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Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Why does the OFM collect so many rocks in his shoes? They all grow to basketball size with very sharp points when they enter the shoe. The minute your foot is removed they shrink so small that the reading lens in the OFM’s trifocal glasses can barely make them out. On a rare occasion a rock will mess up and jump into the OFM’s shoe near a bench. It is almost heavenly to be allowed to sit while a shoe is untied, the rock dumped out and them sit comfortably to re-tie the shoe. One of those happened today. It was wonderful. Here the wonderful bench was with a nice view even.

Lots of large and/or tall trees live along the path. Most of the time the foliage is too thick to get a photograph of one of them. But this one was standing in the sunlight this morning begging for a picture. The path is maintained at 9 feet wide so you can guess how tall the tree is.

We have been noticing a few trees with white splotchy patches of bark for the last week. Then today the OFM realized that all of them have a white band about a foot above the dirt line that goes all around the tree. What kind of tree is it? Do the white splotches indicate anything special?

The OFM tried lengthening his walk this morning back to 3.5 miles and we found out that is a wrong event to participate in. It looks like we are going to be limited to 3 miles and just learn to love it. It is a pretty enough area that we had not gotten bored with the walk yet.

The OFM ordered some more art supplies today. Now all we need to do is spend some time using them. Since he enjoys making bad art so much, we cannot figure out why he doesn’t do more of it. It seems like a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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