Nice Morning


Lots of Action

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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We rolled into the grand kids driveway right on time.  The present for Piper was in hand as we rang the doorbell. And that was the start of the mayhem.

Gavin was keyed up as usual and flitting all over the place. Piper was more reserved but still extremely active. The present was explained to Piper and then put on the kitchen counter. It is a sign to go over her bedroom door to let everyone know who lives there.

Then we all went to lunch and had a very active time of eating with two over active kids. But the food was good.  Back home the kid activity continued at an unreal pace until the worn out OFM had to head home and collapse. But we certainly earned our right to claim “we claim to have worked hard at having tooooo much fun”..

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