Nice Cloud


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 24, 2024

The OFM life is slowing down a good bit it seems and his age is contributing to some of the slowing down. A nice long talk with an older friend this afternoon led to a discussion about our futures. OFM is 77 right now and Old Friend is 83 and we had some wonderful conversation about what our aging is causing in our lives. He has Rved a lot during his life and the OFM is in year 17 of full time Rving. Both of us are finding limits to our get up and go.

Nothing really exciting happened today. The mile morning walk got a nice start with this beautiful little cloud supervising our walk down to the dumpster with the trash.

The dumpsters seem to fill up very fast these days. There are five large ones and as far as I know they need emptying every morning. That is a lot of stuff 250+ campsites generate to haul away every day.

We did get in some nice visits with local campers and the piles of fun they are having lazing around the area.

We are working on getting some new colorings started very soon but we are taking our time choosing our task goal. FUN is still our primary goal of this life we live now.

Every one relax and take it easy tomorrow.

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