Red Faced Bird

 Adventure Location:  Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 9-2-2020
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The OFM was moving well this morning and the overcast sky held the sunlight back a bit so we headed out early for a walk.  Sierra got parked at the Spur 454 boat ramp area and we prepared to get busy hoofing it.  As usual we went down hill to the ramp and turned to head back up and away from the ramp.

The air was not hot. The temperature was about 82F and a nice reasonable temperature breeze was into our face.  The we looked up at the sky and was impressed.  Look at them clouds. Should we make loops near Sierra or go on out the mile and a half to the normal turnaround point.

After admiring the sky and watching which way it seemed to be moving we headed out for the full blown route. It turned out to be a good decision.

The OFM was stepping well and feeling good so the pace was a bit more than usual. By the time we got to the turnaround point the OFM suggested we have a go at another  quarter mile before turning around.  And away we went.

On the way back we noticed the buzzards were gone and a new red face bird had taken their place.

We could not find out the name of this bird.

As we headed back the OFM had a thought.  “Even if you treat the wolf at your door real nice and polite, it will still eat you.”  HMmmmm.

When we finished the walk it turned out to be 2.75 miles today and the OFM has not been gimped up this afternoon. That is a major surprise.

Then the next great event was the left shoulder exercise at the campground gym this afternoon. He was able to do a full 20 reps with the 15 pound dumbell for the first time since the accident on March 3.  Then he did 20 more reps with 10 pound dumbell.  Tonight his arm and shoulder are doing well.  Maybe he will eventually get all the use back of his left arm. That would be nice.

Soon the weather is starting to cool down which will make it a lot nicer for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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