Eye Exam Finally Coming


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 29, 2024

It has been a dreary cold damp nasty day for most of the day. BUT a good thing happened early this morning when an eye doctor had an opening next Tuesday for the OFM to get a new glasses prescription. So at 08am next Tuesday the Teams need to be at the front door of his office ready to get examined. This is the eye doc from before the bad eye accident happened a couple years ago. We shall find out what is next soon we hope.

A walk in the nasty weather did happen.

It was only a mile and a miserable mile it was. We gladly cut it short and headed for inside activities.

We have been looking over the income tax mess and after getting some answers to some questions today, we are going to take another try at understanding the tax return with the help of the folks who did the first work. So that is in the near future.

And after lunch at Burger King in Priceville we messed around in Walmart considering many different things for purchase since a lot of things in the Castle are getting very worn likely will need replacing during this next year. It has been a full day of efforts but a lot of organizing has been accomplished.

The OFM is Ready for new glasses so he can feel better about pulling a trailer on down the road SAFELY with decent eyesight again.

Let us all relax and get a great nights sleep.


Domestic Duties Required


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 28, 2024

Today the main exercise was running to get out of the cold rain a few times we tried to be out and about. First thing this morning after breakfast was to run to the nearby Local Walmart grocery. We had to run in the rain to get inside and run to get into Sierra leaving. Then back at the Castle we unloaded the groceries in a light rain. This was not a wonderful beginning.

The temps were dropping heading for near freezing tonight then mid fifties tomorrow. So the Teams did the usual and prepared more stoup for suppers. And as usual the stoup was different than the picture we took of the original plan.

But as usual it turned out great with the added ingredients and based on a Knorr dry mix. We now have another three meals in the freezer for a current total of ten meals available. Who says the OFMan cannot cook?

Not only that, we can do laundry when it needs doing. Which was this afternoon. So we grabbed the necessary items and headed to the campground laundry.

The running time for a wash and dry is about an hour and the laundry stays pretty clean all the time. Total coins cost was $2.50. Soon back at the Castle we had everything back in its place and we did not get rained on coming or going to the laundry room.

And that is how domestic duty for this RVer went today.

We hope everyone has a good time trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow. Good Night.


Simplifying Again


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 27, 2024

The night of Feb 25 we had two ambulance runs inside the campground. Today we found out both cases were men with heart mis- adventures that they survived. We did not know either of them and do wish them good luck with the recoveries.

This morning was not right for decent walking. The winds were really gusting and strong with light sprinkle mixed in to liven things up bit. We passed on that excitement.

We even put off a local grocery store run until better weather weather tomorrow. Most of the day was spent piddling into our future to try to set up some plans for fun.

Probably the most fun item was trying to work out what our next coloring effort will be like. The effort we were trying again to use water color pencils was scrapped and cut up to be note pad paper. We typically cut up junk paper to note pad size and hold it together with a binder clip. It sure is cheaper than buying note pads at the store and turns trash into worthwhile items.

Tonight we finally broke down and went to Lawlers BBQ to get a Tuesday special stuffed potato. It was very good and will supply one more meal for the OFM Teams. $8.50.

One other little chore The OFM is doing is inventorying The Castle and Sierra to see what else we can get rid of. In the last year aging has caused some small and some large changes in our future living style. We are finding it good to go through each storage spot in the vehicles, Castle and Sierra to verify that the items are still something we still think we could need in our future. Or as importantly can the OFM still use the item or do we need something different in our arsenal of stuff. So far for the last month it has proven very valuable to make these changes.

We seem to be getting closer to fitting perfectly in a good bit shorter rig without scrunching up at all. We just like a very simple lifestyle.

Have tooooo much fun if you can.


Hurricane Creek Park


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 26, 2024

Not a lot accomplished today but we did make a second run to Hurricane Creek Park a bit north of Cullman Alabama. Put that name in a computer search and lots of nice pictures will come up to view. The first time we went there the OFM was having illness like flu symptoms and the trail at the start of the three mile path was just too much for him. Today he was in decent walking shape but the beginning of the trail was still too much for his wobbly walk. So once again we called it NOPE due to his physical inabilities. Check out the photos in that web site and make your own decision if the trail is fine for your ability or not.

It is definitely in a beautiful very rugged part of the area and we wish the OFM was 20 years younger and did not have so many wobbly leg joints.

The rest of the day was spent playing with the watercolor pencils trying to feel comfortable doing coloring using them. Along about dark we finally gave up on the watercolor pencils for our third time this year and put them away. Back to colored pencils was the decision. So tomorrow we will be searching for our next coloring project.

No matter what; get busy enjoying your life because it is tooooo much fun to waste.


Gray Bird


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 25, 2024

A fabulous day greeted us this at first crack of the Castle's door to check the outside.

That is the morning sunshine that slammed happily into our eyes to start our day. And the day got better as it went along.

The temp was about 67F and a hint of a breeze. When we finished breakfast the Teams looked at each other and got them walking shoes on and away we went to gather in all those good feelings out there. A new combination of trails was chosen and boy were they good. We ended up walking along what we call Flint Creek Beach when the lake levels are down and here is what it looks like on a good day.

From here we motivated along the trails toward the Tennessee River junction where there is a bench to rest and enjoy watching the river flow by as Flint Creek joins it from the left. This is a very good bench location in the hot summer time. Lots of shade here then.

A little farther along is where we like to turn back to the campground and we did. You get your choice of three return routes and we chose to stay near the creek for our return. It ended up being 2.86 miles of walking and was just right today.

Then we had lunch with our normal lunch person Jerry and a wonderful time of visiting. His girlfriend is on her way back from nursing a friend down in lower Florida and he is glad to know she is headed back home.

After lunch the OFM Teams went back to the Castle to work on the latest coloring but a nap got in the way and delayed things about 45 minutes AND IT FELT REALLY GOOD. But we did finish the coloring Gray Bird and mounted the coloring in a handy frame for your enjoyment.

That pretty well takes care of a very good day of enjoyable events for the OFM Teams.

Sleep well and have tooooo much fun tomorrow.


Nice Cloud


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 24, 2024

The OFM life is slowing down a good bit it seems and his age is contributing to some of the slowing down. A nice long talk with an older friend this afternoon led to a discussion about our futures. OFM is 77 right now and Old Friend is 83 and we had some wonderful conversation about what our aging is causing in our lives. He has Rved a lot during his life and the OFM is in year 17 of full time Rving. Both of us are finding limits to our get up and go.

Nothing really exciting happened today. The mile morning walk got a nice start with this beautiful little cloud supervising our walk down to the dumpster with the trash.

The dumpsters seem to fill up very fast these days. There are five large ones and as far as I know they need emptying every morning. That is a lot of stuff 250+ campsites generate to haul away every day.

We did get in some nice visits with local campers and the piles of fun they are having lazing around the area.

We are working on getting some new colorings started very soon but we are taking our time choosing our task goal. FUN is still our primary goal of this life we live now.

Every one relax and take it easy tomorrow.


Gentle Smoothness


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 23, 2024

We got in a nice meandering walk today sort of by accident and it ended up being about 2.5 miles. That is our guess after mapping all of the walk we could recall this evening. But we do know it was very refreshing for the Teams.

We also got a new coloring finished after working on it now and then for the last several weeks as the moment struck our fancy. It incorporates a couple of new techniques we are still trying to become proficient using.

We finally got a new neighbor next door. That site has been empty for about 3-4 weeks. They have a fifth wheel that seems longer than legal. We hope to meet the folks tomorrow sometime. The OFM likes to know his neighbors.

Taking a short nap today turned into a long nap and now the OFM feels a LOT better than earlier today.

When supper time came home to the Castle, the OFM got lazy but innovative.

Some Walmart pre-mix salad mix, canned chicken and Lawlers BBQ sauce made a really fine supper.

So good in fact it is on the repeat it list for meal.

Alright everyone it is time to kick back and relax as the spring weather moves into the area with a gentle smoothness to make the OFM smile BIG.


Dark Excitement


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 22, 2024

We got in a nice walk today sort of by accident and it ended up being about 2.5 miles. It started with a walk over to the main dumpsters to drop some meat waste to get it away from the Castle area. Then the path looped around part of the golf course and near the big drainage for the golf course back into the river. The day was being so nice we just kept on walking around to the back of the campground and wiggled around here and there in the nice morning atmosphere until we returned to the Castle. No rhyme or reason just nice walking in the area.

Grocery shopping did happen and six bags of food followed us home to make the OFM smile.

But there was a little excitement this evening when we came back to the campground right after dark. As we turned down the darkish road to our campsite we saw a blob in the road in the headlights of Sierra. Since we could not quite make it out we slowed and stopped.

In a couple of minutes the object started to move. It was a lady carrying a child in arms trying to force another very small and resistant child to get out of the road in the dark. They had a bit of “conversation” and finally moved to the side of the street. As we started to move on, what should appear in our headlights is another small kid on a beginner bike riding right down the center of the one lane road into our headlights. We stayed stopped as mommy screamed to the kid on the bike to get out of the road. The kid kept on headed straight for Sierras front center of the bumper even though we were stopped. About five feet from our bumper of the not moving Sierra, mama finally was able to divert the biker kid to miss Sierra and go onto the shoulder gravel and fall clear. So we eased out of there and disappeared around the bend in the road. If we see a small kid with a bandaged butt tomorrow we bet we know why it has the “special” clothing accessory.

Meanwhile no blood shed so we are all OK.

Every one have a nice evening and rest well tonight.


New Gravel


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 21, 2024

We got rolling early this morning to a spot that we thought would be a good walking area. After we messed around there for a few minutes we decided it was not a good location for the OFM Teams to play and we left and went back to Decatur. This location might be much better come summer.

Sierra has found a soft spot in our campsite that was working on being a mud hole. We reported it to the maintenance fellow and he and the OFM took a quick look at it and he told us he would get it handled right away. So we left to have fun and when we returned the spot was well taken care of as usual.

We got in a decent amount of random walking here and there around the area to get in our exercise. We even hit up an old not maintained trail to check it out and sure enough it is in bad shape since it is just a bit to low to stand the high creek water depths frequently. We doubt we will try that old trail again.

We had a sort of disorganized day of doing things but we did catch the sunset at the last few minutes down at the creek. We think it made a nice picture ourselves.

Have a very nice night everyone.


Lake Lower Again Already


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 20, 2024

It has been a goofed up day but let us report it anyway. The OFM days are usually a bit unorganized especially in the morning. We set a new record today. About 20 minutes into our walk this morning we got into a conversation with nice folks about full time Rving and that lasted over an hour. Then we all wandered off to finish a walk.

Back up to the OFM walk start. First thing we got to the small full creek we shot the picture of the heron in yesterday. Well 24 hours later there was not enough water in it for a bird to feed.

The lake water level folks are certainly busy these days. So we cut on out to loop the golf course. About twenty minutes later we got stopped and ended up visiting for a loooong time discussing full time Rving. By the time this conversation ended we decided to grab a couple of pictures and head back to the Castle. So we got in about ¾ mile of a walk and met a few very nice folks.

As it worked out we got two pictures shot at maximum telephoto for our little camera from the turn around spot. These pictures were shot hand held at about 30X all the way across Flint Creek near where it joins the Tennessee River.

Those are crappie fishermen working a large pot hole in the lake bottom for supper.

This next super telephoto picture is of a boat ramp across the creek where you can put in kayaks and other paddle boats to to fish the junction of the Tennessee River and Flint Creek.

Normally the OFM cannot make out the ramp over there without his binoculars but it showed up well this mornings telephoto shot.

The OFM had a less than his best afternoon and ended up bed wallowing for a few hours before having chicken stoup for a late supper. We plan to be back in full force in the morning. There are photos down near Cullman Al. we are wanting to take. Good night Folks.


Hungry Heron


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 19, 2024

A beautiful day greeted the OFM Teams as we exited the Castle this morning. One of the first things we noticed was the Tennessee River was already back down from the rains of the last couple of days. We guess about 2 feet of drop over night. Apparently they are getting ready for more flooding rain up stream from in Tennessee State. The River Authorities are responsible for keeping flash flooding controlled a long the river as well as keeping the barges floating bringing stuff to and from the cities along the river.

When we got to the shoe tying bench to get our shoes right, there were these hand weights still sitting there from yesterday.

The OFM picked them up to feel how well they balanced in his hands for carrying while walking. No Thanks. Maybe the owner will find them and be glad.

A bit on along the trail was a skinny heron looking for food. We could not get a picture of it from the correct direction so please take our work for it this bird had to have been hungry for a few days.

We wished it good luck and went on our way.

A bit farther along we came across a nice scene that we made a candidate for our next attempt at doing an entire picture from scratch. This scene looked simple but nice so we chose it for our next art step.

And yep we are keeping an eye on that root that caused the OFM so much body damage a couple weeks before Christmas. The root is  healthy and ready for a rematch but it will not be the OFM.

That's it for tonight. Sleep well and be careful near tree roots.


Friendly Pups

Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 18, 2024

Mostly a breezy COLD day here at Point Mallard Campground. This morning we chose to take our trash over to the dumpsters on the other side of the campground just to see how the outside conditions were before we chose a route for a nice walk.

NICE WALK? IN THIS COLD? YEP. Check out this sunshine and blue skies about 1000 this morning.

As it worked out we chose a route that got us a nice 1.75 mile walk. It consisted of combined chunks out of seven of the many trails in this park. It also got us on gravel trail, paved road, paved walking path and a short slightly rough portion of graveled trail. The whole route turned out to be a nice break for the OFM Team. We plan on doing it more often since it is a very convenient and comfortable walk.

Along the way we got to meet some really friendly pups out for a wonderful jaunt to meet and greet folks and other pups. Most of all the pups we meet on these trails a really happy to get a little petting and ear scratching before they giggle on their way.

And finally we would like to introduce to our latest coloring adventure. After we stumbled onto some Internet information and digested it for a few days we decided to give water color pencils another try for coloring. Here is the first phase of a new and different style of doing water color pencil coloring. We have no idea yet if there is even a slight chance the OFM can handle the new effort but my readers get to suffer through this new whimsy as he struggles with it. First phase shown next.

Good luck to us as we try to become better.



Trying To Plan


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 17, 2024

Mostly a calm COLD day here at Point Mallard Campground. We did some roaming on the computer trying to decide about if we want to roll or not. We are having such a nice time being near the grands and their parents that we are not really excited to leave just yet. Probably the biggest thing is we do not yet have a location we really want to go to for now.

The OFM seem to have hit a good learning period with his coloring fun. Today we finished this coloring, Morning Sun, after three weeks and already have learned about new techniques that would be nice to have and know how to use on this coloring.

The cold weather in this wet swampy area is not fun to run around outside in. So in the morning we plan an early trip to Walmart to do some in store walking for exercise and that gets boring fast. According to the local weather this cold session is very likely to be the last until after next Fall.

A couple of other residents here keep telling the OFM about some really nice localish camping in the mountains places with nice camp ground and great trails. Localish to them means no more than 150 miles away (3 hrs) up in beautiful mountains. In fact one couple pulled out two days ago to do their winter tour of a couple of weeks. So the OFM is actually thinking of staying east of the Mississippi this spring to check out these closer opportunities during flowers time.

As you can tell the OFM is trying to make a correct decision about his near future. Have fun every one.


Sunny Day For Walking Exercise


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 16, 2024

Not a lot happened but it was nice to go to the grocery store early this morning and have only a few folks there. The shelves were stocked with what we needed and it only took three bags to carry it all out to Sierra.

Back at the Castle we got it all in and put away quickly. We left the door open and the screen door closed for a couple of hours since it was such nice weather.

Soon we headed out for a good walk but we do not recall how far it was but we paid attention to the sun mostly along the paths we took.

With fresh items on hand some great pork chop stoup was constructed. That let us store four meals for our future joyful consumption.

Most of the rest of the day was spent working on straightening the trailer up and cleaning a bit but a lot more coloring a nice scene that we hope to have it come out wonderful. We shall see.

Basically it was a very calm day as we await the moderate freezing temperatures each night for the next three nights. We did get in a couple more short pleasant walks here in the campground just for the fresh air and break from coloring.

Have a great time and we will report back tomorrow about the icy night we are supposed to enjoy tonight.


Finally Repairs And Chores Done


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 15, 2024

Well it finally got here. This day all the HAD TO DO chores AND REPAIRS from years of travel were finished. Now we have the chance to roll again but the OFM is not having any strong push to roll to anywhere in particular. After 16 years of nearly full time rolling we have been enjoying this easy time in Grand-kid land and we really like it here. We think we will let this settle in on us a bit before we choose the next adventures for our life. Even some style of life change is not ruled out at this time as long as it does not involve out of country travel.

So every one have a great time trying to have tooooo much fun.


Back To Walking Finally


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 14, 2024

Today is the anniversary date of when the OFM got drafted for his all expenses paid tour of south Vietnam in 1969. He served with the 82nd Airborne and 101st Airmobile as combat infantry.

The local area had dried out enough and the temperature gone up enough to be time for a pleasant walk and we took the opportunity for a nice 2.6 mile walk this morning. It was great and felt really good to get out without having to dodge mother nature so much. Here is where we turned onto the path system from the campground.

Shortly after getting going we passed the location of the dry two days ago drainage from the campground. Today it had 3.5 feet of water in it according to the levels posted for the lake. The change was dramatic we think.

Not much farther along the shoreline was the first egret already food hunting in the newly flooded part of the lake. From the way the egret was acting like there was minnows already already back up into the upper end of the creek.

Along the trail ia benches once in a while to rest and enjoy the scenery. This is the view from a convenient one this morning.

We were surprised that the OFM made the whole walk well since we had been missing lots of walks due to the weather the last month or so. But it was a welcome change for sure. We have a cold front due in for the weekend so we might have to miss some more walking. That is not a welcome event.

Our next big chore is to get the Income Tax mess completed to our satisfaction.

In the meantime we will be kicking back and enjoy just being still here to enjoy blogging.


One More Day


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 13, 2024

We had a nice discussion with the tax person at the office mid -day today and expect to be through tomorrow. Our regular blog should start again after that. For some reason the OFM is having trouble doing this one. Is old age hitting home?


New Excitement


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 11, 2024

Today started late last night. The OFM washed his hands and dried them on the kitchen towel then turned toward the bed when a big drop of water from the ceiling hit him in the face and the fun began. The drop of water came from a leak around the sunlight through the ceiling. That is not good. The next few minutes was spent putting down bowls to catch the dripping water and contain the trouble.

Then we wiped up the splatters still on the floor. And finally we got the trim stuff removed and over there out of the way. 

Then we followed the water trail to the likely culprit spot.

Careful viewing lead us to the upper inside of a corner of the skylight hole in the ceiling. So now we had a reasonable suspect. The drip rate was slow enough while it was raining to have time to empty the bowls as needed. Shortly after all the detective work the rain quit and the drips soon quit. The good news is that we had a good probable point to start for the leak point in the morning.

So right after breakfast the OFM got busy because we had rain storms in the afternoon in the forecast. A look at the caulking on the skylight showed every thing good except a small crack about a half inch long and a sixteenth of inch wide in an inconspicuous place. So now we have a target to attack. The spray caulk by Gorilla products was gotten in hand ready to apply. However the roof was very wet and slippery. So we piddled around and found out that it seemed the crack was within arms reach from the edge of the roof if we used the ladder.

About then our neighbor asked what was happening. After giving him the short version he volunteered to hold the ladder stable and hand things up to the OFM as needed. WOW that was a welcome offer.

To get to the core of this mess, things worked out just right and the OFM managed to get the spraying job finished in good time. And nobody got hurt.

Here we have the skylight back together for tonight's test by Mother Nature.

The couple of minor rains this evening did not have any drips show up. But the big storm tomorrow will let us know the real result.

Just another great day in the life of a full time RVer.


Wonderful But Dreary Day


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 10, 2024

A gray dreary cool day greeted us this morning, but we made good use of it anyway. A nice walk of about 1.2 miles was made and of all things a couple of pictures were taken. Here is the wonderful sky we enjoyed all day.

During the walk this next picture was taken of part of the short term camping section where folks staying no longer than two weeks usually get sites.

It is a nice part of the park with all facilities except internet. Bring your own internet like we do and the signal is very strong for all known carriers.

The rest of the day was art studies. We finished off a small coloring of about 4x6. It was a fun effort that turned out fairly nice.

We got a surprise in the afternoon when we uncovered a tablet of Bristol smooth art paper we had forgotten we had. So naturally the OFM had to try it out with his own composition of a coloring which we named Desert Lake Bed.

We decided we needed to learn more about that smooth Bristol board paper before we announce a decision about the paper and colored pencils.

And then Marie Callendar cooked for us again as we got busy preparing the blog for tonight. It has been a good day for learning new things and having fun. Sleep well and be safe.


Timed Challenge


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 9, 2024

The morning started earlier than expected but that was the time the OFM was ready to get up and get busy. He has been considering several things to rid the Castle of carrying since we haven't used them in a couple of years. So they were gathered together and moved to the dumpsters during our random walk.

Our random walk meandered wherever we could stay out of the cold damp wind. When we finished the dumpster trips we found that we had covered a bit over two miles of good aerobic walking with short breaks to gather more junk to take to the dumpster. It was aerobic enough he ended up taking a shower before we went to lunch to meet lunch time Jerry.

After lunch we each headed to their personal chore land to take care of chores waiting for us. The OFM chores revolved around colored pencils.

The OFM used to go to local art fairs to see the pro and semipro folks have fun in contests, The one we liked best was the one hour blank sheet to finished product in one hour challenge. It always surprised the OFM how much difference there was downward in the one hour pics vs the do your best work. So we tried a small 4x6 and extremely shortly found out how fast the artist had to work on even a small simple subject. And the OFM did not even have to generate the basic drawing like the real artist had to do in the contests. Anyway here is what we did in our allotted time of 60 minutes and quit.

That is some pretty rough coloring on that paper. Our normal time for a coloring on a scene that simple and easy would likely be well over 20 hours as a minimum. Good Grief those folks back then were good!!!!!

Perhaps this next subject will show what the OFM means about needing to have an example of what color a professional quality pencil actually produces on the paper instead of what color it looks like on the pencil lead or paint identification splotch. In this photo the yellows were the target color to notice.. Look carefully at the yellow on the swatch and the yellow that is on the pencils. Most of them do not seem to match anything exactly. The paper you are using also modifies the match up to the point the artist frequently has to make note mentally and/or physically as to which pencil did what on this brand of paper.

And one last thing, The OFM seldom leaves the coloring book drawing alone. He seems to always find changes or additions to the original drawing that he JUST HAS TO MAKE.

And he loves doing this coloring as his hobby.

For him it is a great and cheap way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Swatch Chart Preparation


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 8, 2024

Not a special day of wild adventures. The morning exercise and take the trash to the dumpster walk turned out to be the big outdoor adventure. The cool air had a strong nip to it but was still pleasant to get out see the sights. We are starting to get some greenery to develop in protected locations. The randomish walk passed by a brier patch with a couple of leaves that made it through the freezing part of the winter.

Here and there in protected spots is some small amount of fresh greenery peeking out to see if it is safe to come out and play yet.

The OFM got out his new pencils set and started his swatch chart for the pencils.

We have found it is way better to choose your color from a scribble on paper (swatch chart) than to just look at the lead color in the pencil. However it does take a good while to create a swatch chart but it well worth our while to see what the pencil lead will actually look like when choosing your next pencil strokes on the coloring. By the time we had it all done and verified it was supper time. We had country fried chicken with gravy and mashes potatoes with whole kernel corn and cheap root beer. The food was prepared by Marie Callendar of frozen dinners fame and is actually pretty good.

With a little luck we will get to do a little pencil lead smearing around tomorrow and have a great time. Good night friends.


Colored Pencil Invasion


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 7, 2024

The weather was great today as we ran around doing little chores here and there. Before noon it was tee shirt and shorts weather.

As we inventoried our colored pencil supply we found we needed to order quite a few pencils. Single pencils run $1.50 to $2.25 each but cheaper when purchased by the set. However you can easily end up with way more of colors you do not need. As the OFM was totaling up his needs he realized that Prismacolor sells a 150 pencils set which is basically one of every one of the colors they market. We looked up what sales might be happening and found one. Since we were purchasing about 80+ pencils our bill was getting on up there already.

Then we found the 150 set for $135 and decided to just order a full set. That gives a spare for every color. This will keep us well supplied for at least two or three years. They even got it shipped to us in less than a week and arriving today.

The morning walk was actually done after lunch and was a short one of .9 miles due to a foot cramp. Hopefully we will be doing better tomorrow.

But for supper tonight we had a great cooking break through on the stoup for a couple of days ago. Tonight the container of Wolf Chili stoup needed a bit more volume for supper. So the OFM scrounged around the Castle and decide some of his breakfast granola could be added to the stoup to volumize it a bit. Sure enough it worked out really well and now granola cereal is on the ingredients list for future stoup mixtures.

We also noticed that it is getting light enough for us to get out for supper at the local Mexican food place a bit early and get back to the Castle before it is too dark for the OFM to be messing around on the roads. So we are a bit excited about that. OH BOY Chicken Tacos coming up soon. Life can certainly can get away from a person if they do not pay attention and keep as active they are able. Now get out there and try to have tooooo much fun again.