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WOW Memories

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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During his life the OFM has been to a few spectacular locations to check things out. Most of those things have NOT been man made. His tour of Viet Nam was not a total waste of time as he got to see some unreal beautiful scenery over there.

Western USA has had his attention most of his life since his first Viewmaster showed him the world is an amazing place if you get off your ass and go see it. 

This painting is a blend of memories from the OFM’s past. There has been WOW places in the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, Arizona and especially New Mexico and Texas. For those who would like to access a real scene like the painting, the most civil place the Teams know of to see it unspoiled is at the end of the Panther Cave trail in Seminole Canyon Texas State Park. You can literally hang your toes off the cliff as you look waaaaay down there at the Rio Grande River and Mexico.

With all that verbiage out of the way, Here is the latest painting with oil pastels on the wrong kind of paper. It was finished about 1630 today and was a major trip down memory lane. That means the Teams need to get busy accumulating lots more memories while the OFM can still walk.

Now that is definitely a good reason to get busy running around trying to have tooooo much fun.

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