Nice Morning


Red Lips

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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We made it all the way on the morning walk at a brisk pace except for when we stopped for a picture. Even when the OFM got near the Castle he was still going strong.

Right after we hit the gravel trail along the shoreline, the OFM noticed a pair of red lips laying on the gravel. ERRRK we had to go check this out.

We got the photograph and headed on along the trail looking for other interesting things. The OFM Camera Team had a busy morning with 47 pictures taken. The weather was not hot and a good breeze was surging through so it was pleasant to be out.

A few years ago a tree fell spanning a water inlet. The root ball was still mostly in the ground and the top landed on some rocks. At first report we thought it would die in that position. Then the next year we reported some growth going on.  We are happy to report the tree is doing well and growing “trees” out of its side.

We had two really large chicken breasts that were needing to be cooked so the OFM got busy after the morning walk. They were chunked out in large pieces and put into the 3 liter cooking pot to simmer to perfection in an olive oil and water mix. Some nice spices were added as the chicken slow cooked for a good while. The chunks were then moved over to a storage container. That left a cup and a half of chicken broth. 

We cannot waste that so in went a cup of brown rice. Hmm.  Next was a can of whole corn that had the salt rinsed off it. Ok. Now we are simmer cooking the rice and the OFM decided to add McCormick Italian seasoning. Then suddenly we also had 2 liters of chicken flavored rice and corn for eating at our leisure. This ought to go well with lots of different things for meals. 

And just think, all this was done by lunch time. The rest of the afternoon was left for us to cause mayhem trying to have tooooo much fun.

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