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Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The OFM slept like a concrete log last night and woke up still worn out. But the day began anyway. After breakfast he decided he needed to hit the trail again for the 3 mile walk. An off we went.

At the beginning of the part of the walk that goes along the waterfront was a new pond left over from yesterday’s storms. That is the picnic area near the event area. We will see tomorrow if it is still there.

  Along the trails this morning was lots of evidence of the severe rains that hit. Lots of small cuts through the trail toward the water were newly formed. Some places the surfaced part of the trail was cut clear down to the mud. However all the water did kick off a bunch of flowers to blooming. Here is some getting ready to show off.

The tiredness in the OFM showed up after about two miles and the pace slowed.  He was really happy to see the start of the last 1/4 mile stretch toward the Castle.

A lot of research went into figuring out where to go when we leave here. Nothing was decided except it will not be into colder territory.

Since the TV went away it dawned on the brilliant OFM that maybe we ought to get the  TV antenna off the roof. That way it will not get caught in any overhead stuff to cause tears or holes in the roof.  So here it is just before being added to the garbage pile.

It has been a bit over four years now that the TV had not been used. So lighten the load.  The square aluminum struts were salvage since they can be used to build things in the future.

It was a very busy day and the OFM is still recovering from Gavin and Piper activities. It is very nice but very tiring. Raising kids is for young folks. But playing with the kids is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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