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Color Editing

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Does photo color balancing really make any difference to the OFM Teams pictures. We feel it does. We try the auto balance feature of the program we use to “handle” the photos for this blog. It is a free program named Photoscape and you know it is simple to use if the OFM can use it.

Now to show the extremes of balancing just the color can cause. Sometimes it is really great and sometimes it is really sad. Here is the picture of a rock in Flint Creek near the Castle. It is pretty ordinary.

These next few pictures are the original picture from above with the hue and saturation being messed with to create a whole different picture. These are extreme changes for certain but it does show how much difference the editing of the photo color balance can change the photograph.

As you can see, editing can make or break the picture with color balance only.  Editing does take a good bit of practice to learn how to achieve the look you are wanting.

The other editing the OFM uses a lot while editing is cropping. Cropping will be covered in a later blog.

Doing this type of thing to the photos takes some time for each one. We basically have to handle each picture that is published to get it to appear as close to what we  want it to be like. The OFM will readily tell you he is later kindergarten in ability at this editing stuff, but it is a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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