Morning Sun


Christmas Eve

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12-24-2020

The computer had to wait today. First on the agenda this morning was to start getting ready for a move when January gets here. We are ready to leave this rv park for better places. The first thing to do is choose the new location to move to.

Therefore we hit the road looking at lots of rv parks here in the Rockport Texas area.  The good news is we found several that would be much better for our needs. More careful evaluations will be done over the next few days. The current rent runs out Jan 21 and we plan to be rolled no later than that.

Then this afternoon was spent visiting with friends for ten minutes that turned into hours. It was an excellent visit.  They are RVers and considering their future options also.

The high point of the day (evening) came after we returned home to the Castle.  The Christmas present from grandkid land was opened and it was fantastic.  A personalized calendar with pictures of the grand kids from during 2020. The OFM has been getting one each Christmas and they are really looked forward to each time.

As it worked out we did not take any pictures today so we will try really hard to rectify that mistake tomorrow as we are running around trying to have tooooo much fun on Christmas Day.

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