Busy Morning

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Adventure Date: 12-23-2020

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At least some progress on the computer switch out is happening. The new computer has the same bad habit the old one has. It mispalls words now and them. It is so irritating. Maybe by tomorrow night we will be back to being a good imitation of a  blogger.

Taking a break from the computer swap, we headed down to the sea to calm down. The sledge hammer and shotgun was put away and the OFM drove gently down to the Beach Park for peace and recovery. Anybody who mess with computers knows these times will happen.

At least the beach park was up to calming down the OFM.  The first thing he did was rig up his fishing pole and cast a lure 6.5 miles out into the bay. Yeah he needed to calm down.  In a couple of more casts he landed a small trout. AHH that feels better.  Then a few casts more he landed another small trout.  That was really calming. The world has not fallen apart yet thank goodness.

Any way we headed into the Beach Park and got to the parking area at the end of the Beach and headed out to walk off a bunch of frustration. It was about 14 years ago he did the last computer setup and he was way out of date on the newer programs and it was giving him fits. So we walked and walked and walked and walked and suddenly WHAT IS THAT IN THE WATER??  We eased over closer to get this picture.  It was foggy out on the water but we used computer tricks to lighten the picture.

The fellow as looking for great adventures and treasures in the shallow beach water. We wished him good luck and moved on for more walking.

When we got to the turn around choice, the OFM got himself a drink of water and watched the beach water a few minutes. That is when this pelican came paddling by and enticed the the OFM into taking its picture to become a famous OFM painting for generations to over the next few decades. (yea right)

Then we walked on over to the fish cleaning table to see what had been going on over there. WOW a nearly spic and span table. No fish had been cleaned lately. That is very unusual for this area.

Then back at the wooden pier we meandered out looking for pictures and did not find any. However on the way back in we encountered a very nice older lady bird watching.  She was quite interesting to to visit and we talked for about 20 minutes. The big surprise was when she talked about something that had happened in the area a long time ago. It turns out she mentioned that she was 92 years old and still driving and chasing birds to watch. WOW!

The OFM was calmed down by now and said his goodbyes and thank you for the nice conversation. And soon it was lunch time. This was quite a morning of trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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