.

While we were sweeping the area we stopped at the entry road and grabbed this picture looking back at the Castle and Sierra. It is starting to look lonesome here.

Our extremely nice neighbors from Canada right above Maine USA will be leaving in the morning to continue their tour of the country by dropping down to South Padre Island to try their luck with camping on the soft sand of Padre Island. They listened carefully to the OFM lesson on sand driving. We wish them safe travels and tooooo much fun. This place is really getting lonesome looking with all the rigs already gone.

In the mean time the Teams went over to the State Park to see how things were going there. There was camping sites available for new guests. The boat launch areas were busy to our surprise.

From the wet tracks up the hill from the boat launch there has been some decent activity at the ramp today. Were fish being caught? We don't know since we did not get to visit any fishermen. But it would not surprise us if the fishing was decent to very good.

And today was cook meals for freezing day. Stoup was the meal and it turned out pretty well. Knorr Mexican rice package with baked beans, whole kernal corn, bell pepper, spices, Lawlers Sweet Red Sauce, black pepper and chopped cabbage were the ingredients and it came out very good with five meals for eating.

Now we will not starve for a few days.

It has been interesting that the OFM has been sleeping very well at night with the windows open and the gentle high 60's temp breeze flowing through the Castle all night. We certainly would like a long time of that delightful sleeping for a change. It makes him frisky to sleep that well and then try to have tooooo much fun the next day.


Simple Pleasures


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-22-2023

This next picture came from our walk this morning. The area is right across the road from the Castle looking away. Monday this area had well over thirty good size rigs camped on it plus a couple of small van type rigs and a couple of tent campers. There was still room for more but that was about the population for the weekend. Here we are Wednesday morning and most of the campers are gone on down the road. This is what the whole camping area here and at the state park next door has experienced this holiday weekend.

The OFM thinks this whole camping area could handle 200 hundred rigs to roll in now.

A bit later on the walk we happened to turn a corner and this photo needed to be taken. It is extremely representative of the general pleasantness for viewing around here this time of the year. A bit of south Texas shrubbery pointing to a normal south Texas bright blue sky with light clouds for entertainment. To us it is a nice beginning of a great day in the Chihuahua Desert of USA.

Starting The Day Right

In the road nearby was this set of lonesome bird tracks in the sand. They were really fresh and crisp but we could not see a bird around the area.

Simple Pleasures

It is amazing all the different tracks we get to see here in the desert sands when we take a bit of time to relax and enjoy the simple things we have around us.

A fantastic major event has happened with the teams today. The OFM mostly finished washing the Castle from top to bottom. At 97F the OFM got a bit hot and had to get out of the sun before he totally finished. He has had four heat strokes and has to be extra careful. But we will forgive him if he finishes the job tomorrow. There was dirt on the Castle from the dinosaur days of the earth.

We are waiting for a friend here that we will help with a repair on his rig when we get to Del Rio. He is waiting for a package that is in the mail with parts. Then we will relocate up to Del Rio where there is an RV parts house and professional help if the repair turns out to be too much for two ancient codgers to handle. The temps north of Del Rio are too cold for another week anyway.

That is all for tonight. We do not have wild and exciting events here if we are lucky but we do usually have tooooo much fun joking with each other.


Wind Farm Nearby


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-21-2023

Probably the biggest event today was while washing some clothing we noticed that we had failed to get rid of excess clothing we did not need. For instance the OFM needed a couple of long sleeved tee shirts back in Alabama for when he was delayed in leaving before winter set in. Of course the store only sold them in six packs. That proved to be two shirts more than we could use. So there is two to give away.

Sure enough a few minutes later while putting things in place in the bathroom closet the OFM noticed he still had more old golf shirts that he had meant to give way 16 years ago when he went full time. They are now also gone. Some campgrounds like this one have areas to put stuff you want to give away. There went three more shirts. The Teams see no use in carrying clothing (and other items) that is very likely not to be used any time soon if ever.

By noon it was getting hot but a nice breeze was keeping the teams cool enough. Then about 1500 the breeze died for a couple of hours. HOT happened. And now this evening a nice strong breeze is cooling us.

Tonight we have a picture looking north east from the door of the Castle across the campground that had about half of the campers move out today. We have lots of elbow room available now. Check out the big wind farm in the background making us electricity . It has been expanded twice in my time coming here. Yep it is drought time here also.

And to really make it an exciting day the OFM washed part of the Castle today and found a technique that works decently here. He is hoping to get the rest of the rig washed tomorrow. It will look a lot better with all the Alabama winter road slop gone from the sides. Might even be able to get a picture without breaking the camera.

So every one take it easy in the heat if you have it and we will work extra hard at trying to have tooooo much fun again.


Check The Neighborhood Out


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-20-2023

Here we go with another not much to say blog entry. We had a nice day of visiting folks of several out of country home places. The larger groups were Quebec folks from Canada and they were all very nice folks to us. Just enough language difference to be interesting for all of us to get a big giggle our of the conversations. They are definitely fun to visit.

The OFM did get in some decent walking today around the inside of the campground and totaled about 1.7 miles. 

This picture that follows is off Google maps and we added a red line around the grounds of the campground. 

It is a decent place to boondock with Roma Tx. city water available from spigots many places in the facility. And a dump facility in the upper mid left of the area. A dumpster or two are provided to take care of the campers trash. Over all it is a decent location for fun. Especially for the price of FREE.

Just for the heck of it here is a picture of our current front yard looking south.

Just to let you now hot weather started today. It got up to about 92F. That should be the end of cool weather until December of this year. In the summer this is a miserably hot part of Texas just north of Roma Texas. Over half of the campers here when we came in have left for cooler areas already. There was a lot of conversations of the “when are you pulling out? type”.

Anyway we plan to be in the area a few more days waiting for our next location near Del Rio Tx to warm up a little bit. It is 275 miles north up the Rio Grande River. We hope the Castle can float that far while trying to have tooooo much fun.


Around The Campground


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-19-2023

Good grief it was a busy day today. Lots more folks to meet and visit and try really hard to remember their names.

We got a wonderfully neat sky this morning and the OFM worked at getting a decent picture of it. Here is his best effort.

Then we grabbed a picture of the Castle looking lonesome with about half the RVs in the campground when we got here a couple of days ago now gone.

And before it is forgotten here is a late afternoon picture of the sky to the west taken through the wire fence protecting the OFF LIMITS dam area.

When we took walk around the area we noticed a lot of rigs have moved on as the warmer weather seems to have arrived. This empty field can handle a lot of big rigs easily but is totally empty as of this morning.

Then on along the perimeter road of the area we make a left turn and encounter another of the large parking areas with a lot of rigs missing starting today also. The warmer weather seems to be getting folks to moving onward again. We are actually trying to work out some where to go also.

We have this picture of a neighbor that points his exhaust right at the Castle during his generator time which is a lot of the time.

If he just pointed it to the right from where it points at this time it would be pointing at the highway instead of into the camping area. We feel that would be a much quieter angle of exhaust.

In the mean time we wish every one the best and be careful out there trying to have tooooo much fun.


Bright Morning Scene


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-18-2023

This is the scene outside as the OFM sat down for breakfast this morning.

That woke him up and after breakfast we hit the ground for some walking. This is a typical part of the road around the outer edge of the campground. They recently regraded it to fairly smooth. We made about a 1.5 mile route this morning.

The rest of the day was one big group conversation after another with smaller 4-5 person groups now and then.

Lots of rigs are leaving now and lots of camping room is available if you want to come out here. Goodbyes being said all over the campground as the folks head out for new places of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Exuberant Sky


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-17-2023

Today was grocery shopping day as well as purchase some boondocking items for the Teams and the Castle. It was interesting to go into the Rio Grande City Walmart and find a store that was spic and span clean, shelves orderly and stocked and knowledgeable employees with great attitudes. Must be a difference in management and it was very nice for a change.

We had a fairly long list written and we even had the list with us. A couple of things were changed after we looked at the first guess item and realized that the second guess was a better choice for our situation. For exmple we were wanting a jug to carry water to the Castle and dump the contents into the fresh water tank if things got close to empty. When standing there looking at the bottle, visualizing filling the bottle, carrying it to the Castle and holding it up in the air to pour into the fresh water tank it was an easy never mind on that one. So another long hose was purchased to add to our hose reach for faucets. Three or four things like that happened and we left the store feeling like we had done some wise calls on our concern.

When we were checking out the lady on duty to watch the folks checking out came over to the OFM and asked, extremely politely, if we had missed scanning the fried chicken in the basket. The OFM replied that he scanned it first, She said let us look and check that the machine got that right. Well there it was first on the list. Then we looked at her handheld remote that was supposed to show her what our register had scanned and the chicken was not there! She paused and refreshed her device twice before the chicken showed up on it. She apologized for bothering me and moved away. Neither of us had made a mistake and the encounter was treated like it was simple error had occurred. In other words very well handled and pleasant. The OFM thanked her for her help as we walked out. We are grateful for the store folks trying to cut down on the theft that goes on in the stores these days in such a nice manner.

By the way the bill was $99.95.

After the return and putting away all of our stuff we ended up in one discussion after another most of the day on future travel advice for all the new travelers on the road these days. But it was fun meeting about a dozen new folks and talking about the great places to visit when they leave this area.

The sky was fairly exuberant this evening with beautiful scenes for a half hour at least. Here is our favorite of all the pics taken.

It is a cold night tonight but tomorrow should be a wonderful day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


We Make Our Own


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-16-2023

This evening found the The Teams fantastic famous and handsome leader The OFM at the door of the Castle with his camera in hand and no pictures taken. It had been a long day of lots of conversations with the campers in this area. Full time Rvers make up the big majority of the folks here and talking to each other about everything in the universe is their main recreation. With the aforementioned error slapping him in the face, the OFM took a picture one direction and then turned 90 degrees to take another. The concept was that all our readers might be able to get a better idea of what this special place in the USA was like.

So here is what it looks like to the north of us.

And here is what it looks like to the west.

The camping area is a rolling desert area where the travelers roll in, look around and choose a spot to set up and do it. And that's all it takes to become a camper here for as long as you want to stay. They have a few water faucets around the area that have Roma Texas city water and a single dump location in the back left part of the property. Basically anything else you might want like electricity is up to you to provide.

The OFM Teams make their electricity with solar panels since February 2008.

Lots of the Canadians that winter here have left already to head back north so there is room for some other travelers in here now. It is a good area for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Falcon County Park


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-15-2023

Morning found us getting ready to move to Falcon County Park and the start of boon-docking again. We have somewhat missed it for a while and are glad to be back at it finally. By the time we were ready to roll and all the goodbyes to the wonderful folks we met at the State Park were done it was 1130. After the dump station was used and we headed out of the park we had a long tow down to the entrance of the County Park it was about 1150 and we went in to choose a location to camp.

A couple of hundred yards into the area we chose a location an pulled in. There is a water faucet near if we need it. The dump station is in the far back corner of the park, about five minutes of slow towing to get there.

Here is the location we chose for now looking from the rear of the Castle toward the interior of the camping area.

There is room for a lot more folks here. Looking from the front of the Castle you get this view.

The paved road you see is the road that goes to the right about a mile and crosses the Falcon dam into Mexico. For now we plan to stay in this spot until we roll out of here. But at any time, a camper can move to any other location in the park that is open at their whim.

To see where this is all at look up Falcon County Park on the internet. The biggest trouble we have had here in the 40 years we have been stopping by here is EVERYONE wants you to stop and chat for a couple of hours EVERYDAY. Near the OFM Teams is a Quebec couple that were extremely nice to visit. Now we will get ready for a quiet night of dry desert cool breezes ripping through the Castle to cool us off for the night. We need our rest to get ready for having tooooo much fun tomorrow.


Hill Walking


Adventure Location: Falcon Lake State Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-14-2023

We headed out to walk the rolling and unlevel parts of the beach area and a couple of places where there was a steeper walking place near some trees. A short way into the walk the OFM started to take a picture and the camera replied NO SD CARD. It was still in the computer from writing the blog last night. Way to go lame brain.

We continued the walk and passed the top of the main boat ramp which reminded us of a picture we have been saving for the right moment. Now the right moment is here. This picture was taken from the top of the main boat ramp looking down into the ravines that formed the channel to the ramp from the lake a few years ago. Now the sign seems a bit silly to us. 

From here it is all down hill to the lake area. We meandered several trails that had lots of up and down. After a while the OFM legs started to complain a bit then we started back up the roads to the parking lot. When we got to the top level the OFM legs HAD to rest a bit. We relaxed and checked out the scenery for about five minutes and started back for the Castle. All in all it was only about two miles of walking but all the up walking did make the OFM legs give out a lot quicker than he thought they would. Those moderate elevation changes were more tiring than we thought they would be. So now we now we need more elevation changes in our walking efforts.

Later in the day we did a drive through the county camping area and chose a spot we will try to get when we pull out in the morning. If we get it we should be there at least another week. The price is right at zero dollars a month. This evening was spent visiting with several folks here at the State Park and swapping stories. Hopefully we will be in place and happy by noon tomorrow. It may turn out to be a good place for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Desert Nature Trail


Adventure Location: Falcon Lake State Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-13-2023

Another wonderful cool morning and beautiful skies. The OFM chose to walk the Desert Nature Trail today that is the “backside” of the trail system and away from the lake. It is a nice and well maintained trail.

Not too long after we got started we found evidence that the critters were active during the night. Many of them left us fresh evidence of the new heightened activity. If one of our outdoorsmen can identify the owner of this scat we would appreciate knowing what we are sharing the trail with.

Then as we moved on along the trail we found this old wasp nest hanging around warning us to be careful when brush busting in this area. We bet that a mass attack of that many wasps would not be forgotten any time soon.

The rest of the trail was a pleasant walk in the park. Many campers have pulled out today so it left us several sites for new visitors in the next couple of days.

The total walk turned out to be slightly longer than two miles. While we were resting inside the Castle, we had a welcome guest meander through the campsite looking to clean up any scraps left in the area. We had none so the dejected Javelina headed on to the next campsite.

This afternoon the OFM did up a sketch on rough paper to represent part of the trail we walked today. It is named Old Trail. Enjoy it please.

More trails to tackle is the agenda for tomorrow as our way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Coming Home Late


Adventure Location: Falcon Lake State Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-12-2023

The morning started a bit chilly and over cast so the OFM hit the trails for some walking. We chose the more uneven and up and down trails this morning to test the OFM legs. The legs did fairly well. However we know tonight that a bit less than 2.5 miles of it would have been better. The soreness will go away eventually and the fun will be long remembered.

It was another busy morning but the OFM had to lay down and nap a bit in the mid afternoon. Those short 30 minute afternoon naps seem to be very important to the OFM body being able to preform well through out the whole day.

While at the computer this afternoon a cute cottontail bunny came hopping out of the brush and checked out the camp site for goodies. It is nice to finally getting to see some of the wildlife that usually is in the area.

Tonight's effort at a great sunset picture was a failure but we have four nice pictures from the evening effort. We parked Sierra at the large picnic area where we had chosen to try for good pictures and soon had to pleasant visitors from the brush stop by for supper.

It is nice to see wild critters roaming around again.

This next picture is the very early starting of sunset and the OFM thought it was just a nice scene and captured it.


Then we piddled around for a bit looking for other things to photograph but having no luck tonight. Finally the OFM liked this composition we called Hole in the Sky.


We waited a good while and shot a few more pictures in hopes the scene would get better while incubating in the camera. They didn't.

More waiting and we got lucky to have a fisherman heading to make a nice late evening lake picture.


A question was asked when we will move north next. We checked the weather this evening about a long days drive north and it is still winter up there just a little past Del Rio and will be for a week or two. Del Rio is the next decent camping north of here and is about 300 miles of towing away. We do plan on Wednesday to move to the county park next door for the rest of our time here in the Falcon Heights area. So for a few more days we will be here in this area trying to have tooooo much fun.


Butt Planks


Adventure Location: Falcon Lake State Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-11-2023

The morning started a bit chilly and over cast so the OFM and Sierra took a little drive to check out an old memory. It proved to be an OFM memory that was inaccurate so we quickly headed back to the Castle. Normally a daily clean up crew of Javelina passes through the campground. But this year we have not seen any in the camping area at all. On the way back to the Castle this morning we saw an actual live adult Javelina cross the road in front of us. That was exciting for the teams to see old friends still around.

After swapping our gear for the next effort this morning we started our exercise walk and took a trail to the picnic area parking lot. A look at the sky showed that it was going to be a fantastic day for being outdoors and photography. It was even better than we hoped. Check out this sky from the picnic area parking lot.

Isn't that magnificent. And it kept on getting better all day if you can believe it. Yea for the desert.

Some where on the trails system the OFM was gathering some of the 87 pictures he took today when a nice voice hollered HELLO and my across the street neighbors came peddling by on their bikes. They were having a great time on the biking/walking paths.

The OFM had already clued them into the paths for reasonable riding but we still need to clue them in on the area for unreasonable riding. A bunch of the former lake bottom is open to wild bike riding of any sort on a people powered bike can attempt to do. It makes the OFM wish he still had enough balance to ride bikes.

At another time this morning as the OFM passed the gathering building used for gatherings of all sorts, he stopped in to see what was happening (a lot) and noticed this jig saw puzzle framed and mounted on a wall in the main room. It is pretty neat we think.

The trails here in the park have simple benches located along the trails at well chosen locations. After many years of use and weathering they are replacing the butt plank with new ones.

It is a very welcome upgrade that will definitely be welcomed by many folks.

Keep in mind that this park is located in the middle of a serious bird flyway for migratory feathered friends. Right now it is bird chirping all day by thousands of birds and it gets noisy during the day. It is difficult to run out of things to do around this area is what we have found for the fifty years we have been coming here. So it makes a pretty good area for trying to have tooooo much fun.