G & G Team

 Adventure Location:  Grandkid Land, Al
Adventure Date: 9-13-2020
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We got to Grandkid Land right on time. Entry into the Castle was wild and exciting. Here are two of my greeter and who could ask for more. First is the Pretty Princess. It is hard to realize she is only 3 years old.

And just as important was Gavin.  After a few minutes the OFM caught a picture of Gavin and Grock (Gavin Rock) talking things over.

The visit was loud and rambunctious for sure. Then the huge pizzas came and the feeding frenzy began. It was great fun. And hopefully we soon will have a great surprise here on OFM Adventures for your enjoyment.  The details and logistics are still being worked out. It will be fantastic as you will see.

In the meantime, Grock is staying with Gavin for a nice vacation while the Teams are here in Alabama.  Hang around, we think the G & G Team is planning on some wild ways of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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