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Flashing Leaves

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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What a difference nine hours of good sleep made! The better attitude that went with it certainly made today a lot better. The morning walk produced nothing spectacular it seemed but when we got home to the Castle the silly camera had 43 pictures stored inside it. And sure enough as usual about 10% were good enough to add to a blog dissertation. 

One of the nice events was remembering to check on the local wild berry crop. We are happy to report that they seem to be coming along well. Starting tomorrow we are supposed to be getting some rain so that should help the little prickly devils out with getting bigger fast. Check’em out.

Parts of the woods that the path goes through is fairly dim due to the overhead canopy of tree growth. As we approached one section flashes of light seemed to be erupting here and there in a section ahead near the path. We saw more of the flashes as we got closer. The OFM took some precaution and slowed the pace until we could tell what was going on. It turned out to be a neat experience.

Some large leafed plants growing less that two feet tall with large leaves were waving in the breeze coming off Flint Creek.  Now and then a stronger gust of wind would come through and flip a bunch of the leaves over as they waved in the wind. On top of that at this few minutes of the day sunlight came through the canopy in a myriad of thin streaks to reflect off the overturning leaves. That is what was causing the flashes of light. It was an amazing natural phenomena. 

The OFM tried to catch it on camera but all we could get is a shot of the momentary turn over of the leaves. A thin but sufficient cloud was passing by as we came into the area. A movie camera would have be awesome to have. Yes the little camera takes film clips but the OFM is too dumb to know how to use it that way. Here is what the leaves looked like without the light flash.

Back at the Castle with time to ponder important things is a bad event when it involves the OFM. He got to looking at the TV on the wall behind the dinette. Hmmm That silly TV has not been used in at least four years. Why is it still in the Castle? We don’t know was our answer. Hmmm is there something better to use that section of wall for in our small home (149 square feet). 

The Teams are excellent at coming up with ideas when no limits are involved. And we all did come up with some “ideas”. But one idea did seem to have merit and Teams vote was unanimous. So it was off to Walmart for supplies. 

Sure enough Walmart had the item we planned on purchasing, but they also had a couple of alternatives. So it was  time for a Team meeting again. The Team meeting was going rather well if a little animated as the OFM acted out some of the ideas. He called it planning. Keep in mind that as usual most of the Team members are invisible to normal humans. And we all know the OFM is not normal.

For some reason the aisles around us cleared out and we had lots of room for discussion. The final decision was to purchase a bulletin board to fill the area. Then the OFM can pin the paintings that are in progress to it so his interest will do a lot less waning.

The TV was removed and is now at a new home in a different campsite. We got the bulletin board mounted and the idea seems to be a good one for a change. The OFM even let us put two in progress paintings on it already. On the right is our Piper and Gavin calendar.

Now we think that personal OFM paintings and pictures of the grand kids is a much better item to have on the wall than an unused TV.

Yep we certainly improved our chances of having tooooo much fun today. 

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