Morning Sun


The Day After

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12-27-2020
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It was a great day with warm sunshine to make folks happy to be alive. We forgot to grab the camera several times today and just enjoyed the moment for a change, so no pics tonight except the ones your mind paints from reading this wonderful piece of fantastic literature.

The morning grocery trip ($50) went very well including a few nice folks to talk with about Christmas events locally. The Walmart was in full swing early but the shelves in the grocery section were brimming full of good looking produce. A second trip in the late afternoon happened since the OFM got some hankerings during the day that absolutely had to be satisfied soon.

We had one of them for supper tonight. A Knorr packet with some freshly cooked chicken breast was prepared. Of course some OFM choices of seasoning had to be added, but it was great and too much for him to finish. 

So what does he do but get an idea so good it scared him.  Save the rest of the mix from tonight. Tomorrow grab a can of some type of soup to add to the mix for a luxurious supper meal tomorrow night. That FOOL is a food genius (yea right).

A visit to Cole Mansion (some friends 5th wheel in a nearby campground) proved to be a load of fun and laughter. The OFM left there with a new to him skillet of just the right size for OFM style cooking. WOW he got lucky that time.

Down at the fishing area and  beach park was hordes of really friendly folks, so we got in a lot of visiting and fun story telling and new puppy petting for several hours until the sun was starting to set.

The day was really great and peaceful but also BUSY like crazy. Of course we did not make any progress to swapping everything over to the new computer today but that can wait. We were way too busy having tooooo much fun. 


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