Calm Nlght


Low Water Day

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12-08-2020
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It took three efforts to finally get in a decent milage of walking today. According to some sites on the Internet, for old folks walking exercise, it does not matter how many breaks you have to take for other things.  We are not training for a competitive event, only long term health. The walking needs to be about a 2.5 mph pace when you are walking.  That just happens to be a military marching pace that the OFM body still remembers.

So today when we were walking briskly and when a joint, knee this day, started to complain we just slowed down a lot or stopped to rest on even just went and did some fishing for a few minutes. But in the end we got in the three miles and the knee is only mildly sore tonight. Maybe we have finally  discovered something really worthwhile.

The tide was WAY out today all day. So in the later afternoon we happened to be near the Rockport Beach for another reason and the OFM caught this picture of the evening beach scene.  We thought it was kind of nice.

Earlier in the day we had walked out on the rock groin protecting the harbor. As the OFM meandered around looking at the dolphins feeding in the harbor mouth, he noticed the sunshine had the first part of the boat slips lighted nicely. Here is the really pleasant scene we caught.

It was a nice warm day for running around trying to have tooooo much fun.

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