Eye Exam Finally Coming


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 29, 2024

It has been a dreary cold damp nasty day for most of the day. BUT a good thing happened early this morning when an eye doctor had an opening next Tuesday for the OFM to get a new glasses prescription. So at 08am next Tuesday the Teams need to be at the front door of his office ready to get examined. This is the eye doc from before the bad eye accident happened a couple years ago. We shall find out what is next soon we hope.

A walk in the nasty weather did happen.

It was only a mile and a miserable mile it was. We gladly cut it short and headed for inside activities.

We have been looking over the income tax mess and after getting some answers to some questions today, we are going to take another try at understanding the tax return with the help of the folks who did the first work. So that is in the near future.

And after lunch at Burger King in Priceville we messed around in Walmart considering many different things for purchase since a lot of things in the Castle are getting very worn likely will need replacing during this next year. It has been a full day of efforts but a lot of organizing has been accomplished.

The OFM is Ready for new glasses so he can feel better about pulling a trailer on down the road SAFELY with decent eyesight again.

Let us all relax and get a great nights sleep.

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