Heavy Foliage


Black and Juicy

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The fun began early and continued until late afternoon when the OFM passed out for a nap.

At the beginning it was a normal speed walk attempt on the trails of the park. We got an early start and not too many folks were out and about yet. Critters were out and about in a nice quantity. One of the critters was this bee on the  mimosa blossom. It was very busy and the picture was taken with the bee “on the run” from about six feet away.

Anyway the walk finished with no injuries or blood letting so we called in a major success and did our little weight exercise session. The sweat was in great quantity but the temperature was about 71 and 863% humidity. When he finished, the OFM went inside to get all prettied up for our special lunch date.

When everything about the OFM was as good as we could get it (Oh well) Sierra took us over to the grand kids home. After arrival we were dragged into the free for all fun session going on in Piper’s bed room. Two adults, one sort of adult (the OFM) and two grand kids had a blast wrestling, tossing light rubber balls and generally being uncontrolled for about a half hour. The OFM had to stop to rest and the rest of the bunch decided it was time to leave for lunch.

The restaurant chosen is a very good one in Huntsville. The service was good and the food was the usual EXCELLENT. The grandkids were fairly well behaved which was nice.

The restaurant was in the rear view mirror when the fun started in the back seats. The OFM and the grands were not on their best behavior on the way home. Sure enough the two grands teamed up and worked grandpa over pretty severely. That is the reason he had the nap after we returned to the Castle. WOW what a workout.

A couple of years ago the OFM helped plant three blackberry plants in back yard of the house. They are producing like crazy this year. The OFM’s DIL gave him a nice small package of blackberries from the three plants.

The OFM had to insist that this was enough for now.  She showed me the 5+ gallons of berries she already had frozen and assured me that the plants were still producing many more as we spoke. They are huge and very sweet too. Looks like the OFM needs to get busy on the black berry eating doesn’t it.

In the mean time the OFM needs some serious rest before he gets busy trying to have tooooo much fun again.

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