New Gravel


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 21, 2024

We got rolling early this morning to a spot that we thought would be a good walking area. After we messed around there for a few minutes we decided it was not a good location for the OFM Teams to play and we left and went back to Decatur. This location might be much better come summer.

Sierra has found a soft spot in our campsite that was working on being a mud hole. We reported it to the maintenance fellow and he and the OFM took a quick look at it and he told us he would get it handled right away. So we left to have fun and when we returned the spot was well taken care of as usual.

We got in a decent amount of random walking here and there around the area to get in our exercise. We even hit up an old not maintained trail to check it out and sure enough it is in bad shape since it is just a bit to low to stand the high creek water depths frequently. We doubt we will try that old trail again.

We had a sort of disorganized day of doing things but we did catch the sunset at the last few minutes down at the creek. We think it made a nice picture ourselves.

Have a very nice night everyone.