The End For This Year

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12-31-2020

The wet and cold made a major impression on the OFM and Sierra when we went to Walmart first thing this morning. In fact Sierra hated it so badly that it let the wipers stop working during the rain storm.

We wrestled our way back to the Castle to figure out the next move. First we checked the nearest tire and repair shop and they did not do that sort of work. So we went to the shop they recommended, Rockport Auto Clinic, and they could get Sierra in for examination at 1300.  So we left Sierra to the tech and caught a ride home with a friend. 

After several hours of piddling around at the campground, we called and Sierra had a clean bill of health. The tech could not get the wipers to fail like in the rainstorm. So our ride and the OFM went back to the shop and picked Sierra up.  Sure enough everything worked just fine.

By now it was scaring 1800 so the OFM headed to a Mexican food place for chicken tacos. They were open and the tacos were well prepared. And the OFM belly is definitely rounder.

It is nice to have Sierra back home tonight. We cannot say that it was a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun either.  But, at least the OFM got some “move to the new computer system” things done and we are optimistic that we are nearly finished learning the new software and getting our efforts underway using the new much faster new computer.

We think once the OFM learns to drive the new computer he will be able to be trying to have tooooo much at a faster pace.


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