Lake Lower Again Already


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 20, 2024

It has been a goofed up day but let us report it anyway. The OFM days are usually a bit unorganized especially in the morning. We set a new record today. About 20 minutes into our walk this morning we got into a conversation with nice folks about full time Rving and that lasted over an hour. Then we all wandered off to finish a walk.

Back up to the OFM walk start. First thing we got to the small full creek we shot the picture of the heron in yesterday. Well 24 hours later there was not enough water in it for a bird to feed.

The lake water level folks are certainly busy these days. So we cut on out to loop the golf course. About twenty minutes later we got stopped and ended up visiting for a loooong time discussing full time Rving. By the time this conversation ended we decided to grab a couple of pictures and head back to the Castle. So we got in about ¾ mile of a walk and met a few very nice folks.

As it worked out we got two pictures shot at maximum telephoto for our little camera from the turn around spot. These pictures were shot hand held at about 30X all the way across Flint Creek near where it joins the Tennessee River.

Those are crappie fishermen working a large pot hole in the lake bottom for supper.

This next super telephoto picture is of a boat ramp across the creek where you can put in kayaks and other paddle boats to to fish the junction of the Tennessee River and Flint Creek.

Normally the OFM cannot make out the ramp over there without his binoculars but it showed up well this mornings telephoto shot.

The OFM had a less than his best afternoon and ended up bed wallowing for a few hours before having chicken stoup for a late supper. We plan to be back in full force in the morning. There are photos down near Cullman Al. we are wanting to take. Good night Folks.


  1. Glad you had at least some fun today and will feel better tomorrow.
    I've mentioned other RV Bloggers before, and they are in Cullman. Check them out and say hello for me.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Come visit us here in Cullman. We have two RV sites on our property. One electric and water, the other full hook up. We are hosts for Boondockerswelcome.com. Come down and be our guests! BW members pay $10.00 a night. Friends pay 0. You would be a friend.

  3. You had two conversations about RVing full time? Do you often talk to people about going full time? I wondered if you just had one-of-those-days or there are more people thinking about hitting the road?
    Just curious. Have a great Wednesday!

    1. I usually get in a few a month since I am known for being continuously full time for over 16 years now.