Password Search

 Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Adventure Date: 12-15-2020

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Well it was a productive day in the life of a computer swapping. Very little computer work got done. It seems that about eleven years ago when the current old computer was put in service, the OFM did a very good job of writing down the pile of passwords and putting them away in a very safe place. 


The Castle is not that big of a house so we went looking for the information. It started out with great intentions but as we unpacked or is it unearthed long forgotten items a new goal seemed to take over. 

The very full laundry bag was in the way and the laundry room was empty so we started the laundry. And then went to moving things that were in that closet out so we could dig through it all.


We, of course, had no idea what form the OFM had used to save the passwords.  So everything had to be opened and examined. Naturally we found things we have no use for anymore so the trash sack was started to be filled.


We had had a quick look in the file box first thing but this time EVERY folder was pulled out and gone through.  Good grief there was a lot of “why do we still have that invoice?” since we got rid of that item years ago.  Now the file box is a LOT lighter to pull out of the cabinet it is stored in.

Still no list of passwords in sight.  So the final result of today’s search was nearly filling the campground trash bin and making the Castle about 4800 pounds lighter but still no new computer in action yet. At least the Castle has less worthless weight and STUFF in the cabinets and outside storage.


The pictures have nothing to do with the narrative but were taken of the winter weather we are having as we work on trying to have tooooo much fun bringing a new computer online.


  1. Not in the file with the computer papers? Good luck ~ sounds like me hunting for a receipt last week. Great photos today. Thanks for the view of your beautiful day.

  2. Is that a datura flower? Well, if some have gone to seed, I understand you can use them to go on to another level of awareness. Maybe the passwords will appear.
    Just kidding. I have a little booklet, which if I lose it, my life will be over as I know it. Meanwhile, I rely on Firefox.