Nice Morning Walk

 Adventure Location:  Decatur, Al
Adventure Date: 9-26-2020
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A couple of days ago the Teams had a great morning meander. We hit the trails at an early time and soon after leaving the campground it was suddenly obvious the OFM was in meander mode.

We were making good time on the route when he suddenly stopped and said “Look at the pretty red flower”. What flower we asked. He pointed up into the mass of tangled vegetation and exclaimed “That one”. We had trouble spotting it. It is at the end of the red arrow in the picture below.

We still did not spot it. So the OFM took a picture of it with the telephoto zoomed in on it. Check it out.

If he is spotting little flowers at that distance it could be a wild walk we thought. And onward we pranced.

We were making good time as we looped around to the waterfront part of the trail. Suddenly he slid to a stop and  said look at that tangled mess as he pointed at a tree root system in front of us.

Then we were on the way again.  And sure enough he kept on spotting tangled messes of all sorts. Lots of tree roots and then tangled vines up on the tall trees and then berry vines all wound around a tree and headed for the sun and he kept on for about five hours it seemed. Well he was right there was a lot of the tangled messes to see. We think they were more noticeable now that the fall season has started and a lot of the underbrush is gone until next spring.

Then at an opening in the waterfront vegetation the OFM spotted this heron on guard to protect the lake front.  It did not seem to be bothered the OFM was stumbling around on the shore about 20 feet away trying to take this picture.

It was a nice morning for a walk and spotting several interesting things along the way made it a great time of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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