Morning Sun


Desert Nature Trail


Adventure Location: Falcon Lake State Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-13-2023

Another wonderful cool morning and beautiful skies. The OFM chose to walk the Desert Nature Trail today that is the “backside” of the trail system and away from the lake. It is a nice and well maintained trail.

Not too long after we got started we found evidence that the critters were active during the night. Many of them left us fresh evidence of the new heightened activity. If one of our outdoorsmen can identify the owner of this scat we would appreciate knowing what we are sharing the trail with.

Then as we moved on along the trail we found this old wasp nest hanging around warning us to be careful when brush busting in this area. We bet that a mass attack of that many wasps would not be forgotten any time soon.

The rest of the trail was a pleasant walk in the park. Many campers have pulled out today so it left us several sites for new visitors in the next couple of days.

The total walk turned out to be slightly longer than two miles. While we were resting inside the Castle, we had a welcome guest meander through the campsite looking to clean up any scraps left in the area. We had none so the dejected Javelina headed on to the next campsite.

This afternoon the OFM did up a sketch on rough paper to represent part of the trail we walked today. It is named Old Trail. Enjoy it please.

More trails to tackle is the agenda for tomorrow as our way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Sounds llike things are going well. Good! Next time you take a photo of scat, throw a penny down there for scale.
    Somehow I'm laughing. But there is big stuff and little stuff.

    1. I usually use the toe of my shoe but I forgot all about putting in a scale sizer for that shot. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. hair and bones--coyote, large vegetative, sometimes rounder-javalina,