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Feeling Rough

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Good grief the OFM did not feel like rising from the dead to start a new day. For some reason his body did not feel good. After giving that some thought, the OFM’s brain (yes he has one even if it is marginally functional) decided he had no idea why he was so marginal. However past experience said that the OFM Speed Walking Team should not hit the road until his OLD body seemed better.

OK breakfast was eaten and the Teams voted to do laundry so no other campers would be killed in the stampede to run away if the OFM showed his indescribable body to the world. The laundry room was ready for us and we went to work. The machine was started and the Team headed back to the Castle.

The vacuum cleaner was brought out and the Castle given a good sucking. By the finish of that chore it was time to head back to the laundry to shift the clothing to the dryer.

With that done, the OFM dropped into the campground office to say HI to anyone moving around. There was Kelli at her control center where she keeps everything in good order around this place. A few minutes visit and it was back to the Castle and some more organizing.

Soon it was time to pick up the clothing and bring it back to the Castle for storing. We got the clothing back and sorted, hanging clothing hanged. Container clothing contained and the bed got its fresh clean items installed for a wonderful sleep tonight.

Of interest to a few folks who have blogged about getting rid of unused things lately, we found a pair of pants and two pair of shorts that had not been used in over a year. Into a bag they went and are now residing in the big dumpster at the end of the road. Yep the OFM has no mercy with weight but no function items in the Castle. It was now 0915.

A quick look around and we put the OFM Cooking Team to work. This time it is chicken, brown rice, celery, onions, corn and carrots for our pleasure. Here the stoup is in progress of cooking.

When the stoup was ready it was put into meal size containers for storage. They were stacked into a tree shape to cool for a bit.

Then three of the meals worth of food went into the freezer.

The package of meat in there is some delicious pork chops waiting to contribute to the well being of the OFM Teams.

Whew we are finished with all that effort including washing everything and it is now 1030. It is a good thing we are taking it easy this morning so we will be well rested for trying to have tooooo much fun this afternoon.

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