Taylor Campground

 Adventure Location:  Taylor, Texas

Adventure Date: 9-8-2020

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Rolling began about 1000 due to visiting with neighbors at the campground this morning. But we did get rolling and had a very nice easy time until we got to Llano Tx  From there through Georgetown TX on highway 29 was a slow traffic mess. Nothing really bad just thick and slow.

But it finally ended and it was back into the country again. We got to Taylor Campground of the COE system.  Checking in was easy and very quick. Then we roamed around a bit until we found our campsite.  

The OFM messed up and took two tries to get the Castle into the site. He had no excuse since there was plenty of room and no hurry.  But he got the Castle situated and comfortable. Here is the Castle sitting pretty.

The OFM then took a nice walk around the campground of 47 sites.  There is about 10 rvs in here today and it is very quiet.

About the only thing going on is resting for tomorrows rolling on east and dreaming of having tooooo much fun in grandkid land.

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