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A Hard Life Fighting Hurricanes


Got Rolled

Adventure Location: Rockport to Del Rio, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 25, 2018
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The OFM got it together pretty good this morning after a rather restless night of what if worries. Breakfast was at Whataburger. Then Sierra took us for a goodbye to Rockport at the Harbor. Even the rising sun was waving goodbye to us.

Then it was on the road for the next seven hours. The best part is that traffic never got any denser than what it shows in this picture taken about thirty miles along the interstate coming out of Corpus Christi.

The OFM was really ready for the first rest stop at Whitsett. He stiffly got out of Sierra and stumbled around for a few minutes checking bearing temps and the trailer tires for trouble. Every thing was just fine so he went inside and got himself a package of powdered donuts. Then we hit the road for two more hours.

Then at the next rest area near Sabinal he got out and walked a bit extra to loosen his body. He says he gets stiffer easier and more often now than last year. But he was soon back in the rig rolling those tires. About the time was 6 and a half hours of driving we pulled into Broke Mill Rv Park in Del Rio Texas. It was 92 degrees and we wanted AC for the night. It is a nice place we have stayed at before. It is nice when folks call you by name when you walk in. The big surprise is the original owner sold the place yesterday. The new owners were there and the Teams met them. Nice folks.

Here is our two night campsite. The OFM wants to check how things are here in Del Rio for future boondocking again.

So tonight is meant to be an easy night for the OFM to get some extra rest because tomorrow the Teams are going to go crazy trying to have tooooo much fun.


Teaching Nana

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 24, 2018
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In this picture Gavin is teaching Nana (his mom’s mother) how to properly color so they can have tooooo much fun.


Weird Sky

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 23, 2018
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Last evening the sun and clouds were acting silly so the Teams headed out for a picture or three.

This first picture was originally supposed to be a neat picture of the sunlight reflecting across Little Bay. By the time we had shot the reflected sun a few times it was apparent it was not going to be anything special. So we sat there keeping the mosquitoes company while waiting for inspiration. In a moment or four a bird flew in and landed near a nearby bush. Very shortly the sun light reflection came over to put the spotlight on the birds activities. This is the neat picture that resulted.

After that fortunate accident Sierra took us for a ride over by the harbor. As we approached the remaining natural light took on a wild color. The camera was grabbed and the picture taken. This is very close to the actual color of things for about three or four minutes. We had never seen this hue of light in the area before but it was another neat experience.

The medical panic is over so the Teams had a big meeting about our situation and a vote was taken. The vote was 823 to 0 in favor of a vacation of rolling tires. Great. Now where to roll the tires. Well that "where" item was a little less easy to chose. After many votes the final winner by a vote of 710 to 113 was “higher elevation”. So we are heading to “higher elevation” on Tuesday morning. We all agreed we needed to be back at Rockport before the cold weather got us so we plan to be back the first week of November.

Today was a bright, hot, burn the skin on your arms sunny afternoon perfect for getting ready. The OFM has started the check list for rolling and tomorrow is laundry, shopping and put the trailer hitch back on Sierra day.

We have already plotted five possible routes to “higher elevation” but all of them start with Rockport to Hondo Tx as the first leg of the adventure. After that we do not know exactly what our route will be. Most likely we will be in the North Texas to Northwest New Mexico area for trying to have tooooo much fun in “higher elevation”.


Major Beach Canyon

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 22, 2018
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Riding around looking at the Rockport and Aransas Pass progress with Hurricane Harvey recovery was the big event for the day. A little cleaning of the trailer wiring connection to Sierra took a few minutes and 437 mosquito deaths.

We have a couple of pictures from down by the Rockport Beach to share. The first one is a major canyon that the rain and flooding cut through the land into the beach.

Notice how wide and deep it is and the volume of water racing to the gulf. Yep it was nearly a disaster. Close to 14“ wide and 2“ deep it required 2 foot scrapes to complete the closure to prevent other massive erosion.  That sounds like a lot of the news nonsense that comes from many stations.

Actually the rain storms did drop enough water to cause several of these cuts from the grassy picnic area to form. They quickly had the beach rakes and tractors out raking the beach smooth again.

This next picture is the beach that evening with a bit of cloud scenery.

As you can tell it was an easy day of trying to have just a little fun and rest for a change.


The Device

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 21, 2018
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Now we get to the good part. The difficulty of getting water to the flushing wand had bedeviled the OFM for many years. A few nights ago he realized that the bathroom had two water supplies available and all he had to do was tap one of them for the wand water supply. After messing around a bit he figured out the shower supply from the faucet to the hand shower could supply the water needed. A really great side effect was that the water could then be supplied from either the campground water or the on board water supply like when boondocking.  There is not always a water supply available when dumping so this will be a big asset to the Teams.

We had the wand with a female hose connection and the shower hose had a 1/2“ female pipe thread connection available when the shower nozzle was removed. So it was off to a building supply store. After some messing around this device was put together for about $15.

The shower hose screws to the nipple and a short water hose to get over to wand screws onto the hose connection part. These next two pictures show the whole story.

In The Tub

The Wand Assembly

A major improvement is that the OFM can control ALL the water from inside the Castle’s bath room. The tub faucet turns the water on/off. The wand is right at his left hand to control the spray direction. It works like a wonderful charm and is a one person operation. That is really important if you are a solo traveler like the OFM.

This wand is one of those with four holes at 90 degrees. We were not sure the flow rate and pressure coming through the Castle’s pipes would be great enough to make the streams of water be strong enough for the job at hand. So we pulled the shower curtain nearly closed to test the spray.

On with the water and a big YIKES erupted and filled the bathroom as the spray went everywhere. Yep there is plenty of pressure and flow volume to do the job. That 35 gallon black tank got a good internal washing with the new easy to use system. It took less than 10 minutes to put everything away so it will not be a pain to set up either. It certainly is a lot less mess and bother than the water hose through the window and needing two folks.

We really doubt that we will be doing this as a way of trying to have tooooo much fun. 


Black Tank Flushing Water

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 20, 2018
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This mornings eye test showed a normal old man progression that leads to cataract surgery and new lenses. So everything is OK but deterioration will have to be handled in the future. 

Now for a better topic.

After 45 years of using RVs of several types the OFM thinks his opinion is accurate but not the only one that works. If an RV of any type is on the road frequently and the black tank treated properly, the black tank needs no other treatment. The sloshing of the fluids in the black tank will keep the tank plenty clean enough to not have build ups to cause trouble.

The troubles can come when the rig is not moved for months on end ( like five months of visiting the grandkids ). Most RVers know to leave the black tank valve closed and have a good amount of liquid in the tank. Leaving the valve open frequently lets the water run away from the solids and build very strong dams of solid muck in the tank. Dynamite will break the dams up but sometimes it causes minor other trouble. Then when using the toilet be sure to run a bit extra water into the tank so it will keep things flow-able.

So what do you do to keep a stationary black tank from getting constipated. You flush it! There are several wands/rods on the market for that purpose. We have tried several and when used properly they all worked well enough.

The trouble has always been getting the water to the wand to do the work. Most folks run a water hose through the RV interior and over to the wand. A few others are lucky enough to have a usable window in the bathroom. They remove the window screen and run the hose right into the bathroom. On the Castle this route was available.

 It always seemed guaranteed the hose would track lots of trash into the RV to help make a mess. If the hose fitting leaks it becomes a big mess. Yes we have experience on the big mess part. Take our word for it, it is much better to have a human both inside and outside during this type of operation. The outside human must stay near the shut off valve and pay attention to the cleaning operation and NOT be socializing.

Today we found a better solution. But it will take another whole blog entry to show the DEVICE the OFM built and how it almost makes flushing the black tank an effort of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Medical News

Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 19, 2018
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 The pier rail was damp from the morning dew as we headed out to catch all kinds of fishes, we hoped. As the Teams walked out a few small orange bumps were spotted on the hand rail. The closer we got the more they looked like toadstools.

When we got closer it was obvious they were fungi growing from a convenient crack in the rail. They were cute. The OFM put a hand down next to them to give perspective to the size of the heads.

This was a couple of days ago and we have not been back to check on them. For all we know the monstrous mosquitoes may have eaten them.

Today was eye doctor inspection day for the OFM eyes. Tomorrow will be a final test for this year for the OFM. The news is that yes the cataracts are enlarging and when they are far enough along they will be eliminated. The eye doctor was pleased that nothing funny or unusual was going on. In fact the retinal scan showed some serious healing on a trouble first spotted a couple of years ago. In fact the damaged spot shows about a 50% healing has occurred.

The doc and the OFM had some serious exacting discussion about the future of the OFM eyes. The doc feels that they are at least a year away from being ready for surgery as a minimum. The growth of the cataracts are slow and it could easily be a year or two longer than that. Also the prescription for the OFM glasses has not changed enough to bother with new lenses.  So now we are good to go after the final test tomorrow.

Now all we have to do is find a location without mosquitoes for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Big Loop

Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 17, 2018
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Our adventure today was a drive to Corpus Christi and the big loop back through Port Aransas. While we were gone Corpus has made good progress on the new bridge over the ship channel. We have no idea what it will look like or where the roads will flow afterwards. However for now the roads flow is not very well done with all the construction intruding into the traffic lanes.

We made it through and on down to Packery Channel without any real trouble. After parking at the Packery parking lot, the OFM decided we would do some fishing.  The gear was assembled and away we went. One nice picture was taken.
Packery Channel

The temperature was approaching 90 before too long and the OFM had to call it quits. The Vietnamese lady fishing nearby was giving the watchers lessons in proper fishing techniques. She was boxing another big fat croaker about every ten minutes. The OFM was envious.

The trip through Port Aransas showed that a lot of Hurricane Harvey work has been finished. However there is a lot left to do. One thing the OFM had forgotten was the ferry to get back to the mainland. It took about a half hour of waiting before we loaded. Here is a picture of our beautiful view from on the ferry.

Port Aransas Ferry

We have to remember to factor the ferry time in on future trips over to Mustang Island.

After a good supper of chicken fajitas, the OFM took us down to the harbor to relax from the busy day. He grabbed a rod with a 1/2 oz silver spoon on it. The first cast resulted in catching a really pretty 12 inch speckled trout. It was put back in and not other fish were hooked. However we did get a lot of hits that we could not hook. Our guess is that the fish were too small for that large of a lure.

But the water was pleasant and the day cooled down to 82 with a gentle breeze. It was a nice way of bringing to a close a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Pink Tu-Tu

Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 16, 2018
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The OFM had a big bowl of pig slop for lunch today and declared it a major success. It is in the do this again folder.

Then most of the day we paid attention to the new rain storm flooding and drove around to see how bad it was in the rest of the town. What a mess!

This afternoon the OFM went to the concrete pier at the harbor to fish for a while. He put in about two hours fishing with a silver spoon and a gold spoon. He had better luck with the silver spoon.

 Both spoons caught the foot long Ladyfish that were running amok around the pier. They are a very active fish like a small tarpon. How do we know they are ladyfish? By the pretty pink TU-TU they wear.

But the silver spoon suckered the 24 inch redfish into biting. The redfish put up a good battle for several minutes on the light equipment the OFM uses. It was a very pretty fish and the small children that had come over to see what was caught were impressed. After unhooking the fish, it was returned to the water to grow up to be a bull red.

Of course since the OFM was afraid of rain, he did not carry the camera to take pictures. But catching all those fish this afternoon made it a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun anyway.



Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 15, 2018
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It was a strong rain most of the night until this morning. The flooding was enough to be a trouble for sure. After the flooding had gone down a few inches the OFM took a couple of pictures of our “yards”. 

This first one is of our utilities side of the Castle. The water had been up to the bottom of the tires.

This next picture is from just behind the door of the Castle looking out to the campground road. There is a small light brown debris line near Sierra where the water had been up to. It was still about four inches deep in this portion of the yard.

Several streets in the area were quickly blocked by the city as not safe due to flooding. They did a pretty good job of it in our opinion. At this time, 2000, there are still streets closed but the draining of the flooding is making pretty decent progress. With a little luck it will be all off the roads by morning.

With the fishing places such a mess from the storms last night, the OFM busied himself with some house cleaning. Then he remembered the ground pork he had purchased yesterday and decided to cook it as a stoup. So the meat and vegetables got together and made a very good pot of ??????? 

We finally decided that cooking up some pig slop was a great way to trying to have tooooo much fun.


Early Breakfast

Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 14, 2018
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The OFM rolled out of bed early this morning. Got himself ready and headed to the Whataburger for a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes and a biscuit with strawberry jelly. The drink was tea. Cost less than $6. What is the rush you might ask, but probably not.

It seems he knew the rain storms were to start mid morning so fishing would have to be first thing in the morning. Sure enough he drove us down to the harbor. Parked. Grabbed his gear and headed out onto the breakwater. The green arrow point is to the breakwater he meandered around upon. Results were sad. No fish.

It was a nice time of fishing but soon the bad weather coming from the left of the picture arrived and this picture taken later in the day is what we had for weather most of the rest of the day. This was taken from inside Sierra because we dared not lower the window for fear of flooding Sierra.

A little before evening the clouds broke up a little bit and the OFM Fishing Team hit up the wooden pier at the Rockport Beach for some more fishing. A single ladyfish was hooked but flopped loose just before coming over the handrail of the pier. The openings in the sky came and went every few minutes. This is what they looked like over the water.

We would get about 20 minutes of fishing weather and a half hour of torrential rain. After a couple of those cycles we called it a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Lucky Sucker

Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 13, 2018
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We ran around today accomplishing more tasks that needed attention. Starting and stopping several times all over the area. When we decided to take a break and watch the waves a few minutes we headed to the Beach Park. But first a necessity stop was made at the Harbor public restrooms.

On coming back to Sierra, the OFM climbed into the seat, hit the start button and nothing happened. A couple of more tries and he knew we were in trouble.  OOPS his phone was at the Castle. A quick look around could not see any of the old fishing buddies. The Aransas County Navigation District office was just across the street. So the OFM desperately strolled across the street.

Entering the door he was nicely welcomed. After explaining his plight, the nice lady at the desk offered him to use a phone to call the roadside assistance the Teams has. As that call was being made, one of the resident boat dwellers ( a marine style of RV life) came in to get his mail. After he heard our plight, he generously offered to walk back to his boat slip and get his car to jump Sierra.

He and his wonderful puppy went back and was soon back to the site of the stress and the OFM. The vehicles were jumped and Sierra fired right up.  Massive Thank Yous were given out and we headed to Walmart.

Thirty minutes later and $185 broker the OFM Teams were on their way. We also replaced our jumper cables that had insulation crumbling from them with new ones.  It was an expensive afternoon but at least it was where we could get wonderful folks to help. We feel fortunate that the flat tire from last week and the failed battery today did not happen on the road from Alabama. We still do not recommend either event as something for trying to have tooooo much fun.


They Are Here

Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 12, 2018
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We finally got to do some real fishing for an hour or so this afternoon. The wooden pier at the Rockport Beach Park was chosen as the location for the effort. The big concrete parking lot in front of the pier was partially flooded. Therefore the OFM decided to park in the middle row of spots since they did not have the rain water puddled on them. When we had the gear ready we headed for the pier entrance walk but it was rainwater flooded. As we made our way around the large puddles, the OFM stopped and took this picture of this north end of the park.

We made it onto the pier and started out on it. There was a bird swooping down attempting to catch something in the water. After a couple of tries the bird finally flew away with something fishy in its claws.  

It was too far for the camera to get a good shot, but the OFM shot anyway. After severe cropping we have this picture. Notice the fish tail sticking rearward from the claws area.

The massive rains for a long time here have a lot of fresh water roaring down into the bays. That usually means all the salt water fish have left to go into the Gulf of Mexico. However the bird gave us hope.

So the OFM cast the lure out near the sand/water line and started trolling as we walked out the pier. It was not but a few steps when something grabbed the lure and the fight was on. It was not much of a fight but at least it was a fish. When the fish was landed it proved to be a small redfish. That was another good sign to the Teams.

The redfish was sent back into the water to grow up and we continued out on the pier. The OFM took several more pictures of things of interest to him. The wind was strong and the water rough but the water was perfect greenish like it should be.

A few minutes more fishing and the OFM changed to a curly tail lure to see what it could cause to happen. The OFM was jugging it up and down near the end piling getting used to the action of the lure again.THEN out of nowhere a Spanish Mackerel about 18 inches in length came roaring in and grabbed the lure. We had no idea the mackerel were already here so the lure did not have a bite leader. Sure enough when the mackerel hit the end of the line slack it bit right through the monofilament leader and was gone. It was definitely an exciting few moments with the water being thrown all over and the jerk on the pole.

Here is a picture of the yellow braid line and what is left of the lite blue mono leader. The OFM has a chore in the morning of making us some bite leaders to use since we know the mackerel are in the area. They are ridiculously fun fish to catch and eat.

It seems like it might be a great year for catching lots of other  fish in our efforts of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Productive Day

Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 10, 2018
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It was amazing that the long list of things to get done here in Rockport only took today to finish. Sierra was inspected, the OFM has eye doctor appointments and etc.  We even got is a little fishing.

There is still a noticeable amount of hurricane Harvey damage yet to be done. Next to the Market Street pier where we fished this afternoon is this motel pier waiting for a little touch up work with the repair crews.

The motel appears to be finished with repairs and back in business now.

The public fishing pier is a rock groin with a paved walkway on top and a good handrail. The rocks in the water get a good coating of vegetation that brings in bait fish which in turn brings in nice fish. Here is a picture of our lure over some of the rocks in about four feet of water.

The OFM Fishing Team did not get any bites. It has been having heavy rains around here for days so the bays are running very fresh. Most likely we need to go to the channel running into the Gulf to find some catchable fish. That will have to wait a few days yet.

And when we exited the pier some pretty yellow flowers were waving Bye Bye to us.

A good part is that it is only a few blocks up the road to a decent BBQ place. It was very good and now the OFM keeps hitting his head on the keyboard from nodding off to sleep.

Getting all those chores done is great for tomorrow and trying to have tooooo much fun meeting with old friends.


Rockport Nest Finally

Adventure Location:Rockport, Tx.
Adventure Date:September 9, 2018
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The morning started with light rain and continued to have light rain almost all the way to Rockport. It was an uneventful trip other than the light rain. We arrived at our new nest for the next few months. When the owner got home from grocery shopping the OFM helped her get the groceries into the house and then visited with her and her husband until it was time to pay out some money. Here is the Teams new nest.

Since it was after noon the OFM hot footed it over to a good Tex-Mex place and chowed down big time. Then walked next door to the fishermans dream toy store named Tackle Town. Yep we watched him unload some money into their pockets. But good toys always cost money. After posting tonight the Teams plan on fixing up some surprises for the fish.

For the rest of the day we toured the area to see how well it was recovering from Hurricane Harvey. Down at the Beach Park one of the pavilions is well under way to dismantling. There is four pavilions and this is the first on the repair schedule.

After that we toured more of the town, got in a couple of fishing efforts of a half hour each, checked out the harbor and the Rockport Beach Park where we purchased an annual pass. 

A few other minor things were also done, like setting up the Castle for living in and unpacking Sierra. Of course we did hit up Whataburger for supper. Tomorrow is Sierra state inspection time and then the Teams get to run wild trying to have tooooo much fun again.


Rain On It

Adventure Location:ACROSS TEXAS
Adventure Date:September 8, 2018
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When the OFM tried to use the Internet this morning he found out that after he shut down last night 91 Gigs of his plan were used. that means he is shut down for the rest of the month. We have no idea how or what. But travel was calling so he finished getting ready and stepped outside to a nearly flat tire.

OH Boy just what he wanted to do on a very humid hot morning. Nothing to do but get with it. Forty minutes later the deed was done and the OFM was very sweaty. The tire turned out to have a broken cord(s) and likely would have ruptured out on the highway if it had not been spotted in our usual safety check. Here is the spare installed and ready to roll.

Here is the bad tire with the bad section indicated.

Now all we needed is to find a Walmart and replace the spare with a new tire. As we headed west the first town is Henderson, Tx and the Walmart there had the correct tire. We got the new on and put it on the spare tire holder of the Castle. $128 broker we headed for Rockport.

We did not plan on all the extremely heavy showers along the way. But they certainly did slow us down some more. And the head wind took our normal fuel milage on I-20 of 12.1 mpg down to 9.1 mpg for all the westward drive. when we turned left at Rockdale the milage went back up to near 11.

With all the delays we still made it to Goliad State Park in time to find a campsite in the daylight.

It is nice and flat. The other camper way across the parking lot is a tenter that we can barely see much less hear. The Teams would rather not have days like this again. They get in the way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


No Brakes

Adventure Location:TATUM, TEXAS
Adventure Date:September 7, 2018
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It was a good start this morning. We left the gas station at 0801 and five minutes later we were headed west on I-20. The traffic was pretty heavy until we cleared Jackson Ms. Then it was smooth sailing clear to Shreveport, La. I-20 through Shreveport are ridiculously rough and ugly. It was on this stretch that the trailer brakes quit working. 

This brings up a safety point. We never load a tow vehicle to maximum design load. Sierra is rated for 9700 pounds of trailer. The Castle rolling weight is a little less that 6000 pounds. That spare towing capacity certainly was nice when your trailer brakes decide to take a vacation. When we cleared Shreveport it was one mile to the Texas welcome center and the Teams pulled in and shut down for some look see at what is wrong.

To make the story short, the umbilical cord to Sierra had jerked the connection plug enough that the tab for the brakes had barely pulled loose. Never in fifty years has the OFM seen that happen before. But you can be sure it will be prevented in the future. We guess the good part is that we learned that Sierra has really good brakes. We never came close to having real trouble partly to staying well away from vehicles in front of us.

From the Texas Travel Stop at Waskom we moved on down the road to Martin Creek Lake State Park. Naturally a nasty HEAVY rain storm escorted us into the parking lot. The OFM headed inside to settle up on a few things.

First we bought our Annual Texas State Parks entry pass. It comes with 4 discount passes for camping in the parks. $70

Next we bought a nights nest. We are the only camper in sight tonight. $13

The we bought a salt and fresh water Senior Fishing License. $22

Now we are ready for a RIP ROARING GOOD TEXAS TIME of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Nest for the Night

Adventure Location: Alabama, Mississippi
Adventure Date:September 6, 2018
Click a pic to enlarge it.

We got finished with all the goodbyes and on the road by 0900 this morning. Good grief the OFM had lost his traveling legs. It took about an hour before he got comfortable with the traveling. It was a really good stay grandkid wise but four months is a long time in a campsite.

Any way the Interstate highways sure let you get on down the road at a good speed. The speed control was set on 60 and mostly the traffic ran very politely. We hit two short stretches of horrendously hard rain on I-20 in Mississippi but each lasted about four minutes before we could get back up to speed.

We found out the OFM is about a six hour driving person now. That means that around 300 miles is a day for him now. So the trip planning will be adjusted for his old man limit.

We turned into Roosevelt SP in Morton Ms. with about 289 miles on the trip odometer. The OFM groaned in appreciation for getting to tonight’s nest spot. It cost a drive out of $17.75. Here is what it looks like.

Roosevelt SP Nest

It is a good site. We backed in, set the truck parking brake, hooked up the electrical and set up was finished. It will make a really good get going in the morning.

Walking around the park revealed very little storm damage. Lots of little limbs and some leaves scattered about is about the most visible. A couple of very rotted pine trees look like they may have fallen too.

Tomorrow it is about 260 miles of I-20 then a left turn onto a state highway for 45 miles.  Our next nest should be another nice one. Being back in Texas tomorrow will make it easier for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Clean Out

Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:September 5, 2018
Click a pic to enlarge it.

The OFM was a busy soul today. He worked hard at getting everything ready to roll tomorrow morning. As usual when we have been in one location for months, there was a lot of stuff to put back in place. But all that is left is couple up and put the electrical wire away. Then we have a few goodbyes to say before we get out the gate.

Tonight we are publishing all the left over pictures taken in this area. Please enjoy them.

Golf Ball Size Flower

Leaf on the Water

Purple Flowers
Neat Spider Web
We do not recall if we have internet along the route to Rockport. If we do we will report in, if not let your imagination run wild with all the things we may be doing while trying to have tooooo much fun.


Patty Cake

Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:September 4, 2018
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The OFM was busy today. First was checking the hurricane forecast. It looks good for rolling Thursday morning for a four day trip to Rockport.

Then he got busy cooking up some chicken breasts for meals on the road. Tomorrow he plans to prepare a few pork chops for other meals on the road.

Then it was time to head to the grand kids house. He was given a wild greeting by grandson Gavin. Then grand kid Piper was not letting grandpa hold her and she was very emphatic about it. Later we were able to play without a parent being near.

We went off to a new to the OFM restaurant and had a lot of great food again. But while waiting for others to finish Daddy, Grandpa and Piper had a rousing game of patty cake.

That little lady is already extremely headstrong. It is the OFM’s opinion that she is going to be a very interesting child to raise. But I have to say that playing patty cake is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Getting Ready

Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:September 3, 2018
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The OFM busied himself with getting the Castle more ready to roll. He was waiting for an update from the Weather folks. He installed the replacement pieces of the trailering add on mirror that had lost a piece. Then he spent a while deciding on a way to store the mirrors so no more pieces would get lost. Then he figured out a good place to store the spare parts that came with the one piece that was lost. And that worked out well also.  It was nice to have that necessary bit of work finished.

Checked for an updated report on Gordon. None yet.

OK. Now we find a place in Sierra to carry the heavy wrenches  for adjusting or installing the hitch or other heavy bolts etc. They went under the back seat very well. that gets them out of the storage bin where the electrical cords, hoses, and other smaller things are kept. Now we will no longer be getting pinched fingers from a heavy wrench slipping and biting us.

Checked for an updated report on Gordon. None yet.

All right we might as well sanitize the water tank. So the tank was drained and a wash of bleach was put into the tank and left for a few minutes. A lot of folks do not use the water tank for drinking but they shower and wash dishes in the water they will not drink. Not within our understanding. We keep the tank clean and use it as our water supply. It is a forty gallon tank.

Then the bleach water was emptied and the tank flushed until the chlorine no longer showed odor in the draining water. Then we filled it about 1/3 of the way for our trip to Rockport.  That saves about 200 pounds of towed weight to only fill with as much as you will need.  Then a couple of other things were put away.

Checked for an updated report on Gordon. And there was one. Gordon was due to become a hurricane tomorrow and follow a path shown across the country RIGHT IN OUR WAY.

We would have to share I-20 with Gordon for a day and a half. That is a no go for the OFM Teams.  So we notified the campground in Rockport we will be running late due to a small weather event.

Then we went into the office at this park and scheduled another day at Point Mallard Campground. So now we are leaving Thursday so we will be safe from Gordon. We will sneak right in behind that devil of a wind storm. Our drive to Rockport should be a lot nicer without fighting hurricane mess as a way of having tooooo much fun.


Battle of Decatur MORNING UPDATED

Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:September 2, 2018
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It is incredibly amazing the improvement in the left foot discoloration. The big dark junk on the sides of the foot are at least 40% lessened. The swelling is at least 60% less with nearly no color at all. Still there has not been any pain at all.

One thing the OFM remembered during one of his elevate the leg horizontal times is that this is the foot that got super hyper extended in Viet Nam and got him easy duty for six weeks in the Cam Rahn Bay Hospital and Convalescence Center. That was the only time he has ever been in a cast. It was a nice facility right on the salt water.

That leaves him to wonder if there is any connection between this event and the one “over there”.

Now back to HAPPY. How is this for HAPPY?

The OFM’s grand daughter is a normally extremely happy lady. But wow does she like to take things apart.

There is a bush found frequently in the woods around this area. The white flowers are very pretty.

The best part is that they are very sweetly fragrant and abundant.

This is Labor Day weekend and Decatur has lots of things happening. The Battle for Decatur re-enactment of that Civil War Battle has been done yesterday and today. The “Battle” lasts about an hour and is very noisy. It was well attended but not by the OFM. No way Sierra was going into that mob scene and the OFM did not want to put another mile each way on his foot.

We did get a picture of this family of fungi viewing the parade as it meandered through the water park area.

All in all the OFM has done a decent job of caring for his foot and the healing is showing it. We did a bit of gentle on the feet putting away and rearranging things in preparation of leaving Wednesday. From the weather predictions the stupid tropical storm will HIT our path back to Rockport. We are delaying our start to miss the worst of the weather. Not playing in nasty weather events is a wonderful way of having tooooo much fun.


Golf Over

Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:August 31, 2018
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The golf clubs are all packed away for rolling. the monthly pass ran out today. Trying to play in the massive crowds this weekend would be foolish anyway. Fall has sent its advance group to the area and the vegetation is beginning to seriously change to a new season.

There is big doings over in the waterpark area this weekend. The trails will be full of kids on bike getting in  last HURRAH. The OFM has big plans to get all our stuff ready for travel on Wednesday. Big adventures will be in short supply but the excitement level about the rolling date will be screaming up.

What do you do next if your Bucket List is all scratched off?

There is a new town in the park. It is Toadstool Town and it sprang up overnight on an old pile of pine needles and other vegetation.

We grabbed a couple of the last hold out flowers in the area. Getting good flower pictures is very quickly coming to a close around here. Here is a trumpet flower.

And we have some very delicate purple flowers. They were about the size of a nickle.

The OFM just told me that getting ready to roll is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Golf The OFM Way

Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:August 30, 2018
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It is time for some golf lessons from the OFM. There is two important sounds while playing golf. The first is Whack.  That is the sound the golf club makes when it hits the golf ball.

The next sound is thwack. That is the sound that the ball makes hitting trees, cars, fence posts and other things.

So lets play one hole on the easy hole of the golf course.

The OFM tees it up and looks down the wide open very sunlit fairway. He tees his ball and aligns in the direction of his shot path in hopes the ball will go that way. WHACK.....THWACK..THWACK..THWACK. Well this is good he has hit his ball into the shade and in familiar territory. Any body can play golf from the fairway but the OFM likes a challenge.

As we arrive at the location of the golf ball the OFM glares, I mean looks, at what he faces next.

Yep he has a serious challenge. The club is selected. Alignment is carefully made. The swing is made.   Whack............thwackthwack is the resonating sound from the two trees close to the green. The ball could have gone toward the flag on the green but that would have been too easy. The situation is studied.

OK, now we have it made. A simple little pitch shot with the chosen (but probably wrong) club is all that is needed. The swing is made and it yields a little whack. The ball skims the grass leaving a smoking trail of fried worms across the bunker, green and down into the fairway in front of the green.

This is great, now the OFM can use his putter and not get in any worse trouble. It goes well from here and into the hole in only four more strokes. So there you get to see the great fun he has playing golf, especially in the trees. He must like the trees since he spends so much time amongst them.

We mentioned to him a few years ago that if he played the whole round with just his putter his score would be a lot lower. He said no thanks, the trees are his friends and he likes to visit them. Now you can understand why the OFM thinks playing golf is a wonderful way of trying to have tooooo much fun.