Simplifying Again


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: February 27, 2024

The night of Feb 25 we had two ambulance runs inside the campground. Today we found out both cases were men with heart mis- adventures that they survived. We did not know either of them and do wish them good luck with the recoveries.

This morning was not right for decent walking. The winds were really gusting and strong with light sprinkle mixed in to liven things up bit. We passed on that excitement.

We even put off a local grocery store run until better weather weather tomorrow. Most of the day was spent piddling into our future to try to set up some plans for fun.

Probably the most fun item was trying to work out what our next coloring effort will be like. The effort we were trying again to use water color pencils was scrapped and cut up to be note pad paper. We typically cut up junk paper to note pad size and hold it together with a binder clip. It sure is cheaper than buying note pads at the store and turns trash into worthwhile items.

Tonight we finally broke down and went to Lawlers BBQ to get a Tuesday special stuffed potato. It was very good and will supply one more meal for the OFM Teams. $8.50.

One other little chore The OFM is doing is inventorying The Castle and Sierra to see what else we can get rid of. In the last year aging has caused some small and some large changes in our future living style. We are finding it good to go through each storage spot in the vehicles, Castle and Sierra to verify that the items are still something we still think we could need in our future. Or as importantly can the OFM still use the item or do we need something different in our arsenal of stuff. So far for the last month it has proven very valuable to make these changes.

We seem to be getting closer to fitting perfectly in a good bit shorter rig without scrunching up at all. We just like a very simple lifestyle.

Have tooooo much fun if you can.


  1. It seems to me if I can move out of a 30 foot fifth wheel, and into a medium-size truck camper, then living small should be no problem for you, because you're much better at it than I am.

    It seems to me before you think of a smaller rig, you need to figure out what kind of lifestyle you're going to live then the size of the rig can be based on that. But so far I can't figure out if you're going to check yourself into an old geezer's home, or get a small trailer and start traveling again.

    I'm hoping you start traveling again because living in a place called "Assisted Living for the Terminally Decrepit" is not a good way of having toooo much fun.

    Tom; having toooo much fun baking in the desert sun.

  2. Kind of agree with Tom about the downsizing. Even if you are looking at an apartment the Rent eats into your ability to travel. Maybe a small B Class is in your future to having tooooo much fun.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.