Black and Juicy

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The fun began early and continued until late afternoon when the OFM passed out for a nap.

At the beginning it was a normal speed walk attempt on the trails of the park. We got an early start and not too many folks were out and about yet. Critters were out and about in a nice quantity. One of the critters was this bee on the  mimosa blossom. It was very busy and the picture was taken with the bee “on the run” from about six feet away.

Anyway the walk finished with no injuries or blood letting so we called in a major success and did our little weight exercise session. The sweat was in great quantity but the temperature was about 71 and 863% humidity. When he finished, the OFM went inside to get all prettied up for our special lunch date.

When everything about the OFM was as good as we could get it (Oh well) Sierra took us over to the grand kids home. After arrival we were dragged into the free for all fun session going on in Piper’s bed room. Two adults, one sort of adult (the OFM) and two grand kids had a blast wrestling, tossing light rubber balls and generally being uncontrolled for about a half hour. The OFM had to stop to rest and the rest of the bunch decided it was time to leave for lunch.

The restaurant chosen is a very good one in Huntsville. The service was good and the food was the usual EXCELLENT. The grandkids were fairly well behaved which was nice.

The restaurant was in the rear view mirror when the fun started in the back seats. The OFM and the grands were not on their best behavior on the way home. Sure enough the two grands teamed up and worked grandpa over pretty severely. That is the reason he had the nap after we returned to the Castle. WOW what a workout.

A couple of years ago the OFM helped plant three blackberry plants in back yard of the house. They are producing like crazy this year. The OFM’s DIL gave him a nice small package of blackberries from the three plants.

The OFM had to insist that this was enough for now.  She showed me the 5+ gallons of berries she already had frozen and assured me that the plants were still producing many more as we spoke. They are huge and very sweet too. Looks like the OFM needs to get busy on the black berry eating doesn’t it.

In the mean time the OFM needs some serious rest before he gets busy trying to have tooooo much fun again.


Magic Dragonfly

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Rent being due today was nearly forgotten about because of the migraine attack this morning right before the walk was to be attempted. By afternoon as the migraine eased off the OFM had no inclination the rent was due.  But he started to check something on the calendar (he calls it his brain) and there it was blatantly screaming GET DOWN TO THE OFFICE BEFORE IT CLOSES FOOL. So he did just that just in time.

About the only other worthwhile thing was to process a picture for our readers to enjoy. Check it out.


When the picture was taken a couple of days ago, the OFM did not notice the dragonfly. But during processing the dragonfly appeared like magic.

Having a headache and slopping around in bed is not the best way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Building A Nest

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The morning speed walk was slowed for a minute or two  for watching a turtle prepare a nest in the woods close to the walking trail. We were soon back on speed and making good time. Then the resistance exercises took a few minutes back at the Castle. But when it was all said and done we were within the planned times for each event.

What planned times? According to the several sites the OFM checked he needs to walk at a 20 minute a mile pace to do his body good. So far we are meeting or beating a 42 minute 2.2 miles without any trouble including taking pictures or watching turtles build nests. At this time we have been making the walk 6 times a week. There is usually one day a week that it rains or something happens to stop the usual morning speed walk. 

We got a good picture of one of the deaths due to the short severe wind storms this area is famous for having. A good number of trees have been getting snapped of in the last three weeks.  This is a pretty good size tree that apparently went down a couple of days ago.

All through the area downed tree "get rid of it" companies have been getting in lots of work doing clean up. One thing about living in a forest, you will have greenery to take care of of one sort or another.  Lots of yard maintenance companies around here also. The OFM thinks  RV no yard=no yard work.

We hit up Lawlers BBQ again today. Only we had a BBQ sandwich at the store and brought home one of their little stuffed baked potato orders.  Tonight half of it was supper and the other half waits to learn of its fate while keeping cool in the refrigerator. Check it out.

Most of the day has been spent working on a painting and making up color charts for helping the OFM remember which color is what color. When the charts are finished we will publish pictures and the story about what he has to do to get the colors near correct in a painting.

It has been a really busy day again but it was well spent in trying to have tooooo much fun in several ways.


One Potato

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Speaking of good eating. For the month of June Lawlers BBQ here in Decatur has had a great special of a stuffed baked potato with your choice of meat for $5. Yes the OFM has partaken SEVERAL times.  Well he finally remembered to get a picture of the part that comes home with us. The potatoes are too big for the OFM to finish it at the restaurant so about half of one comes home with us. 

 This next picture is of roughly half or slightly less of the potato. That is a full size Correll dinner plate it is sitting on.

 Yep a great two meals per potato. We like it.

What did you do alllll day OFM? First was the 2.2 mile speed walk and picture taking. Then studying art stuff was started. And an idea come to the OFM. He has 7 different types of art production items like water colors, water color pencils and on.  It seemed like a good idea to paint the same picture seven times using a different system for each one. Thats a lot of work. Yes it was. However it was well worth all the trouble. Now we know more about which style works best on certain types of art work.

It was a lot of fun to do and turned out to be much more work than originally was thought it would be but it was also about ten times as much fun also.

When we finished the OFM sat down with his training manual and read some more to understand what he had experienced and hopefully retain the education for more than thirty seconds for a change.

After all that the OFM decided to attempt a very simple painting with watercolor pencils. He hopped to and got busy. The effort went well but the painting show many mistakes of commission that need to be corrected in the next attempt. This particular one took 3 1/2 hours from start to finish.

It was fun and severely educational and kept the OFM out of the heat and humidity also. We also learned that it was a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Feeling Rough

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Good grief the OFM did not feel like rising from the dead to start a new day. For some reason his body did not feel good. After giving that some thought, the OFM’s brain (yes he has one even if it is marginally functional) decided he had no idea why he was so marginal. However past experience said that the OFM Speed Walking Team should not hit the road until his OLD body seemed better.

OK breakfast was eaten and the Teams voted to do laundry so no other campers would be killed in the stampede to run away if the OFM showed his indescribable body to the world. The laundry room was ready for us and we went to work. The machine was started and the Team headed back to the Castle.

The vacuum cleaner was brought out and the Castle given a good sucking. By the finish of that chore it was time to head back to the laundry to shift the clothing to the dryer.

With that done, the OFM dropped into the campground office to say HI to anyone moving around. There was Kelli at her control center where she keeps everything in good order around this place. A few minutes visit and it was back to the Castle and some more organizing.

Soon it was time to pick up the clothing and bring it back to the Castle for storing. We got the clothing back and sorted, hanging clothing hanged. Container clothing contained and the bed got its fresh clean items installed for a wonderful sleep tonight.

Of interest to a few folks who have blogged about getting rid of unused things lately, we found a pair of pants and two pair of shorts that had not been used in over a year. Into a bag they went and are now residing in the big dumpster at the end of the road. Yep the OFM has no mercy with weight but no function items in the Castle. It was now 0915.

A quick look around and we put the OFM Cooking Team to work. This time it is chicken, brown rice, celery, onions, corn and carrots for our pleasure. Here the stoup is in progress of cooking.

When the stoup was ready it was put into meal size containers for storage. They were stacked into a tree shape to cool for a bit.

Then three of the meals worth of food went into the freezer.

The package of meat in there is some delicious pork chops waiting to contribute to the well being of the OFM Teams.

Whew we are finished with all that effort including washing everything and it is now 1030. It is a good thing we are taking it easy this morning so we will be well rested for trying to have tooooo much fun this afternoon.


Cloud Attitudes

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Oh Boy only six months until Christmas. That is really exciting.

In the mean time it has been busy around here hitting stores and trying to plan our future. One neat thing happened today. As we checked out of Academy Sports with a new fishing reel and a lure, the sign at the counter mentioned that since the OFM is a veteran we get 10% off of our purchase. That is a nice thing for them to do. Every $4 can help.

Clouds! Yep clouds. Clouds give the OFM fits in his paintings. A couple of days ago we had a string of clouds moving past the area and the OFM Walking Team was out on the trail at a great place to photograph them.  This afternoon and evening he was playing with the clouds and the color balances for them. It proved to be unreal neat to do and now our readers get to enjoy a bit of cloudy commentary.

First we will see the cloud as it was in the sky at the time of the photograph. They are some pretty nice clouds for putting into paintings we think.

This cloud is a more horizontal cloud with nice “texture” to it for some paintings. We like it.

The Photoscape program has a button named “Autolevel” and sometimes it gets pretty wild in its efforts. This time Autolevel made the photo much more dramatic for an OFM painting. 

Yep that is more dramatic for sure.

This next cloud is more of a vertical style of cloud. We like it really well as it was photographed.

But, WOW, did we get a surprise when Autolevel was put to work.

You can be assured the OFM Painting Team will never again look at clouds the same way as in the past. Now the OFM is wondering what happens to the other photos we have taken when we let Photoscape run wild.

We do not know but you can bet we have found another way of trying to have too much fun.


WOW Memories

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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During his life the OFM has been to a few spectacular locations to check things out. Most of those things have NOT been man made. His tour of Viet Nam was not a total waste of time as he got to see some unreal beautiful scenery over there.

Western USA has had his attention most of his life since his first Viewmaster showed him the world is an amazing place if you get off your ass and go see it. 

This painting is a blend of memories from the OFM’s past. There has been WOW places in the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, Arizona and especially New Mexico and Texas. For those who would like to access a real scene like the painting, the most civil place the Teams know of to see it unspoiled is at the end of the Panther Cave trail in Seminole Canyon Texas State Park. You can literally hang your toes off the cliff as you look waaaaay down there at the Rio Grande River and Mexico.

With all that verbiage out of the way, Here is the latest painting with oil pastels on the wrong kind of paper. It was finished about 1630 today and was a major trip down memory lane. That means the Teams need to get busy accumulating lots more memories while the OFM can still walk.

Now that is definitely a good reason to get busy running around trying to have tooooo much fun.


Lots of Action

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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We rolled into the grand kids driveway right on time.  The present for Piper was in hand as we rang the doorbell. And that was the start of the mayhem.

Gavin was keyed up as usual and flitting all over the place. Piper was more reserved but still extremely active. The present was explained to Piper and then put on the kitchen counter. It is a sign to go over her bedroom door to let everyone know who lives there.

Then we all went to lunch and had a very active time of eating with two over active kids. But the food was good.  Back home the kid activity continued at an unreal pace until the worn out OFM had to head home and collapse. But we certainly earned our right to claim “we claim to have worked hard at having tooooo much fun”..


World Class Whiner

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The OFM hopped out of bed ready to roar and he did roar, but not like he planned.  His left knee was somewhat swollen and painful. We think it was a shallow hole he stepped in on the golf course yesterday that caused the trouble. He, once again, proved that he can be the biggest crybaby in the universe.

At least he did an intelligent thing and did not try to make a long walk this morning.  Instead we went out to the other side of Huntsville to check out another campground. It is about as far NW of the grandkids as Point Mallard is SE.  It turned out to be a very nice place that would be very comfortable to camp there. The name is Sharon Johnston Park and it is located on the south side of New Market, Al. The area is VERY rolling crop land with big trees on the hills. Really was a pretty area.

When we returned to the Castle, the picnic table we were promised in a few days back in early May was at the campsite. Now the campsite has a place to sit besides the gravel roadbed. Mostly the OFM uses it to keep things out of the dirt and rocks. It is already nice to have so the OFM does not have to squat down to get his exercise weights up and use them.

Then our order for more new LED lights for the Castle arrived. A few months ago when we replaced the first incandescent lights, we noticed that some of the sockets were badly corroded.  That was likely from the salt air down on the coast for so many years. It is also not a safe thing to have happen. That incident has spurred the OFM on to replacing nearly all the interior lights with LED.

Most rigs we go in that put in LED lighting have not bothered to get the right size for illumination and the interiors are very dim. We got online and found out what the lumens rating for our old units was and made certain that the new lamps would put out a little more  than the old lamps. Boy do they ever put out the light. It made all the dirt on the floor that the OFM could not see before stand out in glaring detail.

The best news is that the day of light duty seems to have been just right therapy for that ancient left knee on the OFM. He says he is doing fine this evening and is ready to cause mayhem again.

 Well how about that! We are due over to the grand kids tomorrow before lunch for some romping and stomping and general misbehavior. We think that might end up being a great effort at trying to have tooooo much fun. 


Red Lips

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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We made it all the way on the morning walk at a brisk pace except for when we stopped for a picture. Even when the OFM got near the Castle he was still going strong.

Right after we hit the gravel trail along the shoreline, the OFM noticed a pair of red lips laying on the gravel. ERRRK we had to go check this out.

We got the photograph and headed on along the trail looking for other interesting things. The OFM Camera Team had a busy morning with 47 pictures taken. The weather was not hot and a good breeze was surging through so it was pleasant to be out.

A few years ago a tree fell spanning a water inlet. The root ball was still mostly in the ground and the top landed on some rocks. At first report we thought it would die in that position. Then the next year we reported some growth going on.  We are happy to report the tree is doing well and growing “trees” out of its side.

We had two really large chicken breasts that were needing to be cooked so the OFM got busy after the morning walk. They were chunked out in large pieces and put into the 3 liter cooking pot to simmer to perfection in an olive oil and water mix. Some nice spices were added as the chicken slow cooked for a good while. The chunks were then moved over to a storage container. That left a cup and a half of chicken broth. 

We cannot waste that so in went a cup of brown rice. Hmm.  Next was a can of whole corn that had the salt rinsed off it. Ok. Now we are simmer cooking the rice and the OFM decided to add McCormick Italian seasoning. Then suddenly we also had 2 liters of chicken flavored rice and corn for eating at our leisure. This ought to go well with lots of different things for meals. 

And just think, all this was done by lunch time. The rest of the afternoon was left for us to cause mayhem trying to have tooooo much fun.


Food in the Woods

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The OFM got in a nice 3 mile walk, 75 minutes, in the hot humid still air of the area this morning. He came back to the Castle dripping gallons of sweat. 

The wild grapes in the area are doing well and developing like it might be a good picking year especially for the wine making grapes.

We also got a chance to sample a few ripe black berries and they were coming along very well. But we might not get any of them between the birds and the chiggers living in the brush around the berries. The OFM just plain old hates those sadistic chiggers.

This hot afternoon the OFM went out and played 9 holes of golf by riding a cart (7$). He did well with the heat by riding and parking every chance he got in the shade. Nine holes was definitely enough in this hot sticky weather we have here next to Wheeler Swamp. 

Even when you have to chase your ball all over the earth, we enjoy smacking golf balls around as a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Snow Pile

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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BUSY has been the operative word for the last few days. The OFM is going to have to grab some extra rest pretty soon.

The Castle’s bed has been slowly getting less comfortable for nearly a year. The OFM finally paid attention and diagnosed the trouble. The mattress topper was about 8 years old and had begun to collapse. So out it went.

A trip to Walmart worked out well for a change and a new topper started residency in the Castle.

After a nap and two nights sleeping on it we declare the trouble solved and eliminated. $40 for another 7 years of good sleeping is a bargain in our world.

One of the things that kept the OFM so busy was working on the three paintings that are not finished. This next painting has been posted before but it is in the process of small but important changes.  For the moment it is named FREEDOM and will get to rest and mature a little before the next “improvements”.

On the walk this morning right after the rain quit, we were just moseying and meandering along when the OFM noticed a big pile of snow behind a park building.

So naturally Mr. Nosy had to wander over to wonder about all that snow. As he was standing there looking ignorant as usual, the sign on the entrance to the building caught his attention. MAINTENANCE ENTRY FOR ICE RINK

Well of course DUMMY. They had recently finished the ice skating resurfacing and that was the pile of skimmed ice from that effort.   At least it gave us something to write about tonight. 

You never really know what you might run across when you are out meandering about trying to have tooooo much fun.


Color Editing

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Click a picture to enlarge it.

Does photo color balancing really make any difference to the OFM Teams pictures. We feel it does. We try the auto balance feature of the program we use to “handle” the photos for this blog. It is a free program named Photoscape and you know it is simple to use if the OFM can use it.

Now to show the extremes of balancing just the color can cause. Sometimes it is really great and sometimes it is really sad. Here is the picture of a rock in Flint Creek near the Castle. It is pretty ordinary.

These next few pictures are the original picture from above with the hue and saturation being messed with to create a whole different picture. These are extreme changes for certain but it does show how much difference the editing of the photo color balance can change the photograph.

As you can see, editing can make or break the picture with color balance only.  Editing does take a good bit of practice to learn how to achieve the look you are wanting.

The other editing the OFM uses a lot while editing is cropping. Cropping will be covered in a later blog.

Doing this type of thing to the photos takes some time for each one. We basically have to handle each picture that is published to get it to appear as close to what we  want it to be like. The OFM will readily tell you he is later kindergarten in ability at this editing stuff, but it is a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Vegetable Gardening

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Back a few weeks the OFM Garden Planting Team went over to help the Ward Household acquire some vegetable garden plants and get them into the ground.

The shopping was a great success and lots of fun. Then the planting work began and the supervisor was merciless. This is the first time in over twenty years that the OFM has had female supervision and it was painful. She was very particular and watched every move to be sure it was done exactly to her specification. Madam Piper was definitely up to the job.

Gardener Gavin kept his fingers to the dirt to stay on her good side and worked himself to a frazzle.

Even as we neared the finish the supervisor was still everywhere and nothing missed her noticing it.

By the end of the heavy work we were all tired and ready for rest and refreshments.

Yep family time can be a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Why does the OFM collect so many rocks in his shoes? They all grow to basketball size with very sharp points when they enter the shoe. The minute your foot is removed they shrink so small that the reading lens in the OFM’s trifocal glasses can barely make them out. On a rare occasion a rock will mess up and jump into the OFM’s shoe near a bench. It is almost heavenly to be allowed to sit while a shoe is untied, the rock dumped out and them sit comfortably to re-tie the shoe. One of those happened today. It was wonderful. Here the wonderful bench was with a nice view even.

Lots of large and/or tall trees live along the path. Most of the time the foliage is too thick to get a photograph of one of them. But this one was standing in the sunlight this morning begging for a picture. The path is maintained at 9 feet wide so you can guess how tall the tree is.

We have been noticing a few trees with white splotchy patches of bark for the last week. Then today the OFM realized that all of them have a white band about a foot above the dirt line that goes all around the tree. What kind of tree is it? Do the white splotches indicate anything special?

The OFM tried lengthening his walk this morning back to 3.5 miles and we found out that is a wrong event to participate in. It looks like we are going to be limited to 3 miles and just learn to love it. It is a pretty enough area that we had not gotten bored with the walk yet.

The OFM ordered some more art supplies today. Now all we need to do is spend some time using them. Since he enjoys making bad art so much, we cannot figure out why he doesn’t do more of it. It seems like a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Meal Times

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Click a picture to enlarge it.

What a busy day it has been! But not much to talk about.  A couple of emails asked about what the OFM has for breakfast and other meals. That is easy to answer. If we are near decent restaurant food, we eat out, especially lunch, to give more time for trying to have tooooo much fun. 

Breakfast is either cold cereal with soy milk or eggs, stir fry potatoes, onions and three breakfast little sausages. The beverage is orange juice followed by water. Here is a typical breakfast plate the OFM makes up.

Today we had pulled pork , with pickles and cole slaw on a bun for lunch with sweet tea. It comes from Lawler’s BBQ places around here. We like it very much.

Then today the fixin’s for chicken stoup were on hand so the ingredients were slammed together and simmered to perfection again. Contents are chicken breasts, rice, onion, celery, carrot, fresh ground black pepper. It is always really good according to the OFM and how fast he makes it disappear.

We did get one nice picture of some delicate pink flowers today. Other that this one most all blooming is over until next year.

The OFM Travel Planning Team spent a lot of time looking into this Fall’s travel possibilities. As usual there are way too many opportunities for nice travel.  That means we have a good bit more planning to get done in the next two months. This RV life never seems to relax, there  is always something else to go have fun with. Maybe that is a good thing to always be busy trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Click a picture to enlarge it.

The OFM Walking Team hit the trail a bit earlier today. It was 60 F. The walking was nicer today with the cooler DRY air. We made the three miles easier than the last couple of times and it was a lot more pleasant to NOT be running gallons of sweat for a change.

Along the way we noticed this very nice mimosa flower next to the trail. It was politely sitting there offering to have its picture taken. We took it up on the offer.

Not a lot is happening now that it is lush growing time in the wet warm woods. But the OFM managed to notice this skeletal leaf cluster hanging on the side of a tree. The back lighting made it look different than in the later day when we normally slogged by this point. Check it out.

The OFM Golf Team managed to get over to the golf course and play 9 holes this afternoon. The OFM was well pleased with the new to him soft shafted irons in Ladies Flex. After ALL those shots his hands and elbows still were not hurting. That is a wonderful happening.

He naturally did not play well. The score of 47 is not great but the way the irons performed was great. All shots with the new equipment went in a straight line toward the target. Now we have to play enough to figure out the yardage for each club so a correct choice can be made in the future. He was basically short or long on almost all shots.

Then more important news for us happened today. With the two grand kids now, the OFM asked his son and wife about when would be the best times for the Teams to come to Alabama. After a bit of discussion we arrived at the best times for the OFM Teams to come up here in far north Alabama for the next few years. 

The schedule changes in some small details but remains basically as before. The Whole OFM Mob  will arrive in north Alabama in April and leave north Alabama just ahead of winter in September. Now we can get busy planning for this winter and where to be out trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Click a picture to enlarge it.

The OFM slept like a concrete log last night and woke up still worn out. But the day began anyway. After breakfast he decided he needed to hit the trail again for the 3 mile walk. An off we went.

At the beginning of the part of the walk that goes along the waterfront was a new pond left over from yesterday’s storms. That is the picnic area near the event area. We will see tomorrow if it is still there.

  Along the trails this morning was lots of evidence of the severe rains that hit. Lots of small cuts through the trail toward the water were newly formed. Some places the surfaced part of the trail was cut clear down to the mud. However all the water did kick off a bunch of flowers to blooming. Here is some getting ready to show off.

The tiredness in the OFM showed up after about two miles and the pace slowed.  He was really happy to see the start of the last 1/4 mile stretch toward the Castle.

A lot of research went into figuring out where to go when we leave here. Nothing was decided except it will not be into colder territory.

Since the TV went away it dawned on the brilliant OFM that maybe we ought to get the  TV antenna off the roof. That way it will not get caught in any overhead stuff to cause tears or holes in the roof.  So here it is just before being added to the garbage pile.

It has been a bit over four years now that the TV had not been used. So lighten the load.  The square aluminum struts were salvage since they can be used to build things in the future.

It was a very busy day and the OFM is still recovering from Gavin and Piper activities. It is very nice but very tiring. Raising kids is for young folks. But playing with the kids is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


The Chunk

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Click a picture to enlarge it.

Quick to the point. The OFM and the grand kids and their parents had a great time today. Here is the OFM dancing with his grand daughter whom he affectionately calls “The Chunk”. 

As you can see he can barely hold her. We ate great oriental food and had tooooo much fun all over the house.


Rain Play

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Click a picture to enlarge it.

The new toys of yesterday got played with today. After the stove was scrubbed then the bathroom got a good cleaning. The Old Fat Man rested a bit. Then a bit more cleaning. Ok enough of that for today. The rain continued on.

The new toys were calling. The OFM had never used professional level paints before and it was quite an experience. It is a lot more pigment in the paint and handles somewhat different than the cheaper styles of watercolor paint.

But he persevered and some paper was wasted. It will take a bit of practice to get the hang of the pro paints.

It was meant to be just a bunch of lines to feel out the new paint. But eventually the OFM had to try to make it look like something. What is it supposed to look like we have no idea!  Anyway he had some fun learning about using this higher quality paint as a way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Toys And Memories

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Click a picture to enlarge it.

Something got the OFM to thinking ( yes he can) about something. Then that reminded him about the Wisdom book we keep adding to in the Castle. It has been with our teams for over twenty years now.

It is just a cheap old school writing book probably from Walmart. However the information inside is critically valuable to the Teams. It is a recording of many of the life’s lessons that have entered our lives.

What is in the book? Any thing the Teams thinks has some importance at all.  We go back through it now and then when a refresher in living is needed. For this blog entry we grabbed part of a page so our readers can see some of what we think is important.

New Toys came in today and the OFM danced around like he could actually dance (he can’t). There are some rainy days in our near future so he will get great fun in wasting more paper.

The day was an incredibly active day so we are planning on an early shower and bed time. It will be nice going to bed early from being tired from trying hard to have tooooo much fun.