Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Elderly Aerobic Exercise

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-30-2020
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The OFM was on the Internet searching information about elderly (like the OFM is) folks and aerobic exercise.  He has not been feeling “right” for a few days now.  So it was time for research.

Complete agreement from “professionals” of all sorts was not found. However an important point was agreed upon in most of the places. Somewhere around age 70 (OFM is 74) your aerobic exercise recovery rate takes a noticeable slow down. Lots of symptoms were discussed, again with no concensus, about how to tell when you need to rest more. 

When all the reading was quit, the OFM thought carefully about all the maybes that he had read. One thing that was mostly consistent is that he only needed 40-60 minutes of aerobic exercise a day for his general health. Well our walks have been running nearly 2 hours every day of brisk walking.

Many sites said that recovery from the aerobic exercise should take no more than 30 minutes for your breathing  and heart rate to return to normal.  By then you should be feeling pretty perky also. 
This was a consistent error on the OFM’s part. He was taking about an hour to an hour and a half to get back to normal but the perky just was not normally happening until the next morning.

So some new routes were laid out in the 2 to 3 mile range. That might be just about an hour of aerobic walking.  Then any more walking, and there will be since aerobic walking is too fast for photography, we be at the meanderthall pace. We will update every one on how it goes and whether it seems to be working.

The OFM Teams want to be careful since they have plans for a lot more meandering yet to do for trying to have tooooo much fun.



Wind Dancing

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-29-2020
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There it was dancing in the morning breeze from the leaves and limbs of the tree. As we watched, it seemed to realize that an audience was watching and put on a really nice performance.

When things calmed a bit the OFM tried his luck at getting a photograph.  He was successful to our surprise.

It is hard to believe that web made it through the wind and rain this morning. But the evidence was incontestable and right in front of us.

We got counted for the USA census.  It was easy and online.  The time needed was about 15 minutes.  The instructions on the site were excellent and the dummy OFM was able to understand and follow them.

We finally gave up on the new techniques painting. There must be something we do not know, so we will be searching the Internet for more information. Here is the picture.

We think the concept is good but it needs a different presentation and style of the original idea. Sooner or later we will get it right or at least better. In the meantime we will have a great time trying to have tooooo much fun while learning new things.



 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-28-2020
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Winter arrived with a nasty rainy cold front about 1700 and is planning on staying here for a few days. It is even getting down near freezing during the week at 43F. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

The OFM got going this morning and walked his little heart out. The pace was a fast walk but not as fast as usual.  His body did not feel just right so we moved a bit slower. BUT we covered 4.75 miles instead of the usual 2.5--3.0. The OFM knees were doing well at the end of the slightly slower walk so we may be onto something good.

While we were passing the water park, a passel of honkers came flying overhead making all sorts of racket.  It was a surprise that we could actually hear the air whistling from their wings as they flew past. That was a neat event.

Then we turned a corner and there the roses were showing off the late season blooms. We think these are Simplicity roses. They are planted all around the area and normally bloom prolifically all summer. Do they bloom in winter???

The OFM just has to tell about his lunch and supper tonight. We went over to Lawler’s BBQ and picked up one of their big salads with pulled pork for lunch.  Well that did not work out.  It was way to big to eat in one sitting, so guess what he had for supper tonight. Yep the other half of the salad. We certainly do like their salads and stuffed baked potatoes. No picture was taken because the OFM’s fork was flying throwing food at his vacuum cleaner mouth. We will try again when we get a chance.

In the mean time it was a beautiful day most of the day and that really helps the Teams when they are out trying to have tooooo much fun.


What is it Times 2

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-27-2020
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As we walked along the trail looking at everything we could, this “what is it” sight came into view.

We are not sure what it is but it was growing on some ground weeds near a ditch. Since the OFM could not identify it a picture came home with us. Our guess is that it is some sort of seed getting ready to embark on a new location journey.  Anyway, it was interesting to take a look at.

A bit later we stumbled onto these markings in the sand near the waters edge.

It took the OFM a bit to figure out what they were. Notice the racoon tracks in the sand. Some miscellaneous scratchings and some scratching that looks like art attempts.  One set looks like a dragonfly to us.

You never know what you will find when you are meandering around looking to try to have tooooo much fun.


Nice Morning Walk

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-26-2020
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A couple of days ago the Teams had a great morning meander. We hit the trails at an early time and soon after leaving the campground it was suddenly obvious the OFM was in meander mode.

We were making good time on the route when he suddenly stopped and said “Look at the pretty red flower”. What flower we asked. He pointed up into the mass of tangled vegetation and exclaimed “That one”. We had trouble spotting it. It is at the end of the red arrow in the picture below.

We still did not spot it. So the OFM took a picture of it with the telephoto zoomed in on it. Check it out.

If he is spotting little flowers at that distance it could be a wild walk we thought. And onward we pranced.

We were making good time as we looped around to the waterfront part of the trail. Suddenly he slid to a stop and  said look at that tangled mess as he pointed at a tree root system in front of us.

Then we were on the way again.  And sure enough he kept on spotting tangled messes of all sorts. Lots of tree roots and then tangled vines up on the tall trees and then berry vines all wound around a tree and headed for the sun and he kept on for about five hours it seemed. Well he was right there was a lot of the tangled messes to see. We think they were more noticeable now that the fall season has started and a lot of the underbrush is gone until next spring.

Then at an opening in the waterfront vegetation the OFM spotted this heron on guard to protect the lake front.  It did not seem to be bothered the OFM was stumbling around on the shore about 20 feet away trying to take this picture.

It was a nice morning for a walk and spotting several interesting things along the way made it a great time of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Recovered From Dental Work

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-25-2020
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Recovering from the deadening for the dental work has always been a pain for the OFM and this time it was a big pain. He hit the bed about 2000. Sleeping was a good thing to do apparently since he awoke this morning raring to go.

Right after breakfast it was time for a good walk. The weather was cool and damp. We decided that the paved road around the complex the campground is part of would be a good thing. It would not be muddy and insects are usually at a minimum.  So off we went. Yep it was a bit dreary at first.

Not too far into the walk was the first bright red foliage. 

We saw many other spots of color alongside the road but nothing that was spectacular. However it was a nice peaceful walk.

At one spot where a creek came from Wheeler Lake to go under the road, a Heron was keeping watch on its territory. It pretty much ignored us as we meandered on along the road.

There were several people and pets out for walks this morning so we got to give some big friendly Texas HOWDY’s to the other walkers, both two legged and four legged.

As we got closer to the end of the paved portion of the walk we found that a chunk of tree had fallen during the nights storms. It is laying right across the path of the walkers and might have caused a headache if it fell at the wrong moment.

The walk finished well and when the OFM checked the mileage it was only 2.77 miles but it was a nice 2.77 miles.

After we got cooled down and cleaned up the OFM headed over to the office to get our package from Blick art supplies.  Getting new toys second thing in the morning is great fun. Some new colored pencils in a set named Under the Sea set was one of the new toys. Another was a new set of 24  watercolor pencils for some new art learning experiences. We certainly hope it turns out well. Here is a picture of the swatch charts the OFM made of the new toys.

Now all we need is to get busy using them for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Dental Work Accomplished

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-24-2020
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It has been raining most of the day and the ditches are full and starting to overflow. The dental appointment went fine but long. The OFM is not on top of his game again yet but recovery is in sight by tomorrow. In case you didn't know it, getting needed heavy duty dental work done is not a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Bad Dental Work

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-23-2020
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A busy day it was. We headed off for the grocery store first. Then after that was all put away, it was over to the other side of town to hit up a couple of bigger stores for miscellaneous things. That was put away and a long walk was in order.

The Team Camera was just checked and we got 61 pictures during the walk. The fall colors starting to happen and the cool weather made for a definite meandering walk.

Lunch was a stuffed baked potato from the local BBQ place and knocked the OFM out for a long nap. But it did feel great when he awoke.

Sure enough the rains from the tropical storm got here and it has been a nasty drizzle type rain since then.

Tomorrow is a big day in the dentist’s chair as he does a major repair to a pair of fillings that were done badly a few years ago. The two teeth also now have damage and two more cavities starting from the bad work. So when it is all over with the OFM will be ready for another of the naps he loves.

In the meantime, we hope you great readers make up for our downtime tomorrow and do some trying to have tooooo much fun.


New Painting

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-22-2020
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A bunch of the day was spent with the Teams digging around in the Internet checking temperatures at different times of the year so we could start plotting a grand loop trip that brings us back here at the end.

Another wrinkle in the plans is needing to see a competent eye doctor for analysis of the OFM’s optical situation.  The one we know that is very competent is back down in the Corpus Christi Tx area. We are pretty sure we will have to make an eye stop down there during the next few months for evaluation of the OFM eyes situation and cataract progress.

The very cool air was so nice we got in about four miles of walking today and over a dozen inspirational photos to store in the art ideas locker on the computer.

Speaking of art, how about another finished art painting by that Master Paper Waster, The OFM.

This one was the first one to use a new to us technique of applying the color to the paper. It was a bear to learn, but we think we have that technique under control now.

Then this evening it was a three piece chicken fingers, cole slaw, french fries, sweet tea supper and it feeeeels really good in the OFM’s tummy as we write this gibberish. However, the meal was a wonderful finish to a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Serious Repair Required

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-21-2020
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We have no recollection of why the OFM was messing around with the LPG tanks but we are very glad he did.  As he was messing around he bumped the hose from the tank to the regulator and got a whoosh of propane on his arm. That is not good.

He carefully tested this and that and when the hose was moved a spray of propane came from inside the knob that attaches the hose to the tank. That situation could not be left for another day.  Think big explosion and huge ball of flame to figure out why it needed attention RIGHT NOW. 

After shutting both tanks he pulled the leak hose apart and still could not find any trouble.  No matter. The fifteen year old hoses had to go NOW.

So we headed off to Andy’s RV place to get two new hoses. An exact replacement was not available, but the normal for newer rigs was. It looked like it would work just fine so out the door we went with them. 

When we go back to the Castle we found out that the old hose and regulator had 3/8“ fittings and the new hose has 1/4“ fittings. So it was back to Andy’s for a bushing to make it all work.  They knew exactly what we needed and had two in stock. The purchase was made.  The hoses and bushing had cost us $35 but was a steal compared to the explosion and ball of flame scenario.  

Back at the Castle we set to replacing the hoses. It is not a hard job but a bit tedious.  We got a surprise when our two rolls of Teflon tape for the threads had just enough to finish the job. But the job was finished except for testing.

How do you test pressured lines like these? We test them with a bubble solution brushed on them.  The OFM is to do it three times about five minutes apart.

Everything tested secure and now we ought to be ready for another at least ten years on this assembly. By then the OFM Teams will not likely still be running the roads trying to have tooooo much fun.


New Rubber Meets the Road

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-20-2020
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It has been a very productive day to say the least. The first thing this morning was shopping while the weekend crowds were not out and about yet. We hit Academy three minutes after they unlocked the doors. There was still about ten folks ahead of us.

Our mission was new motivators. We usually have trouble getting 10 Wide in our preferred shoe for walking and general wear.  But when we got to the display there was THREE boxes with the OFM size shoes in them.  The OFM checked the first and easiest to reach box and it had the right shoes in it. So he took them out and put them on to make sure they were still sized to fit his ping pong paddle shaped feet. ( Narrow heel and double wide toe area). They were perfect and came back to the Castle with us.

Back at the Castle we worked at the new travel plan.  The goal is to get back to Grandkid Land at least 3-4 times a year. Then we will take 2-3 month looping drives around to where we have an interest visiting.  It turned out to be more difficult that he first thought to schedule every thing. 

Then the OFM got his head on straight. Well not straight but less crooked, sort of.  Now, our current concept is plan for a loop just before we head out so we can guess at the weather mess better. This last mid year mess of getting stuck in the West Texas desert in the summer time was a strong teacher.  So now we are set to leave Alabama on October 11 heading an unknown direction until close to when we leave.

Once that planning considerations were resolved the OFM got out his coloring book and colored pencils to have fun. And he did have a great time for about four hours. He considers this coloring book art to be a really great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.



New Travel Plan

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-19-2020
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The morning started off well with a short walk and then a nice shower before leaving. The crazy drivers were out in force today as we made our way to Grand kid land. 

 When the OFM made it into the house, it got wild and stayed that way for five hours. There was acrobatics, book reading, outdoor rampaging. 

Then the OFM and his son went to get the take out lunch from an excellent Mexican food place in town. We all enjoyed a great but rambunctious lunch. It was definitely not a quiet peaceful lunch. The Grands were in full wind-up mode.

After lunch the Grands went out into the back yard to some peaceful quiet fun. The OFM then had a bit of time to talk with his son and DIL about the visiting them changes that the new camping situation was causing. It took a few minutes but we were able to work out a plan to consider. Now it is in the OFM’s hands to polish. We will be really happy if it works out well. 

Before we left there were big wheel races around and around inside the house. Lots of loud screaming and laughing. We think the whole mob came really close to having tooooo much fun.


Cool Walk

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-18-2020
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Since the morning temperature is supposed to be under 60F in the morning, the OFM is planning on getting his light wind breaker out to wear on the morning walk. This morning the Walking Team Uniform was a Tee shirt and it was a bit chilly for the first couple of miles. Yep we had a good walk this morning of over 3 miles.

The path along the water of the Tennessee River was graded recently.  Usually late in the year they put another thin layer of gravel on the path to keep it levelish. In general it is kept in pretty good shape.

The vegetation along the part of the path we walked has had a few changes in the last year. Mostly it has had several trees fall. Otherwise the wave action has changed some spots in the shore line. Overall it is still a great walking trail.

The fungi this year are springing up all over the place.  We found several softball sized mounds of “toad stools” here and yonder in the woods along the path. They were sort of cute.

This morning's walk got a good early start and allowed the OFM to get this pretty good picture of a north Alabama morning sunrise.

The flu shot the OFM got yesterday showed up this afternoon with the usual 5-6 hours of feeling fluish.  A couple of acetaminophen tablets and a nice long nap ran those feeling off. We are doing fine now.

Tomorrow is a grand kids day which might be a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.



 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-17-2020
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It has been a very eventful day but generally pleasant. A very nice cool long walk kept us content and calm. The best we could tell we hit a bit over 3 miles. The first time this visit we went on one of the wooded trails and in the cool weather it was very nice. When you are in the woods around here, your visibility is long front to back and very short side to side.

Along the way we found this “bacon” fungi. The way it shined made it look like fresh cooked bacon.  When you look at the picture and see the 3 leaf clover you are seeing a clover with the stem going through the fungi. It was amazing to see that in real life.

Each winter the “authorities” lower Wheeler Lake by a few feet. We do not know why. Anyway today was a lowering day.  They dropped the lake by about a foot. Here is a picture of the water stains on the fishing bridge concrete

After this nice start to the day The OFM went to work on finding out about the other local campgrounds.  We have visited a couple of them and calling them campgrounds is a long stretch of the imagination. Don’t worry the prices are way higher than a nice campground in Texas.  One garbage dump we looked at wanted $420 a month plus electric.

After a pleasant but disappointing conversation with the campground manager (who does a great job when allowed to) the OFM realized that we had better expand our search radius considerably.  A discussion with the family this weekend is in order to help on the planning.

So tomorrow starts the serious search for a different location for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Easy Day for a Change

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-16-2020
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Nothing very exciting today.  We got in a nice 1.8 mile walk this chilly morning.  Along the way we noticed that this must have been a great year for wild grapes.  The walk is covered in places with old crushed grapes. On the way back to the Castle we noticed the golf course practice area was not being used.

We got back to the Castle and swapped our walking gear for a sand wedge and a couple of golf balls. When we got back to the practice green it was still empty.  Our purpose was to take it easy  and find out how well the damaged left shoulder could handle golf shots. The answer is not ready yet. But we still had some fun piddling with the easy shots and being out in the cool air.

A big splurge for lunch was a stuffed with a huge shredded pork baked potato and the OFM ate the whole thing. Yep he was in such a hurry to eat it that no picture was taken of it.  It was so big it likely would have needed two pictures to show it all.

About the time the potato was finished the lite rain from hurricane Sally started making a mess here. It is not a hard rain or great volume. But everything is kind of nasty slimy wet.

It has been very nice to have the windows open today with the fresh cool air coming through the Castle.  The morning started at 70f and we got up to 77f about 1500.

Oh yeah we almost forgot the miracle that happened today. The OFM vacuumed the Castle, wet mopped the floors and cleaned all the cabinet fronts and tops. Wow he was a busy old fat guy.

We have watched several long time residents responding to the new prices and rules by moving out to new cheaper locations for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Unhappy Changes

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-15-2020
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The campground, Point Mallard Campground, we have been using and recommending for the last eight years here near the grandkids is changing it policy and upping its monthly charge by $100. The 18% increase is very excessive for sure but that is not the real trouble.

Part of the campground will be only two week or less stay folks.  The remainder of the campground, which is most of it, will be only long term folks. Now the stickler is the short term area is reserveable for future stays of up to two weeks.

Here is the killer. The long term is designated “first come, first served” and no reservations allowed. So we could tow for five days to stay for a few months like in the past and get here and get told sorry no room for you.  Then what are you supposed to do at 1700 on Friday afternoon. No reservations allowed is not what over the road travelers can live with very well in the Eastern USA.

Effective RIGHT NOW, Point Mallard Campground, a city owned campground in Decatur Alabama is on the OFM Teams NOT RECOMMENDED list.

Now that the ugly news is over, how about an OFM piece of art to laugh at.

This was a fun piece of art to create. It was done in Prismacolor colored pencil. It took a few days to create but went a long way toward trying to have tooooo much fun.


Guest Blogger Tonight is Gavin Ward

 The Gavintures


Grock Explores my House

Adventure Begins at: Gavinland, AL

It Began on: 9/13/20

When Grock and the OFM arrived at my house, I came over to the door to greet Grock.

Talk to Grock here

So after we met at the door me and Grock went to the dining room table which became the

very messy writing and printing table and the OFM showed his coloring book to us. We looked

at the coloring book and saw many pictures that OFM colored.

After we saw the coloring book, I had an idea to show Grock one of my adventurous books

that I made.

Grock loved my book because it was full of adventures. A little while later Grock said “I’m

bored. Let’s play hide and seek!” I said “Ok, Grock, would you like to hide?” Grock really

wanted to hide. First, I easily saw Grock hiding behind my big crayon box. Is it easy for you to


After I told Grock that I saw him, he came out and said “Wow, you’re really good at this! I’d

better up my game with you playing this!” Next round, he sure did up his game! That round

took me an extra 2 minutes. Then I found him in my sister, Piper’s drawer next to her rocking


Afterwards, he wanted to know what I do outside. I showed him our swings. He asked me to

push him on the swing.

Then Grock saw a mountain! I told him that it wasn’t a mountain, it was a slide. He wanted to

slide. Whoaaaa that’s a long way down for a rock! But he wasn’t bothered a bit.

Then he saw a big doorway in the trees. I told him that it was my rather pokey tree house. Not

a clubhouse in the trees, but a big area in trees. The entrance is a challenge, but Grock is

tougher then that!

In the second room, my living room had a very big tree. Grock wanted to climb the tree. How

high he climbed in the tree was pretty darn high for a rock like Grock. In fact, he climbed up to

my second floor! “You have a second floor?” asked Grock. “But of course!” I said. “These trees

go very high. I almost climbed to the top of one of these.’’ Grock wished he could go that high.

Grock eventually got tired of the house and wanted to find the exit. Believe it or not, there was

another doorway in the trees. We went out, and Grock rested.

Then after Grock finished resting, he said he was hungry. So I took him to the garden and gave

him a tomato.

Grock thought that the garden looked like a forest and walked around until he got lost in the

pepper plant.

I told him to not go in the garden without permission and supervision. Then I saw that Grock

was very dirty. I told him he had to take a bath. When we got inside, Grock jumped into the tub.

The silly rock asked “Will I get sucked down the drain?” I said “Not unless you want me to yank

out the plug and you get sucked.” “ know I’m kidding, Grock!” After his bath, I showed

him my games. He liked my colorful joy cons for the Nintendo Switch.

After the big tour of what I do sometimes, Grock told me that my home was too much fun. To

follow the advice of the OFM, I thought, I guess my house truly is toooooo much fun.


G & G Team

 Adventure Location:  Grandkid Land, Al
Adventure Date: 9-13-2020
Click the Pic to enlarge

We got to Grandkid Land right on time. Entry into the Castle was wild and exciting. Here are two of my greeter and who could ask for more. First is the Pretty Princess. It is hard to realize she is only 3 years old.

And just as important was Gavin.  After a few minutes the OFM caught a picture of Gavin and Grock (Gavin Rock) talking things over.

The visit was loud and rambunctious for sure. Then the huge pizzas came and the feeding frenzy began. It was great fun. And hopefully we soon will have a great surprise here on OFM Adventures for your enjoyment.  The details and logistics are still being worked out. It will be fantastic as you will see.

In the meantime, Grock is staying with Gavin for a nice vacation while the Teams are here in Alabama.  Hang around, we think the G & G Team is planning on some wild ways of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Loot Distribution

 Adventure Location:  Grandkid Land, Al
Adventure Date: 9-12-2020
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We rolled in at the home of the Important Ones, Gavin and Piper.  A rousing greeting it was for sure. After a few minutes of pandemonium we got settled into the visiting.  After a few minutes, Gavin and Piper and the OFM went to Sierra to unload the loot.

We managed to get it all into the house and ready to distribute. Excitement was running high. WOWS and Those are pretty colors and other comments flowed clear off the table onto the floor.  We took time to make sure everything was carefully unpacked and not damaged.

 Then a bit later we did some How To time showing what the equipment was capable of doing.  Then we all calmed down a bit.

Later it was fresh cooked BBQ from a local place that did it really RIGHT. My DIL’s parents came up today also.  It made for a great time of reconnecting and trying to have tooooo much fun. 


Arrived Safe

 Adventure Location:  Mississippi and Alabama
Adventure Date: 9-11-2020
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We got rolled at first light and rolled well most of the day. The starting spot was Roosevelt State Park, Morton, MS.  When we finally rolled into Point Mallard Campground, Alabama the entire Team breathed a big sigh of relief.  Five days on the road was finally over with and we were ready for a rest day.

After setting up and visiting old friends again, it was time to meander a little and check out the area situation after being gone a year.

Down at the fishing bridge is a tall pine tree that is in good shape. It is taller than anything in the area. Here is a nice picture of it.

Then a few feet away was this nice picture of reflections and sunlight streaming on the water.

Hopefully tomorrow will put the Teams back into full reporting mode instead of tired out mode. The OFM says we need to rethink our travel style a bit.  The rest of the Team agreed.

In the mean  time we need to call Grandkid central and set up some trying to have tooooo much fun time.


65 MPH

 Adventure Location:  Tatum, Texas

Adventure Date: 9-9-2020

We got rolled at first light and rolled well most of the day. We are at our third destination Martin Creek Lake State Park near Tatum Texas. We found out towing at 65 dropped the fuel mileage a full mile per gallon over towing at 60. WOW.

Resting in the 90+F heat and 90+ humidity as today's way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Taylor Campground

 Adventure Location:  Taylor, Texas

Adventure Date: 9-8-2020

Click the Pic to enlarge

Rolling began about 1000 due to visiting with neighbors at the campground this morning. But we did get rolling and had a very nice easy time until we got to Llano Tx  From there through Georgetown TX on highway 29 was a slow traffic mess. Nothing really bad just thick and slow.

But it finally ended and it was back into the country again. We got to Taylor Campground of the COE system.  Checking in was easy and very quick. Then we roamed around a bit until we found our campsite.  

The OFM messed up and took two tries to get the Castle into the site. He had no excuse since there was plenty of room and no hurry.  But he got the Castle situated and comfortable. Here is the Castle sitting pretty.

The OFM then took a nice walk around the campground of 47 sites.  There is about 10 rvs in here today and it is very quiet.

About the only thing going on is resting for tomorrows rolling on east and dreaming of having tooooo much fun in grandkid land.


Like Starting All Over Again

 Adventure Location:  Junction, Texas
Adventure Date: 9-7-2020
Click the Pic to enlarge

Since the tow was supposed to be only 2.5 hours, we did not hurry this morning and finally rolled about 1000.  Good Grief the OFM was out of practice on this towing stuff. He quickly got back into the proper control of things (mostly) except for one small tree branch.  No Castle damage thank goodness.

Anyway we rolled gently for a while at 60 MPH and then tried at 55 MPH. Yep the fuel mileage seemed to be just the same according to Sierra’s computer. We know that higher than 60 gets worse mileage and lower than 55 gets slightly better fuel mileage. So the sweet point seems to be between 55 and 60 in the rolling hills of today's travels. It gave us a total trip of about 125 miles in rolling terrain with the average mileage being 10.4 mpg.

We rolled into South Llano River State Park at 1230 and the reserved site was waiting for us. Check in went well and backing the Castle for the first time in 6 months went pretty good. Just needed 2 pull forwards to get properly into the site. Here is the site from the front.

And here is the site from the back area.

The biggest surprise was having Internet at the site. Our log book said that there was no Internet service as of a couple of years ago.

As soon as we could get back on the road to town, we headed for Lum’s BBQ. We got the last parking spot and went in the front door to find a line with over 50 people waiting to be seated or order take out. Nope. We left.  

Down the street a couple of blocks is La Familia and excellent Mexican food source. So we stopped there and were immediately seated. Good service, great food and friendly folks around us was the experience. And we were gone to look around town.

Down at the town park and lake is where overnighter cold stay free for up to three days. For now camping is not allowed down there.

We have been told by locals that when the c-19 mess is over the area will  once again be available for RV over nighting.

After all the excessive excitement of being on the road again, the OFM is tuckered out and plans an early “to bed” event tonight. Tomorrow is about a four hour tow. It should be fairly easy too.
We do recommend this SP as a good place for trying to have tooooo much fun, especially with kids.