Morning Sun


An Exciting Plan

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12-17-2020
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The big news for the OFM Teams is they are due in Decatur, Alabama to begin grandpa duties for a couple of weekends on March 5, 2021. We are all excited about this plan. It will be a great start to the new year.

Other than that it was a calm pleasant day.  Over at the Memorial  Park we happened past the ball fields on a different route than usual and noticed these pieces of art work instead of the usual wooden posts. It seems rather appropriate for ball fields don’t you think.

That is about all there is for tonight.  We need to get to work at doing better at trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Interesting Posts at the Park.
    During slow times like these it is sometimes hard to find things for having tooooo much fun to write about.
    Be Safe and Enjoy planning for your March trip.

    It's about time.

  2. Regarding the baseball field "artwork" - The local parks & recreation employees have developed a clever way to keep interlopers from using the baseball diamond.
    If they quickly figure out an effective method to distribute the vaccines and inoculate we can look forward to the day the baseball diamond will be in use by kids playing baseball by May,June,July?