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Busting Out


Prismacolor Pencils and Art Stix

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-19-2020
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Since a miserable migraine hit before lunch and lasted until mid afternoon, tonight is a continuance to yesterday’s information about the OFM’s last few paintings. It still seems odd to call an art scene done in colored pencil a painting but that is the common term in the art articles on the Internet.

The colored pencils the Teams uses is Prismacolor brand. They are a wax based pencil lead with high pigmentation and obviously easy to use or the OFM would not be using them. Here is a picture of the box of them and then a picture of the pencils themselves.

The Teams have found that a set of colors in most art mediums with around 36 different colors is sufficient for the OFM’s abilities.

Prismacolor also markets a special shape of the colored lead in the pencils called Art Stix.  These are 1/4“ square by about 3 1/2“ long and are the exact same material and colors as the pencil leads.  These Stix allow the artist (or paper waster in the OFM case) to cover larger areas much faster and cheaper than with just the pencil point lead.
Here is the box for the Art Stix we have and then the Stix themselves.

This set up seems to be a good set up in general. The OFM has tried a couple of other colored pencils brands but always quickly came back to Prismacolor. These are not watercolor pencils. They are a different item altogether.

An important to the Teams is that the Prismacolor colored pencils do not seem to be as paper sensitive as some other brands. 

When it is all said and done, using colored pencils for art is a lot easier for the Teams glorious leader since they do not REQUIRE speedy application or other needs. He can color for a bit, stop at any time, come back at any time and continue with no ramifications no matter if you are outside or inside. A particular good thing is colored pencils do not make a mess if you drop them or knock your box over. A quick pickup and you are right back to trying to have tooooo much fun


Painting History

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-18-2020
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Barb in FL had a suggestion in a comment about the painting the OFM had splattered on the paper.
“If you use a picture as your guide maybe you could show us.”

We will be glad to show you how the painting GRAB A CLOUD came to be. But it needs to be stated that pictures and scenes and word descriptions and many other things cause an inspiration for a scene for an artist.  If all they did was copy a scene then they are just being a terrible camera. 

Here is the original photo of the weed that inspired Grab A Cloud. The photo was taken in the Rockport Community Park a few months ago and languished for a while until finally a few weeks ago the OFM got the inspiration needed for the painting. By the way the painting is in colored pencil.

From start to finish the painting took about two months. Total time making the art was something around 30-40 hours. Several line sketches were made to decide on the final arrangement. Then a quick sketch was made and lightly colored in to decide on the color of pencils needed for what was wanted in the final product. And then the WORK started.

And finally the finished product was presented to the world to increase the laughter around the globe. 

But the OFM definitely came close to having tooooo much fun during the production process.


Grab a Cloud

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-17-2020
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Good Grief it was hot today and supposed to be hotter tomorrow. The OFM thought the heat would hit after noon so he took the Walking Team out for a go around the loop that circles the inside of the park.

Out on the road in the campground the wind was doing a good job of helping keep folks less hot. But the minute the Teams entered the brush where the trails meander, that was the end of any breeze. The OFM soon was feeling the sun and hot air with no breeze. The trails are nice and decently wide. Here is a picture of the nice trail with the wonderful bright sunny day we had.

The halfway point on the trail from where we started is the park office. When we got there the OFM wisely got into the shade and sat for a bit. The bottle of water we expected to easily last for the whole trail with water left over like in the previous days was empty at the park office. The OFM went inside to refill the bottle and the ceiling fan and AC felt really good so he stayed inside for several minutes just cooling off.

When he came back outside to the rest of the Team he announced “We are taking the shortest way back we can.” And there was no discussion to be had.

He took it slower and stayed in the shade of the trees as much as possible and we followed the road back to the Castle. Yep it was too hot for the OFM Walking Team.  The thermometer in the Castle was showing this and it was 1130.

And that was the end of significant outdoor efforts until nearly dark this evening.

The OFM decided it was a good time to do some more work on the picture he was making. So the colored pencils were retrieved and put to work. Sometimes the pencil made errors and the OFM had to erase the error and correct the pencil’s error. Dumb Pencils.

Any way he finally gave up and called it finished or was it I quit. We don’t remember but here it is anyway. Be sure you are sitting down when you look at it so you will not get hurt when you fall down with laughter at the ineptitude displayed.

We have to make a choice by next Sunday what to do since we are required by state park policy to leave the park for at least one day. Do we head somewhere else or the county free park? It all depends on the weather  to decide where we will be trying to have tooooo much fun.


Wild Skies

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-16-2020
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The State Park was a lot more busy today. That means more folks to have conversations with and lots more people to watch. From at the boat ramp we could see lots of folks enjoying the very warm temperatures and the beach. Now and then the music could barely be heard and the laughter carried way up the hills to the top where we took this picture of the fun happening.

Late in the evening we had some really wild clouds swarming the heavens. We have no idea what was happening but it was exciting for sure.

A shopping trip to Rio Grande City (Rio for short) to Walmart resulted in the thirsty Sierra drinking a tank full of gas at $1.999 a gallon. $63 of groceries came home with us in four small plastic bags. But we plan to be eating well in the near future.

Walmart is about 31 miles one way from our campsite and the round trip took us almost two hours. We did get to see the end of some police action on highway 83. We got to see the last couple of seconds as a car trying to run away finally went into the shallow ditch and stopped. The four police folks swarmed the vehicle and it was over.

Then the city water supply for the state park was off for a few hours while the water district did some major changes to the water piping on the two tall tanks near here. That did not bother the Teams since we are running on our internal water supply tank anyway. They did a good job of minimizing the down time and all is running well now.

And finally tonight the skies decided to  make a lot of electrons get used taking pictures during sunset. 23 exposures were taken of the sunset and this one was chosen to be the one for tonight.

One thing for sure it was a very full day of trying to have tooooo much fun in many different ways.


X Marks the Spot

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-15-2020
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Walking was taken at a slower pace today. The distances were also less and the OFM knees said Thank You to the rest of the OFM Walking Team. It was a good day of repair for the joints of the OFM.

 It seems the allergies of the area are up in arms now. The OFM woke this morning all stuffy with balance trouble and ears that felt stuffy.  As the day wore on nothing got worse but when we were walking through the brush the OFM sniffles got a lot worse than they were when we were at the shore fishing.

The best we can identify them, these are mesquite blossoms as they are starting the allergy attack on humans. They are actually very pretty flowers in real life.  The little balls are about 1/2“ in diameter at the time of the photo. If the OFM recalls correctly they will hit about 3/4“ in diameter and get a bit  more sausage shaped in the very near future.

While walking among the screen shelters we found this elderly large X nailed to the ground. It probably marks the spot for the volcano to erupt in the near future. Or who knows what out here in the wasteland of South Texas.

Tomorrow is the start of our fourth week staying here in Falcon State Park. The original plan was a week to ten days but the weather has been way colder than in the recent past few years both here and in our next destination Del Rio, Tx.

For the time being it appears that it will be finally warming enough in the Del Rio area we should start that direction next Sunday. The Teams are ready for some canyons and cliffs to play in. In the past the canyons and cliffs have been a wonderful place for trying to have tooooo much fun.


What Are They?

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-14-2020
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The OFM was still tired this morning but the Teams were raring to get going.  After the “oatmeal again” breakfast we hit the trails again. But the OFM was definitely on a slower pace today. Muscles were explaining the unhappiness that would occur if he tried to move along too fast.

The OFM reacted by telling the rest of the Team that new photos of close things were needed for this blog since we were nearly out of nice blog photos. So the Team agreed that they would allow a slower pace today and look for special pictures.

The first slow pace picture was of some “hairy moss” hanging on a live oak tree branch. We have no idea if it is moss or goat hair or ????? But if a reader knows what it is please tell us.

Along the trail we checked out lots of things but it took a good bit of walking before we spotted this “lettuce leaf lichen” growing on a blackbrush limb. We thought it was a nice lacy looking growth. If any one knows its real name please let us know the correct name.

We did find an unmarked trail to meander this afternoon.  It was a pleasant half mile of walking.

About halfway along this trail we met a nice fellow going the opposite direction. We talked about rv travel for about thirty minutes. He and his wife are on their first month of travels and very excited about the adventure so far. They are from Nova Scotia.

Naturally a nice bit of time was spent visiting with some other folks in the park. It is easy to spend the whole day just going from site to site visiting folks.

Along about sundown the OFM grabbed the camera and fast walked the short cut trail to the boat ramp “cliff” to catch a fantastic cloud and sun sunset. That did not happen it was mostly a clouds and sun rays finale but we think it was still nice.

The OFM needs to do a better job of pacing himself when he is out running around trying to have tooooo much fun.


Nice Moon

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-13-2020

Busy, busy, busy today. But first last night had a great moon with the light broken cloud cover. It took several tries with the camera but this one came out fair enough to give you an idea of how neat the night sky was.

That was almost worth staying up to see. “almost”

Most of the fun today was either visiting folks or walking around in the desert brush on the walking trails in the State Park. The first walk was around two miles and went down along the lake shore. We were searching for art possibles and ended up getting several along with a lot of great exercise on the uneven surfaces.

Some folks the Teams knew from crossing paths with them in the past pulled in last evening, spotted the Castle and Sierra and knew the OFM was meandering around somewhere. The OFM was near the boat ramp finishing the first walk when he heard someone call out his human name. He looked around and there was JT and Shirley. They are extremely pleasant folks. We got in a good 2 hour catching up before we split up for lunch.

Then in the afternoon the Teams decided the OFM needed some more exercise so they dragged him outside, stood him up and pointed to the loop trail around the park. Off we went to what turned out to be a nice long walk of about three miles.

About midway we came out of the brush at the office building and was looking for the outside drinking fountain.  Suddenly we realized it was gone. So the OFM went inside to get water for the water bottle.

While we were inside we noticed a new to us display cabinet. There were two pretty neat items at the cabinet. One was this large stuffed owl. That is a pretty good sized bird with long sharp claws.

Just below it and to the right was this skin for our enjoyment.

Yep there are rattle snakes in the desert. It amazes us how often folks want to know if the parks lets things like snakes and other wild critters live in the park.

One important item we did notice during this walk is that the Achoooooo trees are blooming really well.  That day and a half of rain/drizzle must have been just what the plants wanted. The new header picture shows growth that has come out since the rains quit a few hours ago.

Like we have said many times before, when the desert gets ready to bloom, it blooms with great vigor in a very short time so have the camera ready.  In the meantime we are going to rest up for another day of jawing and trying to have tooooo much fun.


Two High Spots

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-12-2020

Today we got all the laundry done. Then ate a great lunch at El Rincon in Zapata, Tx. That was the #2 high spot of the day.

Back at the Castle with the heater running, time was spent trying to find a warm place to move to next Sunday. Nope. Too much cold air  north of us here at FSPark.   

The #1 high spot of the day was the sun finally burst forth with great vigor right at 1800 this evening. Now all we need is something really exciting for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Nasty Slop

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-11-2020

The OFM came to wakefulness with a realization it was coolish inside the Castle.  So out came the electric heater and it was put to work. It worked all day since it was a cold wet heavy fog with a serious wet cold wind to help whisk the warmth right out of the Castle and the OFM.

It stayed that way mostly all day and it was NASTY.  But the OFM did have to get out and wobble around a little bit. we found a bird nest way out on a small little limb. That would have been very difficult for any predator critters to handle that weak whippy limb to get to the eggs or bird.

And we even found a few silly yellow flowers out blooming in this messy cold weather.

They were very bright and about the size of a dime. We did not stick around to look for more pictures and headed back into the warm dry of the Castle.

Probably the best thing that happened today is the OFM got started on another painting.  It is basically the same scene as the last one he did. The one he never showed anyone and threw away in little pieces.
This one will definitely correct many of the mistakes he made on the last one.  However we are very confident that he will easily make many new silly mistakes on this new one.

He seems to be having a good time doing the painting since he keeps on giggling like a happy fool trying to have tooooo much fun.


Grock Sees Mexico

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-10-2020

We asked if he would like to go down to the lake to look around. You bet I would he said. So into Sierra we went and rolled down the rough road to the beach at the picnic area. Sierra parked us so it was facing Mexico.

Come see Mexico the OFM said to Grock.  Mexico is here?  Yep the OFM replied. About a mile out there in the water is the boundary. The tall pole in the lake marks the boundary between the USA and Mexico. Grock rolled up onto Sierra to get a better look and exclaimed WOW O WOW!

I have to check out the water exclaimed Grock.  He rolled off Sierra and rolled very fast down to the water. Splash he went into the shallow rivulet and got wet. Grock exclaimed the water is not salty like at Rockport.  That is correct Grock, this is a freshwater lake fed by the Rio Grande River that comes all the way from Colorado.  Good grief Grock said that is a long way. 

The OFM was looking around at something when he heard Grock holler out... Look how high I am!  Sure enough that dumb rock had climbed to the top of a left over stump. Grock was really proud of himself.

Grock suddenly leapt from the stump top to the sand beach and went running away.

Before the OFM could catch him he had climbed up on top of the life ring stand.  What is this, some kind of a kid ride?  No Grock' that is a life saving ring.  If someone gets in trouble in the water, the case is opened and the life saving ring inside is thrown to the person in trouble.

Oh really Grock said.  That sounds like a great idea.  But look over there. That looks like some sort of wonderful fun kind of a ride. And ZOOM he rolled off with the OFM in chase.

Grock went up the stand with ease and waited at the top for the OFM to catch up.  Grock hollers out How does it work?  Where do I get on it.

The OFM finally got there and paused to catch his breath. You silly pebble. You need to be more careful. That is a garbage barrel and if you fell into it, you might be gone forever to a dump site.

You mean it is not a ride. Nope it is not.  Ratzzz I sure wanted it to be a Disney type of ride. 

Grock was taken from the barrel frame work and put in the OFM shirt pocket while they moved on down the beach for a ways to see other things. Grock did not make it far before there was loud ZZZZZZZZZ coming from the OFM’s pocket. Grock was wore out from a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Oh Boy Another Trouble

Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-9-2020

Yesterday the OFM decided to come back into the State Park and made a reservation. This morning our reserved site was clear when we checked at 1100.  So we went back to the free camping, coupled up and came to the SP at a slow roll.

We had trouble getting the Castle leveled and it was HOT. Yep bright burning sun HOT. But it will be nice to be back here where it is a lot quieter and better walking.

The OFM started on some projects and when he opened the outside storage  to get a tool, the floor was wet.  The hydraulic jack cardboard box was soaked. Close examination revealed that the top water heater nozzle was leaking where the Pex piping was attached to the nozzle.

That nozzle is way up inside the cabinet and not easy to get to to see.  It is corroded badly and probably ready to give up. So now we have another item of failure. 

 The 91F afternoon reminded us that the Texas Miserable Hot Summer is nearly starting. By the middle of March it will be HOT out this way. Then the OFM remembered that the roof air conditioner is also 15 years old and has spent 13 years suffering in the salt environment of the coast fall weather.

We think this trailer has done much better than we expected because of all the outback time it has had and the somewhere around 300,000 miles of roads, much of what was pretty rough.

Now what to do next is the current question. You can be sure it will have something to do with trying to have tooooo much fun.


Furnace Failed

Adventure Location: Falcon County Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-7-2020
Notice this is for Friday night but likely will not publish until Saturday some time.

It was a fairly cold night last night. Mid forties is what the OFM “memory” recalls.  But what we all recall is that the comfort heating furnace failed.  The indications are that it is the 15 year old control card that bit the dirt. The furnace has never been used much at all so we are guessing it is pure aging that caused the trouble.

The second mishap is that we get nearly no Internet at this spot. So we spent a lot of time checking the rest of the park for Internet.  We have a couple of spots of interest and plan to shift to one of them in the morning. If that works out we plan to be here a bit longer. If it doesn’t work out we will be giving careful consideration to alternatives that are not quite as cheap as free.

As the Teams were wandering the park with the Hotspot in hand, the OFM heard his name called out. When the fellow waved him over, the OFM headed towards that stranger.  When we got closer the OFM recognized him as Rick from a couple of times we crossed paths in Del Rio dry camping facilities.  We had a pretty good jawing session and plan to get back at it Saturday.

We realized we need to swap good camping spots with each other. He needs to know more about New Mexico and the OFM needs to know about any place anywhere.

One thing about this park and all the interwinding dirt roads/walking paths, you will usually cross paths with another traveler to exchange information. And more importantly more places for trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location: Falcon County Park, Texas
Adventure Date:2-6-2020
Click the picture to enlarge it.

The Teams got moved to the Falcon County Park. It was nearly four miles of towing and everything went well. After a small amount of looking around we grabbed a spot and got set up. It is about a hundred feet from where we set up for the night two weeks ago. However for some reason we do not have internet at this spot. That could cause a change tomorrow.

Here is the front view of the camping spot chosen.

Then we have this view taken from the window where the OFM always sits at the dining/do everything table.

This is the place with no fees, free water, rustic dump station, a marginal shower and toilet room and a time limit of the rest of your life. If you die in the park, the authorities will remove you and your stuff.

We are adjusting to the incredible silence and the grass burrs. It is so quiet we swear we can hear the grass growing. But we will get used to it and figure out some way to try to have tooooo much fun.


A Rough Spot

Adventure Location: Falcon SP, Texas
Adventure Date:2-5-2020
Click the picture to enlarge it.

Another change. It happens that our next move is next door into the Falcon County Park tomorrow. The cold weather up north has us bamboozled so we plan to stay down in the warm until the cold gets totally out of the way.

Before the weather reports were updated the OFM thought he needed to finish the last trail section in the park. So off we went to the start of it.

As the OFM crossed the main road he suddenly stopped and stared intently. It was money in the street.

What? You can’t see the money in the green square! OK here is an enlargement.

And that penny is firmly attached to the paving. The OFM tried for three hours to get it up but he never budged it. It is waiting for a reader to get it up some day. It is right out front of the butterfly garden gate.

From there the OPP (old penny pincher) headed over to the beginning of the last portion of the hiking trail.  It begins a couple of hundred feet past the butterfly garden and winds through the area past the entrance station and comes out at an entrance to the entrance of the full hookups camping area.

Most of the trail is just the same as what you see in the sign picture above.  However once you pass the entrance station there is a short rougher section that needs more attention to your walking surface than the rest of the trail.

The rough section is not difficult at all but paying attention to where you step for that 50 feet can save you a nasty oopsie into the thorns all around you.

The trails around the park are all fairly gentle walking except for watching for the wait a minute thorns along the sides.  Be fore warned this area is incredibly HOT when the weather warms up in a month or so. The lake is very refreshing in warmer weather also. Over all it can be a nice place to spend a nice time of just kicking back, relaxing and trying to have tooooo much fun.


Double Twang

Adventure Location: Falcon SP, Texas
Adventure Date:2-4-2020
Click the picture to enlarge it.

Two thin boneless pork chops pan fried.
A fresh bag of mixed green leafy vegetable things with some shredded carrots mixed in.
A plop of black olives.
pan fry the chops in a high sided pot with a lid. a  table spoon of water to keep the chops moist and cook evenly. Replenish as needed.

Put the salad mix and olives in a bowl. Lightly drizzle honey mustard dressing on them.

Cook the chops 4 minutes to a side with medium flame if using propane. No idea about flame height for natural gas. It burns cooler. Make sure that there is always just a hint of steam coming from the pot.  You may have to add a teaspoon of water a couple of times. If you did it right the chops will be lightly browned on each side. If not plop them in the pot with no water for about thirty seconds.

Remove the chops and slice them as you desire. Lay them beautifully on top of the salad mix. Gently and carefully apply a lite drizzle of BBQ sauce of your choice on the meat only.  This gives you a  WOW double twang when eating this delicious meal. Try it. The OFM might not be a crazy as he sounds.

Tomorrow is our last day at Falcon SP. Our fourteen days are up. Since we left Rockport we have had one boondocking day and 14 water/electric days. The boondock stay was free.  The w/e days cost $178.28 for 14 days. That is $12.74 a night. The first week was well spent as the getting back into the camping mode did have a couple of oopsies and whoopses.  The second week, we now know, could easily been dry camping just like the first night out.

Falcon SP is a decent park but the distance to grocery shopping if you like fresh vegetables is at least 30 miles one way down to Rio Grande City and a Super Walmart. Highway 83 is a good road and the trip is not difficult. However the local grocery does have a great selection of meats and canned goods especially if you like “different” than usual American fare.

The walking here in the park has been excellent and the OFM really has put some miles in around this place. The terrain is just south Texas brush but the lake, especially for an evening walk, can be really fantastic as you saw yesterday on this blog.

BUT the OFM noticed on his walk this afternoon that his Merrells are working on being worn out. So when we get to Del Rio we will be shopping for some new shoes in size 10 weird. 

Those feet need to be kept in good shape for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Sky Show

Adventure Location: Falcon SP, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-3-2020
Click the picture to enlarge it.

Morning came early and the OFM looked out the door to see this magnificent surprise.

What a sunrise that was to start a busy day!

Grocery shopping was first order on the list of chores. A 60 mile round trip got us fairly well supplied for a couple of days. The local grocery is OK but does not carry much in the way of fruit and vegetables.

We also got in a nice fishing session with no fish bothering us. The hour nap in late afternoon was really needed and well received. Other chores were handled and soon it was getting on toward evening.

The cloud structure seemed  to be saying it would be a good sunset pictures night. The OFM needed to get in some walking so he headed on over to the general area he thought would be good. It was but it made for a bit of a longer walk (3 miles total) than he last time taking sunset pictures. The coming back in the dark was even extra fun it seemed.

We took 52 pictures during the sunset effort.  It was a wild and varied hour or so of “sunset time”. This was the actual sunset time and it came out nice we think.

Then right after that this next picture titled mountains in the clouds was taken looking northward.

 We thought it was pretty cute even though those are darker clouds and not mountains.  The rapidly changing cloud systems made lots of interesting picture opportunities including some horse shapes.

Then the clouds at the sunset cleared for a few minutes and this scene titled explosion was taken. It looked like a big bomb exploding in Mexico.

We thought the show was over after explosion sunset was taken.  But it was NOT. In the after glow of the sunset the massive cloud system was stirring around keeping the camera busy. Here is the one we chose to show tonight. This was about 15 minutes after explosion was photographed.

We hope you enjoyed the sky show as much as the Teams did. It was a great help in trying to have tooooo much fun today.


Big Mistake

Adventure Location: Falcon SP, Texas
Adventure Date: 2-1-2020

It was a day of muckling around with several worthless things. A new picture was sort of planned but not yet agreed with the OFM Art Teams that it will be the next thing painted.

Another muckkle was going to Zapata Tx. for A World Famous Chicken Fried Steak for lunch. BAD MISTAKE.

Then this evening old friend John from Mission Texas and the OFM had a nice phone conversation. Tomorrow is the long trip to Mission Tx for lunch with John and creating a lot of hot air to warm the countryside up.

A trip to visit John is always a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Cleaning Table

Adventure Location: Falcon SP, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-31-2020
Click the picture to enlarge it.

A cool overcast day was our fate. A bit of wind now and then and not much excitement around us. The OFM did a couple of walks and a drive around just for fun.  A little more cabinet cleaning out was very successful. we gained about another 2 feet of empty cabinets.

During one walk the OFM made his way over to the boat ramp. That is a very steep long ramp with the lake 30 feet down. Here is a picture from the top.

When he got to the bottom he suddenly realized it was a long uphill to get back to the top.

That ramp is 108 feet longer going back up as you can see. 

While the OFM was hanging around the top landing getting his breathing and heart rate back to proper, he decided to take a picture of the fish cleaning building. It is well done and heavily used. 

 It smelled of fresh large mouth bass fillets when we stepped inside. A nice facility like this makes cleaning your catch much more enjoyable.
Next it was about a half mile walk back to the Castle. 

And that was the big excitement of a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Broken Breaker

Adventure Location: Falcon SP, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-30-2020
Click the picture to enlarge it.

Today was moving day. The rent ran out last night and new folks were due in soon.  To stay in the elec/water sites the OFM Teams had to move. We got online and chose a site two spaces down. It was not bad to have to break down camp since the holding tanks were getting close to dumping time anyway.

We pulled into the new site and got partially set up when the OFM took this picture of our new backyard.

Then he went into the Castle to find that we did not have 120 volt service. Back outside he went and did the check on all the things that he might have done wrong. Still no power. Sierra took him back to the office and told them about the power trouble. They made a call and said the guys will be there very soon. As we were getting out of Sierra at the campsite the guys walked up.

Within a couple of minutes the electrician fellow determined the breaker had failed. So off they went to get a new breaker.  The OFM continued the setup routine, but before he finished the fellows were back and ten minutes later a new breaker was in place and the Castle had power.
Big thank you to them and all was right at the campsite.

We messed around with a few things and then drove into Roma to the Whataburger. On the way back Sierra got an itch and we went exploring some of the “interesting” back roads of the area. 

Back at the Castle again more cleaning and arranging was done. then the OFM sat down to play with the art paints.  He was just trying out new techniques and types of paper.  

Suddenly he remembered he was supposed to be cooking chicken for supper tonight, so he got right on it.  The broth left from boiling the chicken sure smelled good, so he decided it would become chicken and rice soup. One breast was chopped into small pieces and added back to the pot. A cup of rice was added and a blob of water. The heat was applied. Then the OFM decided the soup needed a can of low salt whole kernel corn. In went the corn. Everything was slow cooked with added spices of choice.

It ought to be really good with the chicken salad planned for lunch tomorrow. 

Speaking of tomorrow we plan to do some grocery shopping at the local Mexican style grocery store.  It ought to be a fun way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Odd Truck Location

Adventure Location: Falcon SP, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-29-2020
Click the picture to enlarge it.

We had no idea why the red pickup was parked behind a shade shelter in the tent area, much less why it was there most of the day yesterday. After the red truck was gone Sierra had to go sniffing around to see “What’s up?”

As luck would have it Sierra found a trail leading into the old lake bottom forest.  So this morning the OFM walked over to that place and headed out into the unknown territory formerly flooded by Falcon Lake for a few decades. The adventure begins here.

From the way the trail meanders it must have been an old deer trail for starters.  Now more critters use the trail but the only human foot prints we found was yesterdays adventurer. 

We meandered along the moderately defined path through the trees for a few minutes and suddenly the trees stopped and a view of the lake assaulted our vision.

As the trail exited the trees it faded into the sticker infested grass clumps covering the old lake bottom. The OFM used his years of experience at meandering silly places to chose a path down to the “beach” for us. A stop was made to get a picture of the beach and the old tree parts scattered around the area.  

Isn’t that water pretty? Well the OFM guessed rather well about where the hiker from yesterday would likely have walked. When we got to the sand and mud there was the fresh human tracks in the mud.

The OFM noticed a single bird in the area and it flew to a dead limb way out in the lake to watch the Teams mess around on the beach. The OFM set the camera at the electronic zoom of 20 power and tried to get a shot. If you can recognize the bird from this fuzzy shot, please leave the identification in a comment for us.

Here on the shore were a lot of well weathered tree remains. We know for sure they were under water for a long time. Most likely they have been water washed until everything that could be washed away was gone. Now the desert wind and sand is getting its chance to weather the wood some more.  It reminded us of looking at fingerprints. Each one had different swirls and squiggles to make it unique. This is only one of them. We took about ten pictures and chose this one to display.

It was time to head back to Sierra but there was no trail to be seen.

This will be interesting the OFM thought. So what happened? We don’t know because we are still out there looking for a way back to Sierra so we can report this adventure of trying to have tooooo much fun again.