Arrived Safe

 Adventure Location:  Mississippi and Alabama
Adventure Date: 9-11-2020
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We got rolled at first light and rolled well most of the day. The starting spot was Roosevelt State Park, Morton, MS.  When we finally rolled into Point Mallard Campground, Alabama the entire Team breathed a big sigh of relief.  Five days on the road was finally over with and we were ready for a rest day.

After setting up and visiting old friends again, it was time to meander a little and check out the area situation after being gone a year.

Down at the fishing bridge is a tall pine tree that is in good shape. It is taller than anything in the area. Here is a nice picture of it.

Then a few feet away was this nice picture of reflections and sunlight streaming on the water.

Hopefully tomorrow will put the Teams back into full reporting mode instead of tired out mode. The OFM says we need to rethink our travel style a bit.  The rest of the Team agreed.

In the mean  time we need to call Grandkid central and set up some trying to have tooooo much fun time.

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