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Snow Pile

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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BUSY has been the operative word for the last few days. The OFM is going to have to grab some extra rest pretty soon.

The Castle’s bed has been slowly getting less comfortable for nearly a year. The OFM finally paid attention and diagnosed the trouble. The mattress topper was about 8 years old and had begun to collapse. So out it went.

A trip to Walmart worked out well for a change and a new topper started residency in the Castle.

After a nap and two nights sleeping on it we declare the trouble solved and eliminated. $40 for another 7 years of good sleeping is a bargain in our world.

One of the things that kept the OFM so busy was working on the three paintings that are not finished. This next painting has been posted before but it is in the process of small but important changes.  For the moment it is named FREEDOM and will get to rest and mature a little before the next “improvements”.

On the walk this morning right after the rain quit, we were just moseying and meandering along when the OFM noticed a big pile of snow behind a park building.

So naturally Mr. Nosy had to wander over to wonder about all that snow. As he was standing there looking ignorant as usual, the sign on the entrance to the building caught his attention. MAINTENANCE ENTRY FOR ICE RINK

Well of course DUMMY. They had recently finished the ice skating resurfacing and that was the pile of skimmed ice from that effort.   At least it gave us something to write about tonight. 

You never really know what you might run across when you are out meandering about trying to have tooooo much fun.

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