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 The Gavintures


Grock Explores my House

Adventure Begins at: Gavinland, AL

It Began on: 9/13/20

When Grock and the OFM arrived at my house, I came over to the door to greet Grock.

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So after we met at the door me and Grock went to the dining room table which became the

very messy writing and printing table and the OFM showed his coloring book to us. We looked

at the coloring book and saw many pictures that OFM colored.

After we saw the coloring book, I had an idea to show Grock one of my adventurous books

that I made.

Grock loved my book because it was full of adventures. A little while later Grock said “I’m

bored. Let’s play hide and seek!” I said “Ok, Grock, would you like to hide?” Grock really

wanted to hide. First, I easily saw Grock hiding behind my big crayon box. Is it easy for you to


After I told Grock that I saw him, he came out and said “Wow, you’re really good at this! I’d

better up my game with you playing this!” Next round, he sure did up his game! That round

took me an extra 2 minutes. Then I found him in my sister, Piper’s drawer next to her rocking


Afterwards, he wanted to know what I do outside. I showed him our swings. He asked me to

push him on the swing.

Then Grock saw a mountain! I told him that it wasn’t a mountain, it was a slide. He wanted to

slide. Whoaaaa that’s a long way down for a rock! But he wasn’t bothered a bit.

Then he saw a big doorway in the trees. I told him that it was my rather pokey tree house. Not

a clubhouse in the trees, but a big area in trees. The entrance is a challenge, but Grock is

tougher then that!

In the second room, my living room had a very big tree. Grock wanted to climb the tree. How

high he climbed in the tree was pretty darn high for a rock like Grock. In fact, he climbed up to

my second floor! “You have a second floor?” asked Grock. “But of course!” I said. “These trees

go very high. I almost climbed to the top of one of these.’’ Grock wished he could go that high.

Grock eventually got tired of the house and wanted to find the exit. Believe it or not, there was

another doorway in the trees. We went out, and Grock rested.

Then after Grock finished resting, he said he was hungry. So I took him to the garden and gave

him a tomato.

Grock thought that the garden looked like a forest and walked around until he got lost in the

pepper plant.

I told him to not go in the garden without permission and supervision. Then I saw that Grock

was very dirty. I told him he had to take a bath. When we got inside, Grock jumped into the tub.

The silly rock asked “Will I get sucked down the drain?” I said “Not unless you want me to yank

out the plug and you get sucked.” “ know I’m kidding, Grock!” After his bath, I showed

him my games. He liked my colorful joy cons for the Nintendo Switch.

After the big tour of what I do sometimes, Grock told me that my home was too much fun. To

follow the advice of the OFM, I thought, I guess my house truly is toooooo much fun.

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  1. I came back to read it again. You know you write really well, Gavin.
    I enjoyed it even though I remembered some of it.
    Hope you & Piper have some great fun with OFM Grandpa.