Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 9-3-2020
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The OFM was moving well again this morning so we had a fun walk on the 277 North site.  When the campgrounds open later this fall this 277N Campground is a good one close to town.

Sierra got us to the closed gate in good shape and we quickly headed down the road to the old bridges. Right away we scared up a couple of does. They took one glance at the OFM and ran away in great fright.

We continued on down the road without any more excitement but we did get to enjoy another sunlight induced fall foliage scene.

Then we got to the last bridge and paused to enjoy the nice scenery for a couple of minutes and a couple of swallows of water.  Then it was back to the entry gate and Sierra. Along the way we scared up a nice looking 6 point buck that ran for a long ways away from the OFM.

Not far after that we noticed a new type of feather laying on the old road surface. 

We have no idea what kind of bird it used to belong to. However we wondered if the sight of the OFM scared the bird right out of its feather!

The Teams made it back to Sierra with no more damage to the wildlife in this area and eased back to the Castle. A bit of rest and rehydration was next.  The the usual after walk shower and clothing change was accomplished.

We did a bit of research on cow meat cuts. Then that information and the OFM went to Walmart to identify the cut of cow that the OFM wanted to try eating.  No luck could be found anywhere in the store. Walmart must use special cows because nowhere in the coolers was FLANK STEAK. So that effort was a bust.

We have a coloring that is near finish and we hope to finish it tonight. It has been a real learning experience about how some art mediums behave. We will have a showing in the near future as well as genuine real facts on the education received.  Even with all those miseries it has been a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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