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Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The OFM Walking Team hit the trail a bit earlier today. It was 60 F. The walking was nicer today with the cooler DRY air. We made the three miles easier than the last couple of times and it was a lot more pleasant to NOT be running gallons of sweat for a change.

Along the way we noticed this very nice mimosa flower next to the trail. It was politely sitting there offering to have its picture taken. We took it up on the offer.

Not a lot is happening now that it is lush growing time in the wet warm woods. But the OFM managed to notice this skeletal leaf cluster hanging on the side of a tree. The back lighting made it look different than in the later day when we normally slogged by this point. Check it out.

The OFM Golf Team managed to get over to the golf course and play 9 holes this afternoon. The OFM was well pleased with the new to him soft shafted irons in Ladies Flex. After ALL those shots his hands and elbows still were not hurting. That is a wonderful happening.

He naturally did not play well. The score of 47 is not great but the way the irons performed was great. All shots with the new equipment went in a straight line toward the target. Now we have to play enough to figure out the yardage for each club so a correct choice can be made in the future. He was basically short or long on almost all shots.

Then more important news for us happened today. With the two grand kids now, the OFM asked his son and wife about when would be the best times for the Teams to come to Alabama. After a bit of discussion we arrived at the best times for the OFM Teams to come up here in far north Alabama for the next few years. 

The schedule changes in some small details but remains basically as before. The Whole OFM Mob  will arrive in north Alabama in April and leave north Alabama just ahead of winter in September. Now we can get busy planning for this winter and where to be out trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Hi. Sounds like you have changed your mind about having a home base? I am happy you are happy with the golf clubs.

  2. The homebase concept is still under consideration since the homebase would be in north Alabama. Just what the homebase concept would be like is less firm now.

  3. For some reason I thought you had gotten rid of your golf clubs? I must be confusing you with someone else.

    Good on you for working in so many daily miles.

  4. Even with a Homebase does not mean the end of your RV Travels.
    Keeping our bodies fit and mobile is the challenge.
    Trying the new to you golf clubs was a great way of having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The homebase mess is more about medical things than anything else. At 73 years old and single, I feel I need to provide for later aging troubles.

    2. I think it is very wise to make plans for your later years now that you are able to make these decisions.

  5. I never played a round of golf. My brother-in-law loves to golf and does so as much as possible.