New Rubber Meets the Road

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-20-2020
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It has been a very productive day to say the least. The first thing this morning was shopping while the weekend crowds were not out and about yet. We hit Academy three minutes after they unlocked the doors. There was still about ten folks ahead of us.

Our mission was new motivators. We usually have trouble getting 10 Wide in our preferred shoe for walking and general wear.  But when we got to the display there was THREE boxes with the OFM size shoes in them.  The OFM checked the first and easiest to reach box and it had the right shoes in it. So he took them out and put them on to make sure they were still sized to fit his ping pong paddle shaped feet. ( Narrow heel and double wide toe area). They were perfect and came back to the Castle with us.

Back at the Castle we worked at the new travel plan.  The goal is to get back to Grandkid Land at least 3-4 times a year. Then we will take 2-3 month looping drives around to where we have an interest visiting.  It turned out to be more difficult that he first thought to schedule every thing. 

Then the OFM got his head on straight. Well not straight but less crooked, sort of.  Now, our current concept is plan for a loop just before we head out so we can guess at the weather mess better. This last mid year mess of getting stuck in the West Texas desert in the summer time was a strong teacher.  So now we are set to leave Alabama on October 11 heading an unknown direction until close to when we leave.

Once that planning considerations were resolved the OFM got out his coloring book and colored pencils to have fun. And he did have a great time for about four hours. He considers this coloring book art to be a really great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


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