Big Bend National Park


Building A Nest

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The morning speed walk was slowed for a minute or two  for watching a turtle prepare a nest in the woods close to the walking trail. We were soon back on speed and making good time. Then the resistance exercises took a few minutes back at the Castle. But when it was all said and done we were within the planned times for each event.

What planned times? According to the several sites the OFM checked he needs to walk at a 20 minute a mile pace to do his body good. So far we are meeting or beating a 42 minute 2.2 miles without any trouble including taking pictures or watching turtles build nests. At this time we have been making the walk 6 times a week. There is usually one day a week that it rains or something happens to stop the usual morning speed walk. 

We got a good picture of one of the deaths due to the short severe wind storms this area is famous for having. A good number of trees have been getting snapped of in the last three weeks.  This is a pretty good size tree that apparently went down a couple of days ago.

All through the area downed tree "get rid of it" companies have been getting in lots of work doing clean up. One thing about living in a forest, you will have greenery to take care of of one sort or another.  Lots of yard maintenance companies around here also. The OFM thinks  RV no yard=no yard work.

We hit up Lawlers BBQ again today. Only we had a BBQ sandwich at the store and brought home one of their little stuffed baked potato orders.  Tonight half of it was supper and the other half waits to learn of its fate while keeping cool in the refrigerator. Check it out.

Most of the day has been spent working on a painting and making up color charts for helping the OFM remember which color is what color. When the charts are finished we will publish pictures and the story about what he has to do to get the colors near correct in a painting.

It has been a really busy day again but it was well spent in trying to have tooooo much fun in several ways.

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