Morning Sun


Finally Travel Time


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park Texas

Adventure Date: 2-27-2023

There were short walks today due to the right knee being much better but definitely not ready for regular action.

Rick is the fellow we will be camping in Del Rio Tx near to. We will be assisting in a sewer line repair on his Airstream travel trailer. He has been waiting for some mail that was running late and it finally came this afternoon. So we are scheduled to leave tomorrow morning. He will leave when his rig is ready. Cell phones have made it unnecessary for us to travel as a unit. However we have plans to reconnect at San Pedro Campground just north of Del Rio tomorrow afternoon. It is about a six hour (273 mile ) easy tow for the OFM Teams.

On with the blog. Last night we awoke and looked out the bedroom window at the illuminated water tower in the government facility across the fence from us in the free campground. The OFM decided to attempt a night time handheld picture of the scary monster the water tower looked like in the night. We got it done ==== sort of. Here is the monster next door.

Sure enough the OFM was well asleep when the refrigerator alarm went to trying to wake up the fence posts holding the barbed wire up outside. So out of bed the OFM rolled. Checked the alarm reason and found the LPG tank had run empty so the frige turned off and alarmed like it is supposed to. The OFM slipped on his shoes and some pants and went out and swapped over to the second bottle of LPG. The frige reignited and we all went back to sleep

The morning light came a bit early this morning but it was beautiful. The camera did not really capture all the delicate pastel colors that the sunrise was exhibiting. Here is the picture we did get.

During the morning we spent some time in Roma getting the flat tire for the trailer repaired. We had been advised to take it to Solis tires for the puncture repair. The hole villain was a finishing nail. The tire place was fast, friendly and clean. Cost $10 for an internal patch type of repair. We were very happy. Then it was off to Tractor Supply to get the LPG tank refilled and they were very friendly, fast and cheap. Wow we kind of like all this great service.

And to top off the evening we had some more great stoup.

When we look back on it the day was pretty full of activity wasn't it. But we did get to have a lot of fun during all the activities.


  1. I'd never heard of a refrigerator alarm, not a bad idea at all!

    1. Never heard of an RV fridge without one to let you know when LPG runs out. My ols 2005 model had one.

    2. The last 3 RVs had propane/elect fridges and no alarm, but they weren't travel trailers.