Another OOPS

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 12/29/2018
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Somebody bumped the outdoor thermostat too low today. It barely stayed above 54 most of the day. The next two days are supposed to have miserable low temperatures in the 40s. We might have trouble putting up with those blizzard conditions. But the Castle is an Arctic Fox so we should survive for the 65 degree temperatures of Monday.

There was a tap on the window and it was the campground owner here to visit for a good while. He is always an entertaining fellow to jaw with for a while. We defined many world troubles and will be sending it all to Congress for action. Congress and Action does not sound exactly right these days. Oh Well.

The sad news is that the fishing rod and Sierra had an argument. Sierra won and the OFM had to do surgery on the fishing rod with his Dremel type tool. The tip of the fishing rod was removed and now we have a 6 foot 7 inch rod instead of a 7 foot rod. It still works good enough for the OFM Fishing Team.

The rod is noticeably stiffer when casting now. The newest hard lures are heavier than the plastics we have been casting so that might not be bad.

Then to celebrate just still breathing the OFM went down to Walmart and purchased a new reel. He wants to try his luck on the coast with a baitcaster style of reel. The reel and line came out to a bit less that $50 drive out. Merry Christmas I guess for him.

Now all we need is some warm weather to get out to the water and play. Something about being around the saltwater always leads to trying to have tooooo much fun.

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